Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yes, I know that the title is bold and that is normallly associated with screaming online. Well, I am screaming in my head.

I don' know what my daughter's deal is tonight, but she was doing everything in her power to not go to bed. Normally, when I say bedtime, she's in bed in under two minutes. Not tonight. Thirty minutes ago I told her it was bed time. She didn't budge off the couch and kept watching tv. So, not in the mood to fight, I let her lay on the couch. At the next commercial, I said ok, time to go to bed. I made her a bed on the floor, because we are staying at my boyfriend's tonight and they are getting new carpet, so all the furniture is gone. Normally, she sleeps on a lazy boy when we're here, or on the couch with me. I told her I loved her and sweet dreams, but she didn't lay down. She decided she needed to spin in circles like a ballerina. GO TO BED. She lays the wrong way on her pillow with her body off of the blankets on the floor and wallers all over the floor. GO TO BED. She sits down and spins in circles, GO TO BED. By now, I'm yelling. I hate to yell at her. I feel that it doesn't really do anything but make people upset, which isn't what we need. She finally lays down. I'm sitting on the couch right above her reading blogs from last week and she starts humming-loudly. GO TO BED NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! ( I just say this in my head this time). The hums I just ignored and now....she's peacefully sleeping.

I don't know what her deal was, but jeeeeez....It's a good thing she's cute and I love her! lol.

When kids sleep they look so innocent and peaceful. I could watch her sleep all night....And all that good stuff.
Please ignore the grainyness....I have an outdated iPhone.


ksparkman said...

She is beautiful! They have a tendency to be little boogers sometimes though LOL. I know it's hard at times but no matter how upset we get and those times we raise our voices we love them and they know it! But beware in a few more years when you get on to her she may say "You don't love me" my 7 year old does every once in awhile.So I tell her that because I love her is why I get on to her.

Chloe said...

Thanks! Yes, they can be quite difficult at times. We're already to "you don't love me" stage. It drives me nuts. I just look at her and say "If you don't think I love you, then I must be doing my job right!" lol. Thanks again.

Ali said...

Mine does the same thing. Her latest is "I gotta potty ONE MORE TIME!" I love watching them sleep.. you are right they look so innocent. We know better though lol

Scott said...

I do not have any children of my own, but my wife and I have a lovely granddaughter who stays with us on the weekend. There is just something special about watching someone who you love so much while they sleep. It just makes your heart melt.