Friday, September 28, 2012

How About Some Letters

I took a break yesterday. I just am in a funk and I can't get out of it. It's irritating me. I don't know what the problem is. about some letters

Dear Wife, OMG I love you. I've been thinking a lot about everything that's going on in my world and I'm so glad that I have you here. I know that things could change at any given moment so I'm enjoying every minute we get together. **more on this in another post**

Dear Self, you think this is where the depression sets in after the mania? Because we've been happy all week but starting yesterday night it's slowly dwindling. Pep it up girl. And you've lost a couple pounds so cheer up buttercup!

Dear Readers, thanks for the uplifting comments from the few of you. It means a lot. If I haven't gotten back to you yet, I'm really sorry. I'll get there. Promise. Stick by me through my blogging funk please. I'll try to be as entertaining as I can.

Dear Boyfriend, I love you. I did miss you today. I already have your anniversary present picked out. Booom! I'm excited.

Dear Auntie, sigh. I know we're going through the same feelings right now. And again, I know that things could change at any given moment. Love you. Just know that.

Dear Saturday, I'm ready for you. I'm ready for your day off on the weekend. That excites me. Plus a food, booze, and endless love? Yes please!

And last but not least, Dear Sweet Sweet Friday, I'm glad you're here! It's payday, and getting paid every week is pretty effing cool. Too bad the check is all gone. Effing car. But thanks for your arrival. Glad to see ya!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Losing It.

Is my blog getting stale?

I think I worry about that too much. Blah. That's how I feel today - about blogging. I just can't get into it right now and that breaks my little heart. I really need to start writing down my post ideas when I get them because I don't ever remember and have nothing to write about. Wahhhh. And it's not just my blog suffering. My pinterest is suffering too!!! *GASP* I never thought that would happen.

Anyway...enough about that. Yesterday I posted the pay it forward challenge and didn't have anybody comment saying they wanted to do I'm still anxiously awaiting 3 of you fabulous people to hit me up. lol. I want to make some bloggy friends and I thought this was a great way to do it.

So I've been all up in the air with work and school. I think I might lose my mind. I can't seem to remember any of my coworkers names when I need to...That's an issue. lol. I'll ask the customers to follow them to their seats but all I can ever get out is "... will take you to your seats." And I kind look in the direction of the girl. lol. And I keep mixing up my lunches/dinners/nights. I'll tell somebody to have a wonderful lunch and it will be dinner. Or the other way around. Sometimes instead of have a wonderful dinner I'll say have a wonderful night. It's getting kind of irritating. I just want to reach inside my brain and tell it to get it's shit together like now. I don't mind looking like a ditz in front of my friends but at work...Hell to the NO!

How I feel lately. lol.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

That's all for today. And I'll remind you again...Pay if Forward Challenge!  I'll send out some goodies to the first three people that say they're interested in the comments! Check out the link for the rules and stuff! Or just look at my last post. Hope to see ya soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Time I Had A Lot to Say

Yo yo yo what's up what's up???

Hahaha. That's a great attempt on my part at being kinda whatever that is. It's also from Bring it On. I may be the only person who's watched that movie so many times they know that but it's ok!

We've got a lot to talk about today. I was gonna post yesterday but I just couldn't get a couple things out of my head. And I didn't wanna start out the week with kind of a sad post so that will have to wait. But great things are happening over here. Maybe. I think.

First things first...My Weekend.

Boyfriend and I went and hung out with a few friends on Saturday night. We went to his best friend's new place and then an a bonfire after that. I didn't take a lot of pictures but I got a couple cute ones.

Boyfriend and I.
I don't get a lot of pictures of him so this really made me happy.
Unfortunately it's not so flattering for my face or neck. UGH.
And the front camera on iPhones suck.
Yay Chiefs!
I'm so disappointed to be living in Missouri right now.
Kansas City is an awesome city.
But I seriously really dislike their team.
And every budlight can around Missouri seems to be the Chiefs.
I might just have to drive to Texas.
Yes, it's that hardcore this season.
Blame boyfriend's fantasy teams. Yes, there's an s on the end. More than one.
Kinda ridiculous, but so damn fun!
And then it was time to eat. And no, I didn't munch out on all those cookies by myself.
In fact I was thinking of eating better so I only had two.
I don't really know what a portion size of these is, but you can't have just one!
Omg these cookies are the best!
The bonfire was outside so I didn't take any pictures.
It was at our friends' house that we hadn't seen in awhile.
It was nice crazy. But great!
That was my weekend other than working. Oh and boyfriend and I got to go out to eat.
It was like the first time in months we got to go out together at a normal time.
I love our conflicting work schedules.
They're so awesome.
I got my first Birchbox this month. I'm excited to try it. Although this month wasn't very great for me. It was based on fashion and I'm just not into fashion. But I'm still loving the idea of getting stuff every month. Here's what I got this month.

Starting on the left
- boscia B.B. Cream.
- Birchbox and Color club Custom collection nail polish
in insta this.
- Twistband hair tie
- Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume
- not pictured is a tilibag.
I wasn't fond of the bag and gave it to my daughter. That nail polish is interesting. lol.
I am excited to try the B.B. cream. I've wanted one of these but I never went to buy one.
Hopefully the anti-frizz treatment works. I'm excited to try that too!!
And the hair tie is adorable! I need to practice different ways to tie it though.
That way it always looks different!
I don't know much about the perfume but I'll give it a chance.
I was reading Tiffanie's blog Life With The Little Man this morning and she's doing a blog challenge called Pay it Forward. Here's how it works.
The first three people that comment on this post will get a gift from me within the next month (before I move!). All you have to do is follow the rules below.

1. Within a month, I will create something unique to share with the first 3 people that comment on this specific post.
2. ...but, in order for your present to arrive, you must play along. Spread the love on YOUR own blog promising to send a little something special to the first three that comment on your post.
3. You get 72 hours (that's 3 days) to re-post this SAME post, or I'll have to move on to the next person.
4. PLEASE, only comment if you are willing to pay it forward.
So now I'm doing this challenge because I was one of the three to comment.
I love the movie Pay it Forward. I love the idea of paying things forward. It's
great. So the rules are up there! I'm excited for three people to comment. I love
sending things to bloggers!
So if you're interested, comment away. Please leave the following in the comment!

Blog address
E-mail address
Something about you to let me get to know you better! Could be your fav color, your fav season, favorite food, how many pets you have, how many kids you have, what you do for a living, anything! PS. You can leave more than one thing ;)
Oh yeah, remember the picture of the week last week and how I said I would get interesting searches from it. Well, I thought I would but I didn't. What I did get was an interesting search about "My Ass Is Huge!" I'm really embarrassed by it. But it's kinda funny. I won't post it on here but if you wanna know leave a comment!
I'm thinking maybe I want to do a couple of button swaps this month. I'm definietly not going to charge for them. I just don't know how to get them on my sidebar. I need help please!
And I need a new blog design. Any suggestions? I love mine but I'm ready for something else. I know absolutely nothing about code or HTML and I don't really care to know. =)
Hopefully this is all the catching up I need to do! Have a great week y'all!

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Not What You Think

We made it to Friday!!!!!

I wanted to post today but I don't really have a lot of time to do so. I have a billion things to write about but they all require time also. I was gonna do a link up but I've done two of those this week. What's a girl that wants to rest before work to do? Well....I'll leave you with this.

It's a puppy....jeez guys!
And now my blog might really have some interesting searches on Monday.
See ya then. Have a fabulous weekend and drink too much for me!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When I Grow Up!

It's Thursday...that means that it's time to link up with Kristen for Inspire Me Healthy/Dream Job today.

All In My Twenties
It took me forever to think of a dream job. I tried and tried as soon as they announced what the topic was gonna be. I even read other people's to see if I liked their jobs. Nothing really struck me as a dream job. I'm not one of those people who's known their whole lives what they want to be when they grow up. It kinda sucks but what can you do. A job is most likely for life and that's a big decision to make right? lol. But as I was thinking of it this morning I dream job is the same thing it was when I was a kindergartener many years ago. You know how in kindergarten they always ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up and publish it in the newspaper? Ok, maybe they don't do that everywhere but they do it here. And I remember clear as day what I wanted to do.
Yep, I want to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.
For 16 years I've wanted this.
It's never gone away.
Unfortunately for me, I'm not tall enough.
But that's my dream job. I admire those girls and everything they do. I'm sure
some of you are laughing your asses off and that's ok because
I am too. lol. My dad is probably getting a kick out of this.
Some things just never change.
And I realize that most of these girls have other jobs but if I were a DCC I wouldn't.
I would devote everything to it! lol.
I wonder if they need a watergirl???
Well, dream job is out of the way. I guess that leaves my progress on Inspire Me: Healthy. I lost alllll kinds of what I wish I could tell you guys. Nope, nothing. Remember when I said I wouldn't get mad at myself for backsliding...well....I didn't get mad at myself.
I woke up Friday feeling like complete shit. See here. So there was no way I was gonna get my workout on. Nope. Not happening. But I did eat good. I don't mean healthy but my portions were right and I didn't snack all day. But then I went to work. And the only thing that made me feel better and be able to get through the night was Dr. Pepper. Yep, soda. Couldn't cut it out. And the weekend...well she was a bitch and I gave in and ate some really terrible stuff but OMG it tasted so good. I love you Taco Bell. And from there on out it was bad decision after bad decision. But I NEVER had a breadstick from work. It's been a full week and I haven't done it! I am very proud of myself for that. So here's to new beginnings...and starting over. =) - I wish I could lose weight by just thinking about working out.
I'm gonna go find something to eat now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


You see, I have this favorite word. It begins with a b...No, it's not beer, but that's a close second. It's

(ok, it's my favorite clean word)
So tonight when I saw that Erin at Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink was doing a link up about things she believed in...I knew I had to join in.
So I clicked on the button...and I was kindly escorted (not like bouncers, this was nice...JK!) over to another  Erin... at Living In Yellow. It's her link up.
If you've not read either of these girl's blogs you totally should. They are really awesome. I could sit over here and list things I love about them but I'd rather list off things I believe in. So here we go!
I believe in dog kisses.
That's my arm just so ya know
I believe in being silly.
I believe in wearing sweat pants...whenever.
I believe in wearing heels...whenever.
I believe in laughter from a little girl

I believe in pink.
I believe in fairies.
I believe that sometimes the only thing that can make you feel better is crying.
I believe in being absolutely ridiculous.
I believe that the car windows should always be open a little.
I believe in laughing.
I believe that every girl is a princess.

I believe in tequila.
I believe in in being kind.
I believe in staying at home on rainy days.
I believe in wrap around porches.
I believe that love does exist.
I believe that popping my joints won't give me arthritis.
I believe in choosing to be happy.
I believe that sometimes that choice can not be made and it's completely ok.
I believe in cupcakes.
I believe in glitter/shiny/sequiny anything!
I just believe
in things most girls do.
I love to believe.
Link up. Tell me you did.
I want to know what you believe.

My Loot.

I did another swap! I really love them. Sending things to people and waiting on them to get it is just so fun! Of course receving is fun too. lol. The theme of this swap was "Fall Favorites". Of course I had to participate! How could I not. lol. I love fall.I got the fabulous Kendra Kay and she did a great job! I was having a kind of bummer day and when I saw my package on my front porch I got excited. Then I opened it and got even more excited. Here's my awesome score!

First of all, that's tissue paper she used! Now I had no idea that there was leopard printed paper out there. How awesome! This is for my kiddo which was really awesome of her. Some bubbles and a fun mask. We had a lot of fun with this.

I got a pair of pink socks...this was a really sweet gift. She attached a note saying that pink kicks
cancer's ass, and the cancer that our family is dealing with is breast yes,
it does indeed! And who doesn't love socks??
A nice notepad to write on. I totally needed this! Now I can send notes off easier and prettier
than with just lined notebook paper!
Themed kitchen towels! The note on these made me laugh. It said "...because everybody needs tacky
kitchen towels." lol. I dig it.
And my favorite...a pumpkin spice candle. I LOVE it. And that note says she doesn't like coffee either! lol.
Thanks again Kendra!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mumbo Jumbo

Hey hey hey. I honestly never know how to start out a post. Idk. I've never been good at introductions or conclusions. I mean as in the writing sense of the word. yeah.... I just rambled. lol. I have a lot to talk about today. I've been trying to think of one topic to blog about all morning but I couldn't. So today you get the rambling mambo jambo that is my life.

First things first....I got started on my Halloween costume!!!! I'm super pumped.'s not even October yet. I always wait until Oct. 30 to put it together. Not this year kids. And I got my kiddo's costume already too! Go me.
See yesterday I went shopping with my wife. Now that is just bad news right there. I just get this "spend money rush" when I'm with her. She brings out the shopaholic in myself but that's ok. Because I hadn't boughten anything for myself in awhile. Yeppers. We're gonna be a slutty bride and groom. I'm the groom because it was her idea so she gets to be the bride. Halloween is our holiday. We always spend it together. Wanna see what I've got so far? I'm not sure I really wanna show you guys though. Hmmmm. I'll email you a pic if you ask. I'm so not putting it up here yet.
The kiddo is gonna be a kitty cat. Her costume is so cute! I'm excited.
Halloween also happens to be my anniversary. Yep....we're those people. Except it was a complete accident and that's just how it played out. I promise we won't be getting married on Halloween if we ever get married! Three years...what should I get him? I don't have a clue yet.

On to my second point...Are ya looking for a good crying movie? Rent The Ledge. Not Man on a Ledge, just The Ledge. I watched it yesterday and oh really had me thinking. Like wow. It's really good and has a small cast. Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Terrence Howard, and Charlie Hunnam. (yummy). It does dabble in religion. If you have a problem with people doubting Christianity I don't recommend it. It's not all about religion but it is a main part of it. It's deeper than that though. If you want your mind blown just go rent it. Or am I the only loser who still rents movies? I mean all y'all have Netflix but I don't really dig it. lol.

Come back tomorrow and check out the loot I scored from the fall swap I did! And come back again Thursday for progress on my weightloss/skinny goals. Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flipside Friday.

Fuck. I had a post ready and shit. And the Internet quit working. Soo. I did what any good blogger would do.... Took a picture! Finally, I got it right!

And what's worse is in the picture I'm clicking on save and they're is a picture telling me it wouldn't save. Because the internet quit working.

See ya on the flipside.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy!

I've been thinking about doing this link up for awhile but didn't have the courage to do it. I've told you guys before that I'm ashamed of my weight and my body. But today, I've had enough. I'm going to start being a healthier me. Ok, maybe my goal isn't to get healthy but skinnier. Whatever, as long as I'm happy. lol.

Before I post my picture I just want to say that I'm not fishing for any compliments. I'm not here to hear "You look great" or "You are perfect the way you are." That may be how you feel, but not me. I hate this body I have. I hate hate hate it. Except for the boobs. They could perk up a little though. lol.
Ahhhh...I just posted a really honest unflattering picture of myself for the whole interwebs to see. And my tatas don't even look that big compared to my prego looking stomach. lol. Yes, I took a bathroom picture because I'm at boyfriend's house and it's the only full length mirror he has. Even if it wasn't I still might have! are some of the things I'm going to start doing to change myself.

- Portion control. I did this tonight (it's Wednesday) and I felt really good about myself. I didn't eat until I was so full I couldn't move. I just didn't go back for seconds and only had one shredded chicken burger. I will buy a scale and a measuring cup. I will count out my chips and place them in a bowl instead of bringing the whole bag with me. Ya dig?

- No more soda. I promised my auntie that I would quit drinking soda for her because she got it taken away for her chemo. However, they told her that she could have it once a day or in little doses. Well, I've been using the once a day. Not anymore. Water here on out. Or tea. Or juice. Or get the idea. Preferably no carbonated beverages. *sigh* That includes red bull and beer. I might bend the rules for beer though.

- I will do an hour of cardio 5 days a week. I don't care where I do home, boyfriend's, the gym, outside, but one full uninterrupted hour. Which means I might have to get up earlier or I can't sit around and do nothing all day. Oh well!

- I won't eat bread sticks at work anymore. I work at Olive Garden. I love their bread sticks. They are soooo good. But they're also 180 calories. FOR ONE! And I should probably stop eating their mints too. Ugh. If I have to eat at work...I'll have soup. Just one bowl though.

- I'll eat out less. If I do eat out...I will have a healthier option then my normal meal. So guys...what's "healthy" at taco hell? Because I know that steak taquitos with a side of salsa and nacho cheese is helping that belly look a little more prego every time we eat it. I love taco bell. I really do.

- I'll acknowledge when I backslide and I won't beat myself up about it. I'll just try harder. I'll do better.

- I will do some sort of ab workouts to get that belly to unpudge. lol. Any good ideas?

And here's my last problem...eating healthy. See I don't like a lot of fruits or veggies. I'm a texture person and it just weirds me out. I've wanted to like lettuce so bad...but it's so hard. What are your suggestions for me eating healthier? Even if it's just a tiny bit. Something is better than nothing right?

If you don't hear from me next week it's because I probably died. hahaha. Just kidding. But if I don't link up, don't think it's because I'm not doing what I said, I just feel that I only need to link up if I have something important to share.

So here's to skinny! I'm gonna do it...for me!

All In My Twenties

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Wishlist

Happy Hump Day! Which also means that it's Pinteresting day. I love pinterest. lol. I'm actually going with a theme today.

This is my fall wish list. If I had some extra monie laying around these are things I would buy for the wonderful season!

I've already bought myself one fall scent from Yankee. I got pumpkin buttercream!


This style but in camel and black.


Source: via K on Pinterest
Open or wrap cardigans!



I need a crockpot. A new one anyway. lol. I will probably end up buying one this week.

Source: via Melisa on Pinterest
I love these! I've wanted toms and leopard print shoes. Best of both worlds.
Source: via Chloe on Pinterest
Fall shirts and sweaters. Especially this one.
Boots and boot socks. Hell yeah
Apple cider margaritas. Yum.
Pretty much this entire outfit.
Source: via Sage on Pinterest
I need a cute sweater dress or 3.
Source: via Chloe on Pinterest
This is pretty!

Simple and not over done.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rememberance and Goals

I wanted to make a post today...but I wanted to be sure that I was respectful of today's events. I'm not going to talk a lot about it because I just don't really know what to say. What I do have to say is that everybody who was involved with this day is in my thoughts. And to our military...thank you for your sacrifices. Make sure you take a moment to think about what today means. As a country, as a citizen, and as individuals.



So now that I've gotten that taken care of I think I need to do a post about my September goals. I know that we're almost to the middle of the month but oh well!

Let's recap what the goals were for August
  • Understand my job a little better - Success! I get it alot more now than I did exactly a month ago on this day.
  • Get our clothes organized - Half a success. I got most of Teagan's clothes off my bed and into her drawers. Now mine are just everywhere. I even got her to try stuff on to see what I needed to buy for fall!
  • Blog four days a week - Yeah, I'm not so sure. I've been posting more than I was but I don't know if it's been 4 days a week or not. I've been happy with the amount I'm doing and that's what matters.
  • Clean out my car and keep it that way - Hahahaha that's funny. No, my car is not clean. I don't think I really care anymore. I hate my car. That's all I'm gonna post about this.
  • Save $10 from each of my paychecks in August. - I didn't do so hot on that one. I had some biggies pop up though.
  • Be more patient with my daughter - I think I did pretty well here. So I consider this a partial success!
So August was ok. I need to define these goals more. They're more abstract then concrete.
I need concrete goals so I know exactly what I need to do.

  • Be active at least 3 days a week. That's not even half of a week so I can do it.

  • Get my dr's appointments that I need scheduled. There are about 2 or 3 of them I just keep putting off. I hate going to the doctor.

  • Save $10 from every check.

  • Finish one book and start at least one more.

  • Keep up on my homework.

  • Start getting stuff together for Teagan's Halloween costume.
I have no idea why all of a sudden blogger wouldn't let me format these bulletins like the ones above. Grrr...

Feel like you need monthly goals?
Link up with Miss Angie!

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Ass Is Huge!

*Yawn and stretch*
Yep, I just did that. It's cool in here this morning. Feels like fall
already. I love it! And I didn't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn!
Ya see, when the munchkin person stays at her dad's, he takes her to
school on Mondays. And I don't mind one bit.
Less of a Manic Monday for me.
Are you dying to know how my weekend was? I bet your sweet little faces that you do!
It was boring at best. Boring in a good way though.
Friday I worked. Yay for me. And then I hung out with boyfriend after work.
He went to bed early so I watched tv. Not really exciting huh.

Oh, wait, there is an exciting thing about Friday.
 Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit.
But the thought did cross my mind.
See when I left for work Friday afternoon the sky was looking a lot grey.
In fact I watched it go from blue to dark and scary in 5 minutes.
Seriously. No exaggeration there.
But I had to go to work.
And it started raining and being realllllly windy.
So, I went the way I was comfortable with.
This also happens to be the way to boyfriend's house. I'm not
about to be driving in some rain with some roads I don't feel comfortable around.
The wind got crazy and then settled down. But now I was
driving in pouring down hard rain.
I got about 7 minutes away from work when I had to pull over.
The sky had turned almost black and the rain was so hard I couldn't see 3 feet in
front of me. So I pull into a truck stop. Truck stop also happens to be about 2 blocks away
from boyfriend's work. I pull up next to the gas pump and start thinking.
I can feel my car moving from the wind, I can't hear anything but rain.
I'm a big sissy girl when it comes to storms. Ya see, when a tornado hits close to home,
you tend to be a little paranoid. On top of the fact that I was already a litte paranoid.
 I get on fb to see what everybody is saying because ya know fb is like the weather channel.
Everybody tells you what's going on outside.
That's when I read that the winds were 70-79 MPH. Yeah, miles
per hour. And that's when I started thinking I was probably going to die.
In my car.
On my way to work.
I was scared.
But I did end up making it to work and we ended up getting busy.

 This is probably what I looked like the entire time. Panicked.


 Yes, I did wear pajamas. No, I don't knit.
Saturday, I worked a double. And it wasn't too bad. Although I was
grumpy for my morning shift. And because I was grumpy
I got to go on break for an hour. Yay! I went to eat at good ol' Mickey D's.
Only because it's n
ext door to work. I got chicken nuggets and proceeded to sit by myself
in the corner. Because I was grumpy and wanted to be left alone.
And then this annoying family of 5 sat down beside me. I wanted to pull my hair out.
So...I jetted next door to Starbucks!
And no, unfortunately I didn't have a pumpkin spice latte.
I don't enjoy coffee so I didn't dare try it. What if I hated it?
But I did have some AMAZING pumpkin bread.
See when I got to work, the weather felt just like it does at our little
fall festival called Maple Leaf. And because I work around 4 or 5 other restaurants it smelled
like it too. Therefore, I needed pumpkin bread to help bring in the fall.

After work I wound up getting to see my lovely wife. We went to good ol' Pizza Slut Hut for me to
grab some dinner. Because she's the only person I will ever eat in front of.
I fear no judgement from this girl.
I wanted pasta. Yeah, I work at Olive Garden but I just didn't want to pay them or sit
there any longer than I had to.
I invited the boyfriend but he was sick. Or so he says. He was helping his
boyfriend best friend move and didn't seem sick to me but whatever!
Girl dinner was great!
And then I went to see him and lived happily ever after for the night.

I was off work Sunday. And I was supposed to go to a wedding.
But boyfriend was sick. And it was somebody he works with so I wasn't about to go
alone. Oh, yeah, and the Bride of said wedding came to Olive Garden Saturday night
and I just so happened to be the one that got to seat her.
I told her we would be there. So now I probably look like a giant liar.
Story of my life I think. So Sunday since I was off I sat around in jammies all day.
And gained about 5 pounds of fat. Because I ate...all day long. Like a freaking mad woman.
I don't do that very often, but it was fun. I stuffed my face!
For lunch there was homemade beef stroganoff with homemade rolls. OMG yum.
I went back for seconds on the roll, so that I could gain body rolls too.
Then boyfriend bought a package of cookies. I ate about six too many. But they were sooo good.
We munched out on a box of Hot and Spicy Cheezits. Then some friends of his parents came over to play cards and they brought a deli tray! I love deli trays. I can't stay away from them. Especially the
cheese. So I had some of that. Then I munched out on least they were healthy.
A bag of hot cheetos and about 4 more cookies were consumed by night's end.
And it was a little bag of cheetos. I'm still munching on them this morning.
Although I can eat a whole bag by myself.
I told you...Sunday needed a warning label like "Might cause obesity or a heart attack."
And I watched football....Allllll day long. See, I like football.
And I want to watch football games, but only if I care about (or really don't like) the teams
playing. And only two out five (Yes FIVE) football games were even remotely interesting.
I watched the KC Chiefs lose. Which resulted in me tormenting boyfriend because he loves them.
And then I watched the Saints lose. That made me sad. I like the Saints.

Just some of the food I had. I'm not a great blogger in the sense of photography.
I don't remember to take pictures of everything.
Thanks Pinterest for being there when I forget!

I was trying to get a picture of boyfriend and his fat cat. They're more buddy
buddy than most guys and cats and I love it!
Boyfriend refuses to let me take his picture most of the time.

Source: via Anita on Pinterest
Yes, I did wear pjs all I don't knit.
Havea great week!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pretty Little Letters

It's weird to write a post. I had today's post written yesterday. I feel a day behind. lol. I haven't done Friday's Letters in a few weeks, so I decided I would.

Dear School, I can't believe that we are already at the end of our third week. WTF? Where did the first two go? Please slow down a little. I still haven't gotten a routine out of you. Grrr.

Dear Girl at Work, I love you but hold the fuck up. This is 2 Saturdays in a row that you've asked me to take your hosting shift. I don't mind but I do. I need the hours, so it's ok. But don't go getting all used to it. I don't want this to become a weekly thing. I'll be working another double this Saturday when technically I should only be working the morning shift. Please please please don't ask next week. I think you're pretty awesome and can't/shouldn't tell you no.

Dear Work, I know that I can't really write a lot about you on here. Just know that I'm working all these hours and extra shifts to prove that I want things. Things like more hours and maybe hopefully to crosstrain early next year. You can be a pain in the ass and some people there really need to get in check and stop being assholes. If only I had the balls to call them out.

Dear Auntie, I'm so sorry for everything going on. I don't know why life is being so hard on you right now and it's complete bullshit. I would wipe all this ish away if I could. Just know I'm always hear to talk. I love you.

Dear Self, You actually accomplished 3 posts this week! If only everything else could go as smooth. It would be great. Take a look at your inspiration board on Pinterest more often.

Dear Fall, I'm glad you're around the corner! But you should have been here like ummmm.... 6 days ago. At least in my book. I hope you come in fast and strong though.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Dear Readers, I love each and everyone of you!!!! Please comment more. lol. I love comments. Love the interaction with you guys. I want to know you better!!!! And I'm sorry I haven't been very funny lately. I seem to be funnier when life is smoother. I really like my kinda funny posts better.

Dear Cowboys, You did it!!!! You beat the reigning Super Bowl Champs. WOOT!!! Now, keep this shit up all year. I mean you Mr. Romo. Don't start throwing the games at the end like last season. I'm not kidding. Why does Jerry Jones even like you? Blahh.

Dear Weekend, yay for you! Although I work a double Saturday....hooray for you! I get Sunday off and that fucking rocks. I'll be at a wedding that day. Hopefully I take a lot of pictures. This is the boyfriend and I's first wedding together. Free booze and food...I'm down. I mean I'm happy for the couple...but I don't really know them. They belong to the boyfriend. He works with them. Anyway relaxing.

On that note...I'm out of here kiddies. Busy day....See ya on the flip side!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Brain Might Turn Into Mush

Since I did a fall pinterest post I thought I would continue with the fall theme. You know one of my very most favorite things about fall is that tv gets good again! My shows come back to me. I spend a lot of time in front of the good ol' boob tube. I hate that saying. Ugh. I don't know why I used it. And when I say a lot of time I mean a lot of time. I have one DVR at my house that records shows boyfriend won't watch and then I have another at his house with shows that we both watch. Am I crazy??

This is what I'm definitely looking forward to the most!

If there was a draft pick for tv shows...this would be my first round first pick.
13 weeks of great tv! If you haven't ever watched it you're seriously missing out.
Boyfriend and I watched all 4 seasons in a year.
Yes, I like it that much.
p.s. It's on on Tuesdays. I'm not sure what time. That's what the DVR is for.
The rest of the list is in no particular order.

Gahh....Just seeing this makes my heart hurt. True loyal Grey's fan.
Even though we all know the spoilers.
I still watch even after it's gotten bad...
Still love it.
It's Whitney....Except they moved her to Friday =(
This bish is really funny though!
Hilarious! Can't wait to laugh my ass off. I love the snarky
comments to the restaurant patrons. Every
server wishes she could say this shit.
Ahhh...Noah Puckerman. Yeah, I like Glee. I used
to love Glee. Last season was just ok.
I don't know if I'll continue to watch after the first episode.
Just depends on how they do it.
Yay for Jess! This show makes me want to give out hugs.
And I don't like hugging people.
Here are some more...I just didn't feel like searching for pictures.
Apparently I missed the finale...
All I know is that it needs to get better.
American Horror Story
that ish rocks!
Big Bang Theory!!
The season finale was so awesome.
I'm rooting for Sheldon and Amy.
Seeing them hold hands made me tear up a little.
No shame. lol.
How I Met Your Mother
I don't even remember what happened.
Two and a Half Men
I think I'm the only person who likes it now.
I think it's better with Ashton.
Last season was very sweet! Jasmine and Crosby ended up getting
married. Yay!
I might give these new shows a try. We'll see!
666 Park Avenue
This sounds good. In a dirty deceiving kind of way.
Ben and Kate
It looks cute. I'm not real sure what it's about though
Chicago Fire
MMMHHMMM shirtless firefighter hotties. Yes please!
Malibu Country
I love Reba. And I loved the show Reba.
Need I say more?
The Mindy Project
This bish just looks hilarious!
I'm a sucker for anything country. Sue me.
 The New Normal
I like unconventional families. I'm very unconventional
 I told you I'm a tv junkie. Believe me now? And who knows
what I'll watch on MTV and all the other channels that
aren't featured on tv guide.

What's on your list??