Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Wednesdays We Confess

How's it already Wednesday? That means that the weekend is coming and I have to work. Wahhhh. But at least it was fast and painless right!

Vodka and Soda

- I only do this link up so that I can have Ryan's face on my blog. Kidding, kidding. But it sure as hell helps. 

- I get really overwhelmed very easily. And with all the questions that were being thrown my way after we got engaged, well, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Thankfully, I've gotten a bit better as the questions have gotten better. I don't think staying calm and collected while wedding planning is going to be as easy as I thought. Uh oh. 

- I started a journal last night. I set an alarm for 5 minutes and just free wrote whatever came to my mind. I wasn't done when my 5 minutes was up so I set it for another 5. I really enjoyed it. Now if only I could put those words on this here blog. I'd have some great posts. 

- On a serious note, while journaling, my hand would tense up and start to hurt really bad from my fingertips all the way down to my elbow. What's wrong with me? Are my writing muscles just sore or should I see if it's something more?? I mean I physically had to stop writing to get the pain to go away. And after about a minute of writing again it would come back. Anybody here a dr??

- I've been enjoying using the "I just got engaged though!" speech for things I want. During the weekend, Wife wasn't sure if she wanted to come to a party with me so I just said that and she couldn't say no. What else do you think it would work for? Am I a brat? 

- I'm really bad at taking medicine consistently. I have an under active thyroid that I need to manage and I suck at it. It makes me really sleepy and sluggish. If I take my pill I'm good, but if not it's all I can do to manage to be a human being. I stopped consistently taking said pill in March and I'm feeling the effects of it. How do you manage taking daily pills?? My refills run out in May (not that far away) and I will have to go back to the dr. to have it checked out. I just don't want to tell him I don't take it everyday because then I'll feel guilty. At the same time I don't want him to think that my condition is getting worse. Being an adult isn't fun sometimes.

- I really just want to start wedding planning but I want to enjoy being engaged too. There's so much exciting stuff going on. Ahhhhh!!

Peace Out Cupcakes, 
Have a great day!

Monday, April 28, 2014

What A Crazy Weekend

It's Monday once again. Why does that keep happening? Anybody know how to stop Mondays from coming? Anybody??

My weekend was wonderful and crazy and exciting. Ok, it was more than that but I don't want to be here trying to think up some adjectives to describe it.

Friday night I was invited to a bonfire with Blake. I really really didn't want to go. But earlier in the week he went to a bonfire for me so of course I bitched and moaned to Sarah but we went. I invited a couple of girls I work with just to be on the safe side that I knew people that would be there.

We all hung out for awhile and had a great time. Then the unexpected happened.

Just a little warning that this video does look like it's terrible quality.
Sarah took it on her phone and sent it to me which fucked it up.
And there is some cussing. Woops!!

Yes, on that Friday night when I didn't want to go to a bonfire in any way, shape, or form, my amazing boyfriend proposed.

It was completely unexpected on my half! Everybody at the bonfire knew it was going down except for the two ladies I invited.

It's Monday now and I still think I'm in shock. I mean, I'm absolutely amazed and blown away, but still in shock for sure.

So there may be some gross sappy love posts coming this way soon. Like tomorrow. And I might have more details tomorrow. =)

See ya on the flipside!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do The Humpty Hump

- I made homemade alfredo sauce on Monday night and it was DELICIOUS! Way better than OG's! However, I failed at the chicken part. We were going to have chicken alfredo but I was nervous about making two things at once that I've never made before. So...I decided to buy some pre-cooked, frozen grilled chicken strips made by Tyson. NOPE. Never again. They were terrible. So I threw the chicken away and we had rotini alfredo. And it was god's gift to me. Now, I need a good chicken recipe.

- I got a bag of gummy bears for Easter. They were good. They were so good that Monday night Trixie comes and stands in front of me and proceeds to barf them up all over the floor. Yup, she ate my entire bag and then hid it. And then got sick and made me clean it up. On the bright side, it smelled like gummy bears.

- I have too many clothes. I keep decluttering my closet but when I catch up on laundry it just seems like there's more than what I gave away. And I actually wear the stuff I'm keeping!

- My dad and stepmom have paid my cellphone bill for I don't know how many years. And they will continue to do so. Until Friday. I took the leap and I will have my very own big girl plan. This could get interesting!

- I almost started fb drama last night but decided against it. But the girl totally deserved it. She's a religious hypocrite. Which to me is the worst kind. I mean, look at what she posted! And that's not even all of it. Last week was something worse. I don't mind religion my feed. To each their own. However, to call people out like that, that's just plain rude. I don't even know why this girl has friends. Instead of commenting a scripture about how we aren't supposed to judge, I just deleted her. Look at me, growing up and shit. *names and pictures aren't shown to protect the asshole*

- I only have four confessions because I'm a damn boring person. Somebody wanna come hangout??

See you tomorrow cupcakes. Lots of love.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Need This

So remember when I told you I ordered a new comforter that I was in love with. Well, I finally got it, like last month.

AND  I LOVE IT. Yeah, I really do. I don't wanna sleep anywhere else anymore. I love everything about it.

Not only is it beautiful, it's super soft on the other side. I didn't realize that the side I sleep under was made of a different material until it came in.

I ordered the comforter set which included the comforter, two shams, and a bed skirt. I also ordered the coverlet. I had no clue what a coverlet was but I thought I needed it. It's just a quilt that goes underneath the comforter. Basically, it's a blanket for when it's too warm for the comforter. I haven't put the bed skirt on yet because I wasn't trying to flip the mattress up by myself. And the comforter and coverlet are both so long that you can't even tell it's not on there. There's still a few things that go with the set that I want to buy. Especially all the throw pillows! And I still need sheets. My hot pink ones don't look terrible but they aren't great.

coverlet blanket thing
I need this!

The only one complaint I have is that it does wrinkle easily. I don't care enough to send it back though. It's a great set!

And this is what it really looks like. My dog can't jump on my bed on the first try so she scratches the blankets on her way up. I don't want it to be all torn up.

Everything can be purchased from Kohls!

Oh, and they didn't pay me to review this. They don't even know I'm doing this. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Swap Time

I don't know if you guys love blog swaps as much as I do, but you should. I mean it's so much fun to buy stuff for other people and to see what they pick out for you!

I'm doing the color swap hosted by the lovely ladies over at CG Swaps. You get partnered up with somebody and pick out items you think they'd like based around their favorite colors.

Sign ups end today so go be sure an sign up if you're interested. Just click right here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Yay it's Friday!  I hope you cupcakes all have a wonderful 3 day weekend. I'll be at work making that $$. 

Anyway, when I saw that Amanda from Meet @ The Barre was hosting her first ever Friday Favorites link up I knew I couldn't leave her hanging. 

Here are my favs this week! 

Here's a back story before I get to my first favorite thing. When we bought tickets to ACM's I decided that I wanted to rock the boho look. Kind of. And that meant I had to grow my hair out. I haven't had long hair for 5 years. I'm excited to see how long I can get it. While browsing Pinterest (we forgot about our love affair, but have since rekindled our romance)  I found the hair I want.

My Favorite Hairstyle


photo (clipped to

Favorite Food 
We had pizza quesadillas last night and they are delicious. You just need tortillas, your choice of pizza toppings, pizza sauce, and cheese! Easy, sort of nutritious, wonderful dinner!

Favorite Song
Believe it or not it's not a country song this week! I've been digging Hey Brother by Avicci for awhile but this week I couldn't get enough of it. 

Favorite Moment of the Week
Even though Teagan and I fight a lot, she melts my heart a little bit more. Yesterday was elegant day at her school and she was so excited. It was all she could talk about Wednesday night when she was being sweet. I love how girlie she is. It's the complete opposite of me and it's cute. So Thursday when she was all ready I had to take a picture. She did her own hair and picked out her own outfit. I just felt like my little girl was all grown up. I'd like that to stop please.

That's it for this week. I'm gonna stalk everybody else's posts to get more ideas for myself! Happy Friday cupcakes! 

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Linking up with Whit too!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days.

Those days where all the tables at work had soup and salad which doesn't bode well for the tipping department.

Those days where all your kid does is fight with you and you end up crying because you're tired of fighting.

Those days where supper was a frozen pizza.

I loathe those days the most. They're just irritating.

I asked my manager if he could just tell me what my days off were next week because I need to make an appointment to get my brakes fixed. He just told me no and walked away. Seriously? Sometimes I wonder why I still work there.

It was the kind of day that every news story on my feed was a sad one that made me cry.

It was where every show I watched made me cry. I'm talking to you Parenthood.

But if it wasn't for these days, I don't think I'd appreciate the good days as much.

So here's to making today a better day.

Here's to smiling just the littlest smile and making it stick on my face.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Loving + Loathing Confessions

Today's the day to link up with Kathy and I have a whole bunch of stuff to get off my chest.


- Blake cut his hair into a faux hawk and it's hot as hell. I looooove it. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of said hair cut. Sad face.

- In just over 8 weeks I'll be headed down to Dallas to see Mr. George Strait play his last show. There are 10 opening acts which include Kenny, Miranda, and Eric Church. To say I'm pumped is an understatement!

- Last week I spent an hour on my laptop with 5 tabs open, my iPad tab open, and my phone's safari tab open waiting to get tickets to the ACM awards for next year in Dallas. And I got them!!!!!!!! Myself, my wife, Blake, my aunt, and our friend Kyla will be there! I still can't believe how excited I am. Did I mention it's over a year away? Not fair!

- Every pair of socks I own is now clean and put away. And that's a shit ton of socks. If I were a rich girl, I'd never have to wear the same pair twice. New socks are the best socks.

- I got my new bed set. I adore it. And I don't ever want to sleep anywhere else ever again. I promise I'll do a post about it soon. I highly recommend getting this for all of you lovely ladies who said you wanted it!

- I found a shirt that I didn't even remember I had yesterday. I left a lot of my clothes in the laundry room hanging up for awhile. And I mean awhile. I grabbed them all yesterday and started to hang them up when I came across a shirt that I recognized but didn't. I figured out that it was mine. It's like going shopping without spending money. That's #winning right?

- I got asked if I was 16 this morning while waiting at the bus stop with Teagan. I mean, I'll take it. 16 was 7 long years ago. But I wouldn't want to go back.

- I cracked, no shattered, the screen on my phone on Thursday. My heart hurts every time I look at it. I know that I could have it replaced with insurance but I don't have the money and I'm getting a new phone soon. Hopefully next week. But still, no iPhone should ever have to live with a shattered screen. Pretty soon I'm going to look like the guy from the commercials who had band aids all over his hands from trying to use his phone.

- Blake cut said faux hawk off last night. =(((( He said he only planned on keeping it for a week. I just loved it so much. He better plan on doing it again. 

- No matter how much laundry I do, there still seems to be piles of it all over my room. I just don't understand. Maybe I should do laundry naked next time.

- I have to work today. For some reason I'm dreading it. 

- I'm stuck in a rut. I'm having one of those weeks where I'm all like "where do I go from here??". There are so many options and I hate decisions. School? New job? What do I do?

- This sucks. Friday and Saturday were beautiful days with blue skies and warm weather. Then Sunday comes in and turns us into rain. And then there was Monday with her god awful snow. SNOW IN APRIL! Are you fucking serious?? 

- I was trying to do a no spend month. I'm terrible at it. On the first day I was buying stuff. Maybe next month I can try again. I really need to save a little bit. I lost $200 last week somehow. It sucks.

That's it for today. Catch ya on the flip side!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living the Grandma Life

I am alive cupcakes! I really am. It's amazing I know.

It's been a long what seems like two weeks away from here. I've been busy. Ok, not really just too lazy to pull out the laptop. I had nothing to blog about but now my mind is overflowing with things to blog about.
But I can't blog about anything because my damn wifi isn't working. So to solve this problem, I drove on over to McDonald's in my pj's with no bra on because I believe in blogging comfortably. So I get the wifi issue fixed and then my phone starts to fuck up. My computer won't read my phone and I can't update it or upload my pictures to my computer. #firstworldproblems at it's finest.


So I actually pretended to have a life this past weekend. I know, I know I can't believe it either. Before we get started I have to say there are very little pictures. Sorry.

- Thursday after Teagan's cheer practice the wonderful wife text me and said she wanted to get a drink. So I swung by her house and off we went to get a drink. Now, most of you would have assumed an adult beverage right? Well, not me. Apparently I have a grandma brain at the ripe age of 23. I picked her up and swung over to Sonic. I pull in and she says "...this isn't what I meant by a drink..." I felt dumb. lol. So we go to the bar and proceed to have 1 drink. One turns in to two, two turns into the bartender asking me to do her dishes for a free our one drink is really 3 deep. Mind you she hasn't drank in seven months and I'm on my third long island. But it was a great time! Blake really enjoyed us when we eventually made it to his house.

- Friday I woke up with the worst hangover ever. EVER. I wanted to crawl in a hole and not come back out for days. I still ended up going to work for some reason. Apparently I enjoy pain and being publicly ridiculed by all the wonderful people I work with. After work I tried to sleep but I just couldn't. The wife was having a bonfire. I scooped Blake up and off we went. It was a nice time except I stayed sober and I still felt like shit. We stayed up until 4 again.

At this point I've had 3-5 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. My grandma brain is NOT ok with this. It almost killed me.

- Saturday after I woke up from my nice long slumber (hangover free!!!) the wife, my mom, and myself went to grab a bite to eat. Then I layed up on the couch all day and enjoyed the shit out of it. I watched ATL, ya know the movie with T.I. in it that has to do with roller skating. Pretty nice movie. What's not a nice movie is Bring It On 3. Why did they keep making them? Why???? I was tired of feeling like a bum, so I got up, cleaned out my car.

Then it was time for the big event of the weekend.

Hunter Hayes, Dan + Shay, and Danielle Bradbery were my nghtly entertainment. Ya know I can't get enough concerts!

I'm not really sure what Dan + Shay are about yet, but they can sing.
Danielle was good. She needs a little more energy.
And the man of the hour, Hunter Hayes.
This kid can perform. He never ran out of energy. Between the 39097438 instruments he played and running all over the stage, I was impressed with his talent. However, he has a lot of slow songs. Which he played. The concert was a little more mellow than what I'm used to. I'm not complaining by any means, it just wasn't my style. And there were so many little 6-12 year olds. I kind of felt out of place.

But my momma loved every second of it. She adores him. And they got super close to each other so she was excited!

All in all, it was a good weekend. But I'm glad it's over so that I can catch up with my grandma life.

Friday, April 4, 2014

32 Pieces of Happy

I'm late to the party (what a surprise) but I thought that I would join Erin for 32 things that make me happy. Ya know, because after the week I had last week I think it's appropriate! Here we go. These are in no particular order.

1. All the puppies and kitties but this one the most. I mean look at that. I get all the snuggles.

2. Family reading this...this could get inappropriate buttttt.....the fact that after four and a half years I have a man that still thinks I'm the sexiest thing ever and would jump at a chance to see me naked and get  a little lovin.

3. The family I have. I don't know where I'd be without them.

4. My hoodie. Does that surprise anybody?

5. Going to concerts. I love the shit out of them. And they're even better with my concert people. And when you get to shake hands with Luke and Keith.

6. Country music. I know that a lot of people don't consider the current stream of country music as country, but I do. I love it all. Old, new, except for T. Swift. She isn't country, get her off my damn radio.

7. This guy. And all his butt shaking glory.

8. Freshly clean laundry that I put on after I get my body all fresh and so clean clean. It's the best feeling!

9. New clothes. What girl doesn't love new clothes?

10. A good old fashioned thunder storm. If only they would last longer!

11. Taco Bell. Always and forever. We're besties.

12.  This little lady.

13. New bed stuff! Which I love mine by the way. I totally need to post about it.

14. When clearance is on additional clearance and you don't know it. I feel like I win at shopping on those days.

15. Online shopping. I mean I get to sit in the comfort of my own home sans pants and people bothering me. Win.

16. The first day of Spring where it's warm enough to put the sunroof back and the windows down. Yes.

17. The first Fall day where I can actually wear my boots and scarves and not sweat to death.

18. Good mail days. Where I get packages and letters, not bills.

19. The holiday season. I mean, how can that not make people super happy!

20. A good hair day. Like this one

21. When the Cowboys win a game. And the cheifs lose. lol.

22. Getting my hair done. I mean who doesn't love to look hot!

23. Pictures.

24. Girl's nights out or at home.

25. When my makeup looks just right.

26. Office supplies. Especially pens, notebooks, and planners. I die. I can't get enough.

27. Random acts of kindness.

28. Making everybody laugh. Laughter is the best medicine ya know.

29. Glitter and sparkles and sequins. They make my heart burst.

30. When the DVR hasn't been watched and all the good shows are waiting for me.

31. Finding new blogs to read that are just perfect.

32. Good tips at work.

What makes you happy? Link up with Erin!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

About That Week...

So I already explained why last week was horrible. And sometimes you think that things can't get worse. But they can.

In a laugh-about-it-because-it's-over kind of way. lol.

Last week I was on route to the hospital. I was just jammin down the interstate listening to some Luke (of course) when I go to turn my blinker on to get in the other lane. And you know what happened? The blinker stick thing broke right in half. It fell off and went flying to the floor. My jaw just dropped. Like wtf, is this some real shit? I wasn't impressed. So I took the first exit I could (mind you I had just left my house so this exit has only gotten me to the other side of my tiny town) and call my grandma. Who proceeds to LAUGH AT ME. Only because I was being overly dramatic though. But that's what I do. So she gets me all calmed down and I figure out that I can put said stick back on. But I have to hold it for it to stay. No biggie. I got this. I'll get it fixed but I don't know when.

please excuse my dusty, dirty ass car.

Later on in the day, I was on my way home from taking Teagan to cheer practice. We were looking for big puddles to drive through because it had just rained and she wanted to get splashed. We eventually found one in a parking lot down the road from our house. Just as I'm getting to the puddle, I notice a cop going around the corner really slow. I decide to tell Teagan that we should just go home because the cop is watching us. She happily obliges (thank god, that never happens). As we pull in the driveway I notice that there are two officers parked in between my house and the neighbor's house. I figured they were there for them. No biggie. I start to get out of my car and the nice gentlemen walk over to me. I happen to know both of them. I worked with one forever at Pizza Hut and I went to school and was good friend's with the other's brother. Anyway, they come up to my car ask me how I'm doing and what not then get on with the point. I had a suspended license. I forgot to pay my fine for speeding in the swaggin' wagon. Oops. So at this point I'm trying to keep Teagan calm and convince her that I'm not in a lot of trouble and everything is going to be ok. I take her in, but of course they have to come. I explain to my mom what was going on and kindly get escorted to the police station. Sans handcuffs thank god!

All in all, I had to spend an unexpected $300 that I didn't really have. I can't drive and I work doubles all weekend long. I was pissed. I had a fight with the town I got the speeding ticket in about whether or not I had a warrant anymore, obviously I didn't seeing as how I was taken in for it the night before.

I spent 6 days having to be chauffeured around and it was incredibly shitty. On top of all the other things going on in life. I can look back now and laugh but it added an extra stress on top of the already shitty week I had last week. But at least I can drive now! I called yesterday morning "to see if they got my paperwork" yet. And she said yes! And told me I was reinstated. So of course I went shopping. Which is another story for another day.

Longest week of my life is over and I can't be more happy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


What a week. I hadn't planned on taking a week off but sometimes life sweeps us off our feet. And that's what it did to me last week. Unfortunately it wasn't in a good way.

My best friend (aka my wife) was 24 weeks along when unexpectedly, her baby boy had passed away. IT all started like a normal week and Tuesday I got the news. I did my errands and got over to the hospital to be with her as she needed a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on. I spent all day at the hospital and I was worn out.

I had managed to hold it together for her sake, but when I got to my car and drove home I lost it. I cried lots and lots of tears. I cried because I was so excited to meet my nephew, because I just don't understand why God takes little ones, but most of all, I cried for my best friend. I cried because my heart hurt for her. I didn't feel like I should have been crying but I couldn't stop.

The rest of the week was spent working and checking in at the hospital to make sure she didn't need even the smallest little thing. And it wasn't spent in a good mood. After the initial shock wore off, I was mad. Mad that other people could have babies but she couldn't. Mad that I wouldn't get to watch this little guy grow up. Mad that her heart hurt. Every time I saw a baby I would just get this jealous rage feeling in my heart.

I was mad at God most of all. I know I don't talk about religion very often. I don't even know what I believe. I just say God because I mean, that's what I know most. I was mad at this Supreme being. I was more than mad. I was enraged for an entire week. I moped around everywhere, I didn't want to be at work. I cried more times than I can count. I didn't sleep good but I slept hard. I passed out every night last week not even remembering what happened as I laid down.

I was grieving. And it wasn't in a good way. I don't even know if there is a good way to grieve. Grief is a mean mother fucker. It sucks your soul dry until it can't suck anymore. Then it sits in your heart making you feel like life is over.

After my grief, came acceptance. We laid the sweet boy to rest today. It was hard and I cried a little. Again, I lost it when I got to the car. It was a good service. Things that the pastor were saying made a lot of sense. Even if we don't like what happened, it happened for a reason. I guess. I don't really know. Sarah posted something on fb today. In it she stated that she wasn't mad at God. (side note, she is a christian so yes, no question on God for her) She said that she was mad at herself. At her body. Mad that she couldn't change things. And that's when I stopped being mad. I realized that if she wouldn't/couldn't be mad at her god, then I shouldn't be either. I realized that my best friend needed me more than she would ever say because she was mad at herself.

So came the acceptance. My heart still hurts and it will; but now it's time for me to help heal my friend. I text her immediately and explained there wasn't anything she could have done or not done. I told her not to be mad at herself. So now, I'll push my grief to the back and focus on doing anything this person I love needs me to do for her. I guess that's all I really can do.