Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As The Year Goes By...

I couldn't stay away from my blog on the last day of the year! That's just silly talk.

2014 was a good year. Not too memorable, but a good year none the less.

A couple of things that I will always remember...

The time Luke Bryan and I shook hands and I cried happy tears.

We got engaged!!!!! 

Marley came to live with us.

We found baby Penelope.

We took a weekend trip to Tulsa that was just way too much fun. 

We went to George Strait's last show in Dallas, Texas. 

I just know that 2015 will be epic though! I'm getting married and going to the ACM awards!

To all of you that have followed this blog and didn't leave even though new posts have been sparse, thank you. If you've thought about leaving, I understand. I'm not promising that I'll post more than I have been, but I sure will make an effort to do so.

For all of the people who've been in my life and by my side for 2014, thank you and I love you. Even if you don't think you played a significant part in my story, chances are that you have. Friends and family, I can't wait to see where 2015 takes us!

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, I'll be popping my bottle of champagne and cheersing (my favorite made up word) those around me! I'll give my fiance the best kiss of his life (besides the one that makes us man and wife), I'll text the bests to tell them I love them and wish them a happy new year. I'll silently say a prayer for guidance through this year. I'll silently say a prayer for everybody in my life, that their 2015 is filled with peace, happiness, and love.

Have a great night loves! Here's to 2015!