Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here or There

Here I am. I haven't been here in six months. I've thought about this place for six months though. Day in and day out.

Life has been crazy. Wedding planning is interesting. It has it's ups and it's downs. If there was ever a time in which I wished I was a millionaire, it would be while planning a wedding. And not even because I want expensive stuff or a crazy expensive wedding. Just because everything costs sooooo damn much. I just want something nice and glamorous. Do you know how hard it is to find glamorous stuff for not a million dollars? Ok, it's not too hard but still. Why does the wedding industry have to make everything cost so much??

Anyway, enough about me blabbering about the price of a wedding. Let's get back to the dirt. Blogging. I don't know where my place is here. I've fallen out of lust with a lot of blogs I used to love. Lifestyle blogging doesn't just have it's appeal like it used to. I want to blog with purpose. I want it to have meaning.

I don't just wanna say "this is what I did today and this weekend." all the time. I mean, it's fine sometimes, but it's not really for me anymore. I got bored with it. I look at the blogs I like, and they encourage people to find themselves. To help themselves. To grow further in a journey in their life. I hope some day I'll get there. But first I need to blog more.

I've thought of just shutting this one down, and starting from scratch. But I really love the name of this babe. All That Good Stuff, it encompasses the good of everything in my life. Sometimes the bad too. But that makes the good even better.

As I grow in my life, my blog will find it's place. At least I hope it will.