Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week for you guys. Unfortunately, not so much for me. I had my two days off Monday and Tuesday and I work doubles all weekend long. Yay for money though!

Since I haven't done this in a while I thought I'd share with you some of my current obsessions for What I'm Loving Wednesday. Let's get this party started shall we.

1. Eric Church's song Sinners Like Me. I was reading somebody's blog and they talked about how this song was the dad and daughter dance at her sister's wedding. Well, I then decided that I had to listen to it. And now I love it. P.S. if you're the person I was reading, let me know so that I can pay major props to you.

2. NYX Roll on Glitter. For one, it's glitter. For two, it's glitter. And in case I didn't mention, it's glitter =). I found this stuff while I was shopping with my favorite hostess Danielle. We were at PacSun (her choice, not mine) and I about died. It's soooo pretty. I almost bought a gold and a pink to make my own rose gold but up at the front they had a salmon color, and damn is it not the perfect rose gold! 

the one on the far left is the salmon!

3.  Maxi Skirts. What can I say? I love me maxi skirts. They're perfect for any occasion and you can dress them up or down. The one I have is long enough to be a dress if I really wanted it to be. Where can I find some more? Anybody have any good deals on them?? Let a girl know.

This one in particular is at Target and I'm gonna go find it after I get off work. 

4. Summer Dresses. I could have grouped this with maxi skirts but I didn't wanna. Again, you can dress them up or down, get them long or short, and if you have a long one you don't have to shave. That's a major score in my book. I hate to shave. True story. I just got a short one from my mama so now it's time for a long one. 

What do you think? Maxi dresses are so much harder to find then skirts. 

5. Pizza. I'm seriously loving the shit out of some pizza right now. It's all I ever want to eat. Mazzios is my go to joint but there's only one in Joplin. So it's Pizza Hut when I'm in Carthage. But our Mazzios has the best ranch dressing to ever grace my taste buds. I LOVE it. They have the best thin crust in all the land too. 

6. My Fatboy. Since we got the puppy he's avoided our room like the plague. I've missed having him to cuddle with. This morning we put Olivia out in the fence with Sadie and Fatboy came running in here like it was nobody's business. He misses us, we miss him. He has what we call a sittin' chair. Blake bought a new computer chair because his was kinda sad looking. Well, Fatboy took it over and every night he would come in as soon as I got home and sit in his sittin' chair. If I sat in it, he would stand on the end table and as soon as I got up he would sit in it. I loves him so much. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TV Tuesdays

I'm not a huge fan of summer. I appreciate the warmth, but I loathe when boob sweat season starts. I hate being sweaty. It's gross. The one thing that I do love is swimming. But I don't know anybody with a pool. Sad face. And I live on a hill going both directions, so no pool for me! The worst part of summer? The tv. Seriously there is hardly anything on. Ever. And I love tv so when nothing is on I get a little grumpy.

 I didn't watch the season finale of Grey's until today just so I could watch some decent tv. And I cried. That damn show always makes me cry. I promise no spoilers for those of you who aren't caught up (cough cough Jordan cough).

During the summer there are a few shows I look forward to...almost anything on USA. Because I'm really a 78 year old grandma. True story. However, I found out a couple weeks ago that they cancelled Fairly Legal and it was one of my favs. So now I have Necessary Roughness, Royal Pains, and Suits. Womp womp. If I was a cool kid I'd have HBO and of I would religiously watch True Blood. I love that shit.

If I was a good blogger I'd watch an episode of RHO any city. But that seems like a lot of work and catching up I'd have to do. Maybe I could watch Bachelor/ette. But I can't get behind that shit. I understand some of you may looooove it, but I just don't get it. Not at all.

So what do you watch in the summer?

Monday, June 24, 2013

We Survived

Yep, we survived our first week of puppyhood. And I hope you can survive this puppy picture overload.

I owe it all to the booze gods for graciously giving me enough beer so that I wouldn't lose my shit.

No seriously though, what a long week it was. I don't feel like I've ever wanted to bang my head against a wall so much in one week. I've said "no, ouch, that's not yours, Olivia," more times than I think I ever have. And I'm the queen of telling people no. Just ask my mom.

Checking out the scenery
I've come out this week with all of my stuff still in tact. Nothing is chewed up yet, at least not that I'm aware of. Blake might have just thrown it away as to not deal with my hissy fits.

Getting ready to attack my phone. 

I've learned a lot about getting a puppy. Like maybe you shouldn't do it when your life is in the middle of some chaotic changes. Blake started a new job, I started serving, and  we had to get used to Teagan's summer visitation schedule. And for some reason getting a puppy during all of this was a great idea. Or not. I'm surprised I'm not a single lady, for all the crabbiness it seems I've put out there. I was tired. Forgive me! He was tired too. Oops. =)

Nothing is better than tormenting other dogs.

The later half of the week has been much better. She listens a little. OK, she listens a lot but only to Blake. She listens a little to me. This is what I look like when he tells her to do something I just told her to do but she doesn't listen to me.

She's getting used to a routine and sleeping more =) I can't complain about that. When she sleeps I get cuddles because cuddles with this dog don't happen any other time. Ever. EVER. And also, no pictures. Every time I try and take a picture of her she bounces off. So, what's the secret puppy moms? What in the hell do you do?

Do you see how big she got in just a week!

Go hard or go home.

Friday, June 21, 2013

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been...

If there were pms police they would be after me this week. I've been such a crabby, whiny, tired, crazy lady. I decided to fill you guys in with the wonderfulness that you might get to experience if you actually got to hang out with me everyday.

I dropped my child support card out of my shorts pocket and it fell underneath the deck. Not a big deal really, I cancelled it and went on with my life. Later, I went to buy something and realized I actually dropped my debit card. I quietly pouted in my car. Womp womp. No monies for me right now. 

I started to cry because they didn't have any onion rings at BK. Then BK got my order wrong 3 times. I cried a little more. The last time I didn't even bother having them fix it. I just got angry and gave up. 

I cried because I didn't want to do anything and my mom and tea wanted to. They hurt my feelings by saying "We don't have to go then." I lost it. They weren't even being mean.

I'm the cat, this is the look I've been getting all week.

I'm so tired this week that I've spelled my own name wrong on many entries in two different giveaways. Oops.

My blog reader that I use on my phone decided that it was going to connect with another reader service. I updated it and lost all the blogs that I hadn't read yet that morning. I proceeded to yell at my phone even though it didn't matter. 

What I'm trying to say is...I've been a loon. And I'm sorry. Happy Friday cupcakes. Love ya!

Just Kidding...It's Friday so of course there has to be a #backthatazzup Friday song.

Now...Happy Friday Cupcakes. Love ya!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trixie Here

I kicked my mom off the computer today. I have some things I need to say.

Remember when my mom told you guys about Olivia...yeah, I know, you all oogled all over her and how cute she was. But you're wrong. Wrong I tell you.

See, Tuesday night mom took me over to Dad's (what, your mom and dad don't live in seperate houses? well...more love for me that way) for what I assumed was a nice night out. I love going to dad's. See, he has the biggest yard and I can run for days in it. I was wrong. She took me over there to meet that new little shit I mean my new little sister. And what can I say, I'm not a fan.

All she does is jump on me and bite me. Bitch, you're crazy. The first time she did it, she got one of my hot spots so I yelped to let her know that I don't appreciate that shit. Mom felt bad for me so I got some loves and Olivia got talked to. Me -1, Olivia - 0.

Sticking my tongue out at her. 

When I get to Dad's I try and play with his other dogs but they don't want shit to do with me. I don't understand it. Well, now I do. I guess mom thought bringing me over would be good for me because I would have somebody to play with. Nope, I bit that idea in the ass. Actually, Olivia bit that idea in the ass. hahaha. I'm referring to when she bit my hot spot again. It's literally on my back by my cute little puppy butt. No mom, I won't let it go. It hurt.

I kept trying to get comfy on the couch but she wouldn't let me be. It was so irritating. I just wanted to nap beside Teagan the Terror. Shh mom, I know I'm not supposed to call her a terror but dammit she is! This time I got all up in her grill and scared her. Then mom yelled at me. Something about "Be nice, she's a baby. She doesn't understand why you're being mean she just wants to play with you." Yeah, whatever. Nice try. Dad got on to Olivia and then he sat on the couch with us. he held her down so she'd leave me alone.

So all in all, I don't want any siblings. I just want friends. And apparently my mom doesn't know what friends are. Whatever. I just want somebody like Hawkeye to hangout with. Is that too much to ask?? Well....I'm waiting for an answer. I have to go stare at her until she answers me. I'll see you guys again soon, I hope.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shit Not To Do

I was riding the struggle bus yesterday and apparently missed my stop because I'm still on it today.

Yesterday work sucked. I cried like 3 times. My head was not in the game that's for sure. And I don't know if I told you but Sunday night I had a party of 7 (originally 8, one left) that left me $5 on their $100 tab. Sweet huh. Well, apparently I pissed them off because they felt the need to email the manager about me and their experience. And now they get a free $100 gift card. Yay for me. I've never gotten a complaint, and it sucks when it happens. I thought that they were perfectly fine because they never acted upset, asked to speak to a manager, or ever said anything was wrong.

And now I have a blog post. Boom.

Today I'll present you with ways to not be a pain in the ass to anybody that serves you. EVER.

1. If you feel there is a problem, speak up about it. We aren't hear to make you have a miserable experience. We actually want you to have a good time. The better of a time you have, the more likely we'll get a good tip. Most of us want to do a good job, and you aren't doing anybody a favor by giving crappy tips and moping.

2. If your server is with a different table and you need them, wait till they are done talking to the table that just got sat to call them over. Seriously, yesterday I was trying to get drink orders for a family of 4 that had just sat down, when my table right behind them says "Yeah, hey can we get more breadsticks." Are you fucking serious? Way to be an adult!

3. Try not to overly complicate your order. I know that people have allergies/certain way they like things/aren't used to eating here, but the harder you make it for me to put your food in, the longer it will probably take to come out. I do want to make you happy and I'll do my best to accommodate you but don't order a salad with a different type of lettuce then what we use, without pepperoncinis, extra tomatoes, onion, and croutons, with ranch and house dressing on the side. Oh, and then yeah, we do want those pepperoncinis after all.

4. I'm more than happy to get whatever you need but I'd appreciate it if you'd ask all at one time. I'd rather get you a drink refill, a salad refill, more napkins, and breadsticks in one trip then four. Because walking back and forth that much gets really old really fast. I'd like to stand in the side station and take a damn breath for a minute. And talk to the other servers so we can share our war stories.

5. Children. This shit gets subpoints. It's not that servers don't like children, we just don't like them when they're in our section. Read this article. It's hilarious.
    - subpoint A. Don't let your child throw food all over the floor. I understand babies can't help it, but for             the love of all things holy, help clean it the fuck up. Where I work we have hokies, things that look like vaccuums but don't make any noise, they don't pick shit up. They just smear wet baby drooled on food in the floor. And if I have to touch it with my hands, you're gonna be voodoo dolled later on.
   - subpoint B. You're five year old doesn't know the different kind of pastas we have. They don't understand that there are different kinds of pasta. Don't keep me at your table for 10 minutes trying to get your child to decide what kind of pasta they want. You're the damn adult, you decide.
  - subpoint C. Don't let them run around like hellions. This isn't your home. We carry big trays of hot ass food with hot ass plates on them. When little Billy Joe gets first degree burns from my food and I lose my job because you're making OG pay your hospital bills, I'll be pissed. Keep them on a leash!!

Now when you go eat, think of me. It'll make you smile. =)

Monday, June 17, 2013

What Did I Get Myself In To?

Guess what we did this weekend?

We got a puppy! Well, Blake got a puppy and I got the responsibility end of everything. 

Meet Olivia

She's part australian sheppard and I have no idea what else. We adopted her from the Humane Society. 

I thought I had puppy fever before we got her. Now, I just want to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. She had me whipped the first night, but the second, no way. 

Did I mention that I haven't had a puppy in 10 years and forgot that the only things that come out of your mouth are "No, don't chew on that." and "Good girl, let's go potty." I feel like a big broken record. A big tired broken record. 

She's adorable though and I can't help but love her. But I'm ready for the crate training to be over. I just want her to sleep! She has an amazing personality and is so loving! And hilarious. She can't jump to save her soul, and she is so clumsy. I love it. 

And she doesn't hold still for pictures. We're still working on that one. I wanted to take more of her last night but Blake was tired of my flash. Womp womp.

I'm off to try and take a nap now that she's worn out! Happy Monday Cupcakes.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Soaking It In Kerosene

I've got nothing.

It's Friday though! Tomorrow I'll be chilling with my girl Miranda Lambert. Ok, maybe not chilling in the exact sense, but I get to see her!

I've been trying to figure out what to wear and I've decided that I'm totally gonna recycle my Kenny outfit. Sue me. I think it was hot and I love it! It also channels this Miranda Lambert. I love her still but I miss this girl. The ripped jeans and the tank top. Style evolves though so I get it!

I'm linking up with Fabulous Yoga Pants of course.

Teagan comes home today. That's exciting.

It's been a quiet week without her. But I've gotten somethings accomplished.

This post sucks. My bad.

Happy Friday Cupcakes. Have a good weekend. Drink a few. I know I will.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm Thinking...

I've officially been a big girl and served by myself for a week now. Go me. I guess. lol. The whole time I'm serving I have a steady stream of thoughts running rhough my mind. And I thought I would share those with you today. Boom!

" Let's make money!!!"

"I don't want too many tables, I still want to be able to do well."

"Dammit, Danielle (my favorite hostess with the mostess), why did you seat me again?!?!"

"SMILE, bitch."

"Oh great, they want soup and salad. Woohoo let's run our asses off for hardly any tip."

" Why is the damn soup empty. *Yells to the kitchen* We NEED zupa!"

5 minutes later "What the fuck. This lady needs her soup. Why are you being so fucking slow, are you personally making the sausage for the soup today?"

"Finally got my soup. Wooo. Don't slosh it all over the bowl. Be careful. Walk slow."

"I don't want to be on a party. I've been doing this for 4 days. Dammit Karla." (the wonderful hostess with the mostess that trained me. She's great.)

"Breathe, don't let those tears fall out of your eyes. Get your shit together right now."

"This table makes me uncomfortable. I know what I'm doing. Fuck, maybe I don't"

"I totally have this."

"I'm on short side, weird."

"Everything is backwards over here. AHHHHH"

"Great, this lady complained her salad was too small. It was proportioned out right!"

"Mango tea...we don't have that. EWWWW we're putting thick ass mango syrup in it. Yuck"

"Now she doesn't like her food. I can handle this."

"Great, teenagers. Thanks for the $3 tip on the $65 dollar ticket. I hope your mom and dad make you work in a restaurant. Brats"

"Complaining lady and her man friend love me. Sweet!"

"Oh yay, a lady and her two year old who want soup and salad for dinner...I'll be nice and not charge her for her two year old who won't even take more than 2 bites of anything."

"Thanks for the $2 tip lady with the two year old. Glad that you were gracious enough for two whole dollars. Next time I won't do you any favors."

"Is it time to go home yet?"

"NO, I don't want to be on your damn party. I was off for three days and I'm rusty. Fuck."

"Ohhhh they complimented me to the manager and left me a nice tip. Thank you weird mango tea lady!"

"When am I gonna be phased?"

"Gawww...who needs to exercise when they can be a server. My fucking body hurts. My bra is soaking wet from the sweat. I hate boob sweat."

"I need a shower. I feel like I'm in a wet t-shirt contest."

"Is it time to go, is the back door open for a break?"

"Ahhh I got my phase slip and the door is open, break time!"

"Now I need to clean my section, oh look, they're sitting another server here! Score, I don't have to clean today."

"Count my monies...not the best day. Oh well."

"Peace out OG!"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Might Be an Alcoholic If...

By now we all know of Venus's Irvester Award. And I think we're all pretty damn proud of it. I was hoping somebody would nominate me and I finally got my wish! Kelley over at One Hot Southern Mess nominated me for this wonderful award!

such a pretty little button

And for the rules

1. Acknowledge who nominated you. Thanks Kelley!!!2. Answer the 10 questions below 3. Nominate 10 bloggers you think are excellent drinkers4. Do not change the questions.5. Don't nominate the blog that nominated you. That's it.

What is your favorite drinking game and why? 
Beer pong...the "original" drinking game. I know it's not really but whatever. I suck at beer pong but I still get a little kick out of playing. There was the one time that Rockstar by Nickelback was playing and I didn't miss one shot until somebody turned the song off. 

It is your birthday, what is your idea of the perfect evening?
I want to start day drinking as soon as we wake up and lounge by a pool it's February so none of that. We just chill and hang out until dinner where we have a nice dinner followed by an awesome house party or bonfire. 

Money is no object, what is your go to drink of choice at a bar?
Long island ice teas, margaritas, beer, or just shots of patron. I'm not too picky obviously. Gotta throw a Redbull in there some where because I loooove them!

Take this alcohol screening quiz here, what score did you receive?
Your score is 35%. According to the Office of Health Care Programs, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, developers of this screening quiz, if you answered 3 of these questions with a Yes it is a definite sign that your drinking patterns are harmful and possibly considered alcohol dependent or alcoholic. You may want to seek an evaluation by a healthcare professional.

What is your favorite memory with alcohol?
Oh boy. There's so many to choose from. Kenny Chesney, my 20th birthday, my 21rst birthday. The night Blake and I made it "official". I can't choose just one.

What is your favorite song about drinking? Or song to drink to?
Anything by Eric Church. He has good drinking songs. Or Kenny. Or rap. lol. I'm not a picky music person.

What is your favorite activity to do while drinking (i.e. boating, bowling, golf, trivia, etc.)
Dancing, card games, or just hanging out. I would say swimming but every time I've tried that I've almost drown. It's not a good idea.

In your opinion, which is the number one party school in the country and why?
I don't have an opinion. I don't know anything about schools except they're almost all better because they allow drinking at football games. Not mine. Nope. Let's take a way a college kid's right to drink. Womp womp.
When do you know you have had too much to drink? What are your signals?
My left eye starts to get lazy. I repeat myself a lot. I start to take a lot more pictures. And I basically don't give a damn what mean people think. And I cry. 

hello lazy left eye. Nice to see you. My hair looks's never been black.

drunk laughing selfie. The best.

So I have to pick 10 fabulous ladies...a lot of the ones I would pick have already been chosen so forgive me if there aren't 10

I'm a rebel...that's all I've got. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Read about My Weekend If You're Not Tired of Weekends Yet

What a weekend.

I took no pictures though. Sorry. Well, I did but they're of the sky, and they're on my instagram so you should go look at them. Now. I'll wait....

Ok, I see you're back now. Hope you enjoyed them. I was half tempted to talk about them so that you'd have to go look. But I won't. Just go look if you haven't yet. My weekend was low key. Just how I like it. Friday night I worked as a server for the first time on a Friday. That shit was crazy! I only teared up like twice. But I told myself to get it together or go home. I got it together. Which is a damn good thing because I ended up with a nice chunk of change for the day.

Saturday I got up early to go home and shower and do laundry.But the only thing I did was lay around and watch the CMT awards with my momma. Then Blake text me earlier than I thought he would and we went puppy shopping! I wanted them all. It didn't matter if they were boys, girls, disfigured; I wanted them all. We went to two humane societies and Petsmart. If I'm being honest, he was being a little picky. I know that's his right but a puppy is a puppy. At least to me. We finally found one we wanted and it turned out that she had kennel cough. We couldn't bring her home =( We couldn't risk his other dogs, the two cats, and my dog getting it. And they won't hold her for us. Sigh. Hopefully she's still there in 10 days when she's done with her meds. Fun fact, it's harder for black animals to be adopted from humane societies than any other color. And she's black, and sick, and isn't fixed. There is hope!

We came home, he mowed. I sat on the porch swing and played on my phone. Typical girlfriend duties. Then we spread lime all through the yard. Well, he spread it. I watered the ground so it would take. It was fun but I'm easily entertained. Who mows and then has somebody water the ground? Yeah, beats me.

We finished Saturday night off with his best friend and his fiance. We went over to there place and played some Presidents and Assholes. I highly recommend this drinking game. More about it tomorrow!

Sunday Funday wasn't the funnest! I actually slept in for once. Shocker. It was time to go home and start to clean Teagan's room. It's not as easy as it sounds. I got overwhelmed in an hour and threw in the towel for the time being. I still have more to do. My gma bought her all new furniture and I had to go pick it up and bring it home. So off Blake and I go to the Import Warehouse to get it. And then to my house to put it up. That shit was fucking heavy. I've never moved before, so moving furniture was quite an adventure for me. It's still in the boxes but at least it's in her room!

That's all I've got. Sorry for no pictures. I know, pretty boring. Hope you have a great week cupcakes. Sorry for the weekend review, if nobody reads it I understand. I can't stand when I do them either.

Sami's Shenanigans

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This is Fucking Awesome!

I just watched last weeks America's Got Talent and at the very end was Tone the Cheif Rocca. And all he wants is to be a one hit wonder. And he got it! Tell me that this isn't one of the best one hit wonder songs ever!!

#SorryI'mNotSorry this is going to be stuck in your head all damn day. But I want you to feel happiness with me! 

B Double O T Y

I'm off to twerk...
it's nap time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Follow Me And Everything is Alright

I don't have much to say today.

Yesterday I got in a shitty mood and I went to bed early hoping to wake up in a better mood. I woke up to a huge thunderstorm. Not that bad of a deal. I left my driver's side window down. Bad deal.

So now, my shitty mood has returned and I don't really feel like blogging.

So today, all I ask is that you get on over to Bloglovin' and you follow me there. I know that I don't have 113 followers over there. Better get on it, we have less than a month left together thanks to Google Reader.

I don't want to lose some of my favorites.

Follow on Bloglovin

Next up we have twitter. I know that there isn't a social icon button for it over there -----> but that's because I didn't use it when this design was made. I use it now. Go follow me. I'll wait.

And finally, I have a fb page for this blog. I'm not really great at it but shit happens. If you wanna go like it, please do. Sorry if you hardly ever see anything on it. There's a button for that over there ----->

Have a better Wednesday than I'm having!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Why I Better Be Able to Waitress Where Ever I Want

Happy Monday cupcakes.

I had the longest weekend ever possible. Ever.

Server training was this weekend and jeeez am I ready for that shit to be over. I've had to take a beverage test, a menu test, a server test, a safety and sanitation test and everybody's favorite, an alcohol test. And not the cool kind that tells you whether or not you're an alcoholic. No, the kind that asks what to do when people are already intoxicated when they come to eat, or how many beers a shot is equal to. Tests, tests, and more fucking tests. I think I can tell you anything about the OG menu. ANYTHING. I almost cried myself to sleep last night trying to study for the beverage test. So many drinks to know. And of course, I could remember my personal favorites, beer and margaritas, but not a lot of other shit.

3 pages worth of notes front and back. And I wasn't even done. For one test.

I took my first table by myself yesterday. I did decent. I had three tables and after everything was said and done, bussers and bartenders were tipped out...I made a weasly 10 doll hairs. But it's better than nothing. I was so nervous on that first table. Instead of asking if they'd like cheese on their soup/salad I would say "would you like soup/salad on your soup/salad." I felt like an idiot. I've served before so why the nerves? WHY??? But the next table was much better! I even got them to take some samples of wine and they each had a glass too! So my alcohol sales are great. I would be great at serving booze. On a different note though, when somebody is offering a free sample of wine, why would you turn it down? I don't get it. Well, there are some reasons I get, but hello, please pour me all the free samples you'd like! And just so you know, you can get up to three free samples of wine at Olive Garden. Enough to get a good buzz going.

That's how I spent my weekend. Fun stuff, let me tell you. I'm not complaining though. Ok, a little. In the end it will be worth it. I hope.

I signed up for the Itty Bitty Beauty Swap over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. I love make-up. Not that you would ever know because I hardly ever wear it, but a chance to get some more, I'm all up for that!

My swap partner was Courtney from Air Force Wife & Our Life. She sent me a pretty little package. Everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper...what could be better! 

First she sent me this neat little compact! It's one of the ones where you pick out your own colors to put in it. I didn't even know that e.l.f. made this and I think it's pretty cool! 

Obviously this isn't my picture but I told her I was in the market for a good nude lip color...and I love this one! It looks way more brown in the picture. It's perfect!

A regular and waterproof mascara duo. Schwing!

And this eyeliner pen. I'm kinda nervous to try it. I had a different one once and it was weird. It's literally like ink. I put my eyeliner on the rim of my eye and the one time I used the other one it got all in my eye. But, it didn't hurt Just scared the hell out of me and turned my eyeball black black for a little bit. 

So thank you Cortney. You did wonderful!!

And in other blogger news...this building right here is a Chipotle coming to yours truly! Yes, I've never been to Chipotle. How am I even a blogger? I don't know. But as soon as it opens I'll be in line and then I'll blog all about it. When I get fat, it's your fault. 

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