Monday, June 10, 2013

Read about My Weekend If You're Not Tired of Weekends Yet

What a weekend.

I took no pictures though. Sorry. Well, I did but they're of the sky, and they're on my instagram so you should go look at them. Now. I'll wait....

Ok, I see you're back now. Hope you enjoyed them. I was half tempted to talk about them so that you'd have to go look. But I won't. Just go look if you haven't yet. My weekend was low key. Just how I like it. Friday night I worked as a server for the first time on a Friday. That shit was crazy! I only teared up like twice. But I told myself to get it together or go home. I got it together. Which is a damn good thing because I ended up with a nice chunk of change for the day.

Saturday I got up early to go home and shower and do laundry.But the only thing I did was lay around and watch the CMT awards with my momma. Then Blake text me earlier than I thought he would and we went puppy shopping! I wanted them all. It didn't matter if they were boys, girls, disfigured; I wanted them all. We went to two humane societies and Petsmart. If I'm being honest, he was being a little picky. I know that's his right but a puppy is a puppy. At least to me. We finally found one we wanted and it turned out that she had kennel cough. We couldn't bring her home =( We couldn't risk his other dogs, the two cats, and my dog getting it. And they won't hold her for us. Sigh. Hopefully she's still there in 10 days when she's done with her meds. Fun fact, it's harder for black animals to be adopted from humane societies than any other color. And she's black, and sick, and isn't fixed. There is hope!

We came home, he mowed. I sat on the porch swing and played on my phone. Typical girlfriend duties. Then we spread lime all through the yard. Well, he spread it. I watered the ground so it would take. It was fun but I'm easily entertained. Who mows and then has somebody water the ground? Yeah, beats me.

We finished Saturday night off with his best friend and his fiance. We went over to there place and played some Presidents and Assholes. I highly recommend this drinking game. More about it tomorrow!

Sunday Funday wasn't the funnest! I actually slept in for once. Shocker. It was time to go home and start to clean Teagan's room. It's not as easy as it sounds. I got overwhelmed in an hour and threw in the towel for the time being. I still have more to do. My gma bought her all new furniture and I had to go pick it up and bring it home. So off Blake and I go to the Import Warehouse to get it. And then to my house to put it up. That shit was fucking heavy. I've never moved before, so moving furniture was quite an adventure for me. It's still in the boxes but at least it's in her room!

That's all I've got. Sorry for no pictures. I know, pretty boring. Hope you have a great week cupcakes. Sorry for the weekend review, if nobody reads it I understand. I can't stand when I do them either.

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Kelley said...

I nominated you for the Irvester Award!

Kelley said...

I nominated you for the Irvester Award!

Anonymous said...

Yay for only tearing up twice! Haha on my second day of server training, I dropped an entire tray of $30 worth of alcoholic drinks on a table. There were definitely some tears! Haha and I hope your puppy is still there in 10 days! My boyfriend surprised me with going to the SPCA to get a kitten for my birthday last October. :) I love going to the SPCA!