Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Wedding Confessions

I'm finally getting to link up with the wonderful Kathy again! It feels like it's been a million years.

Vodka and Soda

I suck at intros so let's just get to it.

- We set a date. Okay, we set two dates. Our first date happens to be the same weekend of a major festival in our town. Nobody misses Maple Leaf. NOBODY. And so we deicded that it was a bad idea. So that brings us to the date we have now. I will be a Mrs. on October 24, 2015!!!! I'm so excited. Eeep!!!!

- Some people (cough future in-laws) are driving me insane. They keep suggesting that we get married this year. Not suggesting really, more like demanding. No, not gonna happen. LET IT GO! They also keep suggesting other things we should do. I know they're excited, but damn. I'm trying to keep them involved but they have ideas on the opposite side of the spectrum then I do.

- Invitations are stupid. I don't care about the font or the other shit that has to go in them. Little details aren't my thing. Who has the time or energy to care about font? Or all the little cards that need to go inside them. And more than one envelope? The hell.

this is how I feel about the small things

- My most favorite confession of them all...I said yes to a dress!! It was complete accident. I went to David's Bridal to try and find and get some ideas for bridesmaids dresses and then I saw it. I knew I had to try it on. And when I put it on, I felt like the prettiest princess in all the land. I wanted to wear it every where and never take it off. I totally want to show you a picture but I can't. Because that will be when Blake decides to read this here blog!

- My first assisstant at DB sucked majorly. Apparently she didn't think I was being serious because she didn't keep any of the information she had for me. She didn't tighten the dress all the way up so I could see what it would truly look like. She also told me that they didn't have blush as a color option for other dresses. She was a lying bitch. I'm not disappointed though. Because when I went back later that night to buy it, I had a wonderful girl helping me who made me feel insanely special.

Are you tired of wedding talk yet? I hope not! Any stories about shop girls who were bitches for no reason? Let me hear em!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Good Days

Something crazy has happened.

Other than my usual life, because it's always crazy.

Lately, I've found myself enjoying being at work.

*loud gasps*

I haven't enjoyed being at work for at least 6 months if not longer. But the past couple of weeks haven't been so bad. I think it all started with the fact that we got a new manager.

He's changed a lot about the OG that I work at. It used to be that people came in with a smile on their face and within 10 minutes they were in a terrible mood. Now, people walk in with a smile and that smile stays there even as they're walking out the front doors. I'm not saying that we're constantly happy because well, guests can still be dicks and it's still a restaurant, but for the most part, I've noticed a happier atmosphere all around.

I'm not saying our old manager was terrible in any way. He wasn't, it's just that his attitude toward everything made our attitudes shitty.

And this quote, is more than true. This guy came in with a smile and a great attitude and he hasn't let it down since he started.

I guess I'm just saying that I enjoy my job right now. I've made more money since he's been here, I laugh more at work, and my body doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Although it still hurts a shit ton.

So remember, that sometimes, all you need is an attitude adjustment. Or maybe somebody around you does. It can get better. It should get better.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girl's Weekend 2014

So about a week and a half ago I took a fabulous weekend trip to Dallas. I love Dallas. Actually it was Arlington, but ya know, whatevs.

My aunt, our friend Kyla, and I all went to see George Strait's last show before his "retirement." Supposedly it will be his last, but give it 5 years and I bet we see him out touring a little. Regardless though we had a blast. And instead of talking all about it, I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking!

Sorry for the picture overload. Ok, not really.

on the road

we purchased vip tickets because it was all we could get. this was the swag.

we had ritas all weekend

some random bar called Cowboys. 

Huge boot in the VIP tent.

The infamous Dusty Jacket. I've never seen Pure Country.

Miranda came out to sing a couple of songs with Mr. Strait.

This isn't a limo. Luckily there were no cops.

her drink got party fowled so she had to drink it from the hole on the side.

My most favorite picture taken that weekend.

Making it rain like they did at Cowboys. We were really excited.

Shhh....we were actually leaving Texas.
Lots of fun, lots of stories, lots of inside jokes and laughter. It was a fabulous time and I wanna do it again!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here I Am...

And I thought I would come say hi.

I've been every where but here for a while now. I just don't know why.

Blogging still feels important in my heart, but I wonder if it's even worth it anymore.

I think about it all day and wish I was doing it. I could make time, but I don't feel like it.

I just don't get why I'm having mixed feelings about it. So, I won't be writing as regularly as I had been. Whenever that was.

Just when it absolutely feels right.

Who knows. That could be tomorrow.