Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love/Hate Relationships

I was sitting in class today (all decked out in real clothes for the first time in all of January, this doesn't really matter just wanted you to know I got dressed in jeans!) thinking about how much I love it but hate it. And that's when I thought of more shit that I have a love-hate relationship. And thought I should tell you guys about it.

The following have no specific order except the first one. It's my favorite thing to love and hate.

1. Food. Who doesn't have a love/hate relationship with this? I love how good the bad stuff taste and hate how bad the good stuff tastes. I love the idea of eating heathily, but I hate actually doing it. Junk and restaurants hate me love meee and I love them.

Diet comfort food? I think not.

2. School. I love to learn. It's my favorite thing to do. So going to school makes sense. That's the part I hate, going to school. Blahhhhh. I'm so tired of it. But when I get a good class that keeps my attention I just soak it in.

3. My nails. Gah. These bitches grow super fast. But they are pretty. But it does suck that I have to get to the nail salon every three weeks if I want to keep them looking pretty. Who has the money for that? Not me.

4. My hair. When it's good it's good, but when it's bad, it's really really bad. When it curls perfect I get so excited. And then the other half of my head looks terrible. How come it just can't look good all over?

5. Cake. Cake is delicious. The actual cake part. Icing, not so much. It's icky. Way to sweet. That's why I love cupcakes!

6. My Phone. I love having knowledge right at my fingertips but sometimes I feel like a loser with how much I depend on it. Andddd having people always able to get ahold of you sucksssssss. I just want to be left alone sometimes and that's when people love to call and text.

7. Etsy. Sweet sweet Etsy shops. How I love you and your beautiful creations so. But then if you want to search for something you get 8093309 results and it's so hard to pick from all of them. But I go back to torture myself.

8. Facebook. This one explains itself. I think everybody feels it. I love being nosy and looking at people's whiny/bitch statuses. But I'm sick and tired of "inspirational" quotes, pictures, and like this or you hate your mom/you're going to hell etc. It's such a time suck too. I want to see what's on people's minds and then I end up on their grandma's friend's cousin's page.

I could go on and on. But I wanna know what you have a love/hate relationship with!

I'm linking up with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So. I couldn't get the Random Wednesday button to work but here's her regular button!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy Much?

Happy Monday lovies!!! Yep, I'm happy it's Monday. Because I'm off with absolutely zero responsiblities today. But I'm gonna be responsible and do stuff anyway.

Just a warning...this is probably going to be a novel length post. Sorry. Big hugs if you make it through the whole thing. =)

My weekend actually started last Thursday. I told you guys that I was going to Oklahoma City to celebrate my aunt's last dose of chemo. Early that morning boyfriend, Teag, and I all hopped in the car and headed there. 4 hours later and we get there. My aunt gives horrible directions just so you know. I already knew how to get there, I just didn't know how to get to her chemo center. But I figured it out. After chemo was over we drove over to this amazing steakhouse called SaltGrass. It was amazeballs! Expensive but delicious.

 These are all the fabulous people who came out to celebrate my aunt. My aunt is the one with the beanie on, my grandma is in the white shirt next to me, and auntie's husband is behind me in the red jersey. All that love for one person!

This was my lunch. Steak and shrimp with mashed potatoes. OMG that steak, it was delicious. Juicy,tender, and was perfectly seasoned. I can't wait to go back there.

The hunnie and myself.

My uncle got this for me! lol I had to send this picture of myself to him. I think it might actually be a headband. And I might just wear it.

The beautiful princess herself. 

Unfortuantely, my slightly slow ass didn't ask off for Friday, so we had to hop back in the car and drive another 4 hours home. And I did all the driving. YAWN. Boyfriend and I were tired so we chatted a lot and told stories of things we did when we were kids. I felt so connected on the ride home. Love it.

Friday I was a double at work. Nothing exciting except some bitches I work with threw me under the bus to our manager. They never even came to me with their "problems" just went straight to him. And their problems are such bullshit too. Ugh. Don't want to think about it. I'll just get mad. I ended the night with the worst headache I've had in a long time. I couldn't open my left eye because it hurt so bad. I didn't want to drive home from work that night. I always want to leave that place and I hung out until I felt a little better. 

Saturday morning I got to work and worked the day away. Then it was birthday party time. Boyfriend's best friend's son celebrated his first birthday this week. Ahhh I remember first birthdays! Such an exciting time in life. We all went to Root Zero 3 for dinner. Here's little mister with his smash cake. Wife was there and I had to get a picture of mini with her best friend! It was nice to spend a Saturday with my friends and family. 

Sunday was another double! Except I had to buss for my morning shift. Oh my fucking gahhhh...that is some tough shit. I have much more respect for our bussers now. I know that my ass doesn't want to do it. I lost like 5 pounds from sweat. My clothes were so icky and I felt disgusting. I worked hard. HARD. 

I'm the worst blog mama ever. My blogiversary was on the 19! We're officially a year old. I can't believe I've made it a year. So crazy. I've gone from 0 people to 87 of you wonderful readers. I'll recap my favorite posts later this week. Thank you all for sticking with me. I love sharing my life with you! 

I'm watching teen mom right now, these bitches are crazy. I mean, let's move in with our boyfriend 2 months after being together. No offense if that's your jam, but these girls already have to much going on. And I don't know why Jenelle tries to live with anybody, she just gets in a fight with them every time. Way to predictable thanks. And Chelsea, wtf spoiled much? Her mom got her a new puppy because of the unfortunate circumstances of poor Frankie. She has a child, she doesn't need two dogs. Leah is just lonely. They're all lonely. I get it. But shit, focus on yourself not boys/girls/dogs/moving/having more babies. 

That was a little off subject. I decided today that I'm going to do the 5 for Five linkup today. Maybe that will hold me accountable for the week. 

- Get 5 loads of laundry done. That means put away too. Eeek. I love the washing and drying part. Just don't like to put it away. I have mountains of clothes in my room. And I'm tired of it.

- Workout 3 times. I can do this. 

- Start Mini's birthday party process! This means I need to finalize my guest count and buy my invitations. 

- Cook 2 meals at home. I've reverted back to eating out too much and I hate it. Blahhh.

- Make food for boyfriend and I for Superbowl Sunday before Sunday night. We're having dips, and who knows what else so I need to start sooner rather than later so I don't have to rush around. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Hola cupcakes! Happy Thursday. I'm not here today because well, my auntie's LAST chemo treatment is today and were having a big celebration lunch.

She's been so strong and amazing through this sick as fuck ordeal. And I just admire her so much for this. =).

So we're going to celebrate. Because she deserves it.

Yesterday my mini became a big sister! I was so proud of her and how she handled her baby sister. And baby sister loved her already. Mini's dad would take the baby from her arms and little miss would scream until she was back in her arms. Pretty amazing. And my baby fever is gone. Yep, GONE. For now anyway :).

Ill be back tomorrow to tell you about the wonderful lunch. And probably to do some letters. See ya!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Gahhhhhhhh. That's what I think about 99 % of the time that I'm working.
"Gahh, these customers are stupid/assholes/ridiculous. Gahhh, my manager won't shut up. Gahhh, if these whiny ass servers don't shut the fuck up I'm gonna lose it on them. Gahhh, _____ ( many names fit this blank) is a bitch."

See, here's the problem. I'm a host. I basically dominate the restaurant. I always have to be aware of what's going on where and I'm always on the move. No, believe it or not we don't just stand here and wait for "guests", now referred to as anything not nice, to walk in our door and demand a quiet, private, corner booth for 10 people. 

Customers, this is for you. We already don't want to be at work most of the time. And we have an idea of how our night is going to go. Monday - dead, Tuesday - steady for 2 hours, etc. So when you walk in on a Monday night and expect your party of 6 to be sat immediately, we may not have a place for you quite yet. I may tell you that it's going to be about 15 minutes. And quite contrary to what the asshole last night said, no we aren't just making you wait so that we look busy. It's not fun to have people death glaring at me for 5 minutes, let alone 45. I don't want you and your loud ass kids in my lobby anymore than you want to be there. Just because there are empty tables, doesn't mean we are slow. We only have so many servers working and those servers are only allowed to have so many tables (3). At least where I work.So, don't pretend that you're being "quiet" when talking to your family about how we really work. I can hear you! And just because nobody else is in the lobby waiting, doesn't mean we're faking our wait either. It's called the party before you got the last damn table we had. Suck it up buttercup. Wait your turn. 

And if, just if, I seat another party before you that came in after you, well dammit it's not just to ruin your day. I'm not out to get you. Like I said earlier, less people in my lobby, the happier I am. Maybe they have reservations. Or maybe we don't have a 5 top table right at the moment and I do have a table for two. They're going to get to eat. Sorry. But rest assured, when I do have a table big enough for you, I won't skip you for a party who hasn't complained, we'll make sure you get it. And no, I can't seat 5 people at a 4-top. I'm not just going to shove a chair on the end. There isn't enough room dipshit. And I've been told by my manager that it's not allowed. Sorry sucker. 

Servers, you lovely lovely people you. I love your faces most of the time. I really honestly do. I know how it is to serve. I loved serving. That's why I admire you. Being a good server is a talent really. Not one that just anybody can do. But when you start to bitch and moan, I wanna beat the shit out of you. No, my job isn't really easier than yours. They're about the same - in different ways of course. I have to know how you are as a server. What you can handle and what you can't. And I have to know it for every other one of your co-workers too. You just have to know how you are. And maybe if you feel like being nice, your room partner. But that's a story for a different day. So when I have 18 servers on the floor, I feel like I'm watching 18 kids. Making sure that each and every one of you is ok and that I'm not overwhelming you. And I try my hardest not to. And when I just don't have a choice, I'm here to help. I'll help in any way that I can. But if you wanna be a bitch and not accept my help because I had to seat you that crappy tipper or that third table, than you can be a bitch. No help next time!

When we're not busy, don't come up to me and complain that you don't have tables. I can't will people in with my mind. As much as I'd love to, I'm not magic. Don't come up and say that you're "making sure that we have you on" yeah bitch, we do. You and all the other empty tabled people on the floor. But do you see them up here bitching and moaning to me? Nope. That's how they know they'll get tables. Enjoy your quiet time because in a few minutes, we could be balls to the wall slammed. And then you'll be bitching about how "you're a double today and can't I just have my phase slip already"? If you don't wanna be here, see ya. I want to be a server so bad, but I can't yet. And to see people bitching because they are tired and want to go home, I get irritated. You picked this job. You knew how strenuous it could be. If it's that bad, there are cushier jobs out there. But you aren't leaving are you? Nope, didn't think so. So shut it! And to the New Girl that came up and yelled at me yesterday because her section was empty....girl who the fuck do you think you're talking to? You know I can control what table you get. I have the power to seat you all the hillbilly bobs and face sucking teenagers that don't tip. Now, do I ever exert that power, not very often. But I can so go back to your side station and talk shit with the other servers. I follow a rotation. And no, that rotation may not make sense to you or me, because it's set up by a computer, but I'm following it because our manager said to. And they can't come yell at me because I'm doing what I was told. It's the system they bought so they can get grumpy at it, not me! 

I do love my job, but every now and then, a vent session needs to happen. Don't be that asshole...

Happy Wednesday cupcakes. I'm off today =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Me

So I'm linking up with the most hilarious and fabulous blogger Whitney today to bring you some facts about me. We all like to know everything about each other so here we go!

Here's what you would learn about me

I'm the world's worst car buyer. Seriously, every car I've ever bought has been a huge piece of shit.

I like my dog more than I like most people.

If it's up to me to buy soda, I will always buy cans. I hate bottles, that shit goes flat to quick.

My hair isn't exactly red in color anymore, but I still have the fiery temper/personality to go with it. That's why I dye it red. Well, and because I like it too.

I like my kid, but I'm not a huge fan of other people's. I don't know why. Children just aren't my jam. Unless they're under the age of one. Then I LOVE them. Bring me a 7 year old and I'll cut you.

I won't go in water unless it's warm. I'm a big baby and I hate cold water. What's the point?

I love sleep. I just can't find the perfect amount for me. I either get too much or not enough.

I've never been sure of what I want to be when I grow up. I still don't know. College isn't helping me any.

I'm a self-proclaimed hot mess. I'm messy, unorganized, and hardly ever have everything I need when I go some place. Practicing but it's not working out well.

Because there are already 200 and something link ups, I bet the only way you'll see this is if you follow me!

I want to be skinny and I workout but I can't change my diet. I hate healthy food. HATE it. I want some pasta and hot cheetos and redbull all day.

I'm a blog creeper. I follow 80 ish blogs, and have at least 20 bookmarked. But I hardly ever comment. I don't know why.

I love your faces and would love to see you as a loyal reader if you aren't! If you are, don't be like me, leave a comment :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Block Gets The Best of Me Again

Happy Monday to you cupcake! I know that some of you don't have to work and let me just say that I'm super jealous. Everybody else...I feel ya.

Have you ever gone car shopping? I hate it. HATE it. It's fun to look but when the number crunching happens and I find out that I can't even afford half of a broke down station wagon, I get sad. Saturday the boyfriend and I went to go find me a new car. Well, at least to start looking at them. The first place we went I found a beautiful 07 Civic that I wanted to know about. I had no plan to even talk to a salesman but after I saw this I needed to. So there we went, in his "office" to talk numbers. They'd give me $2000 for my pos. That was nice. A lot more than I thought we'd get from it. I got an insurance quote while I was waiting for his offer, and I about died. DIED I tell you. For basic full coverage I was gonna pay $250 a month. Bahahaha. Not on this wage I make now. Mr. Car Salesman couldn't get an answer from a bank that day so I'm waiting on a phone call from him today. That phone call to tell me that I'm a poor girl and can't have anything nice. Boo. I seriously felt so defeated after we left. One car looked at, and I was sad.And grumpy for the rest of the damn day. If only we would have just looked!

 See, I don't have patience. None. When I car shop, I don't like to lolligag and look everywhere. I see one I like and I wanna get it and be done. Then somebody laughs at me and sends me spiraling down with the realization that I'm not gonna get very far only looking at one car.

That's all I did this weekend. The rest of the time was spent working.

Blogger's Block is back in full force. Somebody help me. Don't mind me and my millions of link ups this week. I didn't blog last week and now I have a crap post for today. Blah.

Anybody have any car salesman friends? Or just wanna fund momma's new ride? Please don't hesitate.

Happy Monday loves.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yay We Made It

Happy Friday cupakes! Sorry I haven't been here much. I'm trying to get back into the swing of school, work, and being a mom. If only there were more hours in the day. If any of you could make that happen I'd love you the most. True story. I'm gonna draft some posts this weekend! And maybe I'll have actual content. Have a fab weekend!

Source: via Hudson on Pinterest

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I was absent yesterday due to being an emotional stressed out crazy lady girl. I was supposed to start school yesterday but couldn't because mini me had pink eye. I got all dressed and ready, (ie showered, did my hair, put effort) yesterday then got a call from mini's school saying her eye was pink and crusty please come get her. BLAH. I was pretty bummed out. I don't even like school all that much but had convinced myself this was going to be a good semester. Here's my outfit

Do you know how hard it is to get to go to the bathroom alone sometimes? And when I'm in the bathroom taking pictures it's even harder. I won't ever be a fashion blogger. Fo sure. I look awkward. 

So I wasted this good outfit on a lazy day. Oh well. 

That's all I want to talk about it. There was more shit that irritated me but it's not worth talking about. On with some pins!

One Hundred Dollar Allowance...thinking about modifying this for my life.

Tomato soup macaroni and cheese. YUMMM.

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

Cat's right.

I'm doing this. Every week of the year, you save that set amount of money. A dollar the first week, two the second...etc. Doing this.

Pills of glitter. Just what I needed yesterday. Pop it open and have glitter everywhere. 

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

I want these.

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

True story. Dogs, cats, and children.

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

I need this.

Yep. True story.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Karma Gods Must Hate Me

Man what a weekend. I'm so glad it's over. Yeah, it was so bad that I'm going to be happy that the damn thing is over.

All weekend long I worked. Par for the course. Not a big deal.

Saturday was rough. We had an 8 am meeting on top of a double. And all I got was a measly 30 minute lunch break. At the meeting we got free wine though. And we tasted the new stuff we're coming out with. After the meeting it was straight to work. No time for sleep.

It was a rainy Saturday. After a beautiful 60 degree Friday. 30 degree rainy Saturday. Ick. The rain started on my break at 230. I ran to Mickey D's for some shicken nuggets. (that's how the little says it.) Ate and went back to work. When I got back I decided that I didn't want to park super far away from the doors even though that's where employees are supposed to park. I wear a white shirt and didn't want to be the only participant in the wet t-shirt contest. So I parked close to the door. rains, no biggie. Then that shit turned to ice. Ughhh. And we were dead. The longest our waiting list got was 7 names. That's nothing compared to the 30-35 we're used to on a Saturday night. Finally it was time to go home at last. Except we had ice all over our cars. So I went out to defrost that bitch and the doors were frozen shut. I gave it one hard pull and let go. Then one more and the door started to open. And then this happened.

Yeah, that would be a door handle. In my hand. Not on the car. Can you say FAIL much?? I no longer have a door handle on the driver's side of my car. And I didn't even pull that hard. Yeah, that means I can't get in my car from the driver's side either. Life is grand. Then, I couldn't get the passenger side opened up either. A couple people came to help but I didn't want to pull that side off and be fucked forever so I said forget it and boyfriend came to get me. I left my car at work for the night and that gave me the worst feeling ever. I work right off of the interstate and I was scared somebody would try and steal it. Don't get me wrong, if somebody wanted to steal the damn thing go right ahead, but I had a lot of shit in there. I always have a lot of shit in there.

I got up Sunday morning and called work to make sure I still had my car. Sure enough, nobody wanted it. I spend the day with boyfriend and he takes me to work. I make him get the passenger side open because I wasn't about to do it. He gets it open and I go into work. Life is good. After two hours, it's time to go home. I can't complain, didn't really want to be there anyway. I go out to my car and start to get in, except the damn door is frozen shut again. So I take my keys and dig the ice out of the door with them. Tug, nothing. Clean and tug again, nothing. Then I realize the door is locked. That wouldn't be a big deal to most people. Well, my passenger side lock is mangled and I can't get my key in. Lovely. Now, I'm locked out of my fucking car while the driver side door is unlocked but I can't open it. Boyfriend locked the damn thing without even thinking about it. Another $25 and 30 minutes later, my locksmith is there. Thank god. I've never been more happy to get in this piece of shit car then I was the day I first got it and didn't realize how shitty it truly was.

I guess this is what I get for parking where I know I shouldn't. It won't happen again. Thanks karma. Point proven. The positive of this mess, now the whole family agrees I need a new car. Finally!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Books & Letters

Last year, I did my first ever blogger swap. And I loved it! Ever since then I've been addicted to them but, as I said in my resolution post, I have to slow down on them.

This month I'm taking on the Books 'n Bloggers Swap hosted by the fabulous Miss Angie and Beth who came together to create Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This was the first swap I did and I got Angie herself as my swap partner. So of course, when I saw it was time to do the swap again, I was in.

The premise is real simple. You buy 3 books for your partner, one of your favorites, one that is on their wishlist (which is provided), and a book that you've never read that you think your partner would like!

So go sign up, maybe we can be partners! 
And I have some Friday's Letters for you guys. Because blogger block is still in charge of my mind, but it's slowly fading. 
Dear Boyfriend, I love you. Love love love you. Sorry for the mushyness but we're just so good right now. It feels amazing, no petty fights, no big fights, just peace, fun, and love between us. Can't get much better. 
Dear School, You start Monday, however I don't go until Tuesday. And while I'm excited for you for the time being, give it a good four weeks and we'll be enemies again. At least I'm taking some fun classes and have an awesome schedule. I can't complain. 
Dear Teagan, I miss you. This is my weekend with you and I'm going to spend at least 10 hours at work tomorrow. Boo. But on Sunday I don't work until 5. Which is a pointless time to go in but whatever. I just want you and me to hangout and do whatever you want to do. 
Dear Car, I can't wait until this love/hate relationship between us is over. I hate that you have so many problems and cost me an outrageous amount of money for being such a piece of shit. I love how beautiful you are. Red and so pretty. You're very me on the outside and I love it. But I just can't handle you anymore. I have to get a new one. 
Dear Job, BLAHHHHHHHH. I'm not feeling you lately. Could be because I don't have any more days off to look forward to. Could be because I can't get a decent paycheck to save any damn money. But I love most of the people I work with. I've made great friends =)
Dear Tv, Thank you for coming back! I'll be doing a post Monday on what I'm most happy to see. I can sit on my ass and lose my mind in some tv. Mhm! 
Dear Blog World, I love you to pieces! Thank you for giving me a hobby. I love my relationships with my bloggy friends. Those girls mean a lot to me and you all crack me up. I love your faces!

I'm linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Real Quick

Yesterday I told y'all that I had a fb page for this little blog. It was brought to my attention that this link was just taking people to the fb home page, well I fixed it!

So go like me on fb because...well why not?

Nothing To See Here

It's Thursday for all you wonderful people. I'm pretending it's Wednesday. I work all weekend long and my only day off was Sunday. I get excited when the week goes by fast but when I work all weekend it doesn't matter. So my Sunday was really Monday. Get it? Ok, well I do. Congratulations on the fact that after today you only have one more day of hates work!

I was traveling through the interwebs reading everybody's blog, when my girl Jordan posted a really good idea. It was along the lines of giving something up for a week. Then something different for the next week that month. Fast food, soda, etc. My only problem is, I don't know what the hell I'd give up. I mean of course fast food and pop but what the hell else? It's not like I do much of anything. Hmmph. Give me ideas???

Also, I was thinking of a doing an uncluttering project. Thinking 40 bags in 40 days. But, I live at home and can't throw all my mom's stuff out. Well, I could, it's easy for me but she'd cry. And we don't like to make people cry. Well, that's a lie. Sometimes people deserve to cry. So I was going to do like sections in my room...but I need ideas for that too. I have my closet as bag number one. And 2-40 are empty.

That's all I've got today. Nothing. Nada. My mind has been empty for two days now. I'm starting to worry. Eeekkk. I'm gonna go start planning out my daughter's birthday party so that I have it all planned but I procrastinate too long and all my planning goes to shit. See ya tomorrow cupcakes. Hopefully something comes to mind by then. - This hot mess..... Is getting hotter and messier

How I feel today. You have no idea.

I'm linking up with Jena at Recently Roached for This 'n That Thursday. Because it's all this and none of that.

Recently Roached

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Scary Scary

Remember when I told you I hated fb but that I would never ever leave because it has a death grip on my heart? Well, this little blog of mine now has a fb page. It's not all pretty yet, but we're getting there. There's a little social media icon over on it and like options. Just do it.

And now for some real business. I have nothing to write about. De nada. And then I realized I have a billion projects started and dammit I could finish one. So let's get to know me.

I was going to update my 22 before 22 but I just re-read it and it's dumb. I don't like it. What a difference 9 months and becoming a better blogger makes. So none of that. And I'm not making a new one because I turn 22 in 36 days. Yes, I'm keeping count. More on my birthday later. We've got 36 days to talk about it!

I know that most of you weren't my cupcakes when I posted this. Did you catch up? Good...The second thing on that list is to 3 legitimate fears and how they became fears.

Number one biggest fear in the history of fears are frogs. I'm terrified. Legitimately can't breath/panic attack/ kind of fear when I see one of those fuckers. I hate them. This fear stems from my mom. She's always been terrified of them because when she was little one jumped on her face and clung to her. Ugh. Can you imagine. It was scared she was scared...fuck that. Boyfriend lives out in bfe and has a pond in his back yard. They love to come around in the summer. When they're on the sidewalks I stand completely still and don't breathe. I figure out how to get the fuck around it without that bitch moving. Most of the time I walk 200 feet out of my way and then I'm on frog look out all night. We had one in our basement one time when I was in junior high, it was camping out in front of our dryer. Mom and I both needed in there but couldn't do it. I had to call a friend who lived down the road to come get it for us.

My second biggest fear...flying. UGH. I've never been on an airplane before. Ever. And if I didn't want to travel and go places, then I wouldn't ever care. I'm terrified of them crashing. Like wtf, they say you're less likely to die in a plane crash than a car accident but fuck it seems like every day they're talking about how this plane went down and la-de-fucking-da. Terrifying. I can guarantee that before I fly, I will indulge in a couple of xanax, as much liquor/beer/alcohol I can get into me without feeling terrible.

And third...I'm afraid of people. Not just any type of people but people who might be planning to do something bad. I know that sounds weird. I've grown up in the generation of shootings. Schools, malls, movie theaters, etc. Shit freaks me out. That's part of the airplane fear too. That somebody is going to hijack it and kill us. I have a vivid imagination and this is all part of it. So I guess it's not a fear of people, just a fear that somebody is going to kill everyone. Most of my fears resolve around this.

There ya have it cupcakes, I'm a freak. I would be scared out of my mind if I was on an airplane with a frog and somebody started shooting.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I couldn't not tell you about my weekend because for once I did something, so I'm linking up a day late. And also because my life seems to always be habitually late.  In case you missed it, my dad wrote a guest post for me yesterday! Check it out because its pretty on point. You may not like the title but his post has truth. 

This weekend was nice for me I worked a double Friday and then off Saturday. I hadn't had any peace and quiet since before Christmas Eve so I took Saturday off. I originally had plans to be a somewhat efficient human being and get some stuff done but it didn't work out. I sat on the couch in my jammies with my dog on my lap.

Gah I couldn't fix her crazy eyes.

After a long cuddle session, Wife and I went to the local deli and had lunch. We also got the side eye from some crazy bitches the whole time we were there. Apparently, by walking in to the deli we committed the ultimate sin. I don't know what the hell there problem was. Except we were cuter, younger, and a lot more fun. haha. We had enough of side eye so we went to Starbucks to use our gift cards. I got her and myself one for Christmas. Mine was just so I could get a gold card =) I'm becoming a Starbucks junkie and it's all the blog world's fault! 

Then I came home for a nap. Because I had the worst headache of my entire life. Blah. So I took what was supposed to be a 30 minute nap that turned into a 2 hour nap. See, I was expecting my mom to come home but she was late because she went to the store. Of course. When I woke up boyfriend wanted to know if we were going to go eat at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse. I was still frazzled and in my jammies. But I said sure. Our friends were all going because Saturday was Chelsey's birthday. She turned 23 with the angels. So I got dressed, and hightailed it to eat. 

My crazy hair

Boyfriend's idea of a good picture. Can't you just see the uncomfortableness in my face?? 
Let me tell you a quick story, there were 13 of us who went to eat, but everybody that has been to a hibachi grill knows that there are more seats than that. This table just so happened to have a family of 5 at it. A mom, dad, two daughters, and one of their boyfriends. And they were all stiff and uppity. And boyfriend kept talking about shit that was so inappropriate in front of this family. Cue dagger eyes from mama bear over there. And uncomfortableness in this picture. 

A better one but not great. 

After our Hibachi dinner, where the waiter made sure to embarass a few of us (haha, they deserved it) we took ourselves over to the bowling alley for some pitchers rock and bowl. What's rock and bowl you say? It's where they play really loud music, turn on black lights and other crazy lights and you bowl. Woooo! I don't bowl though. I have this problem with not wanting to embarrass myself in front of people. But I drank! Nasty ass Miller and Coors light. But beer is beer is beer. A great time was had by everybody.

Under a black light you can see highlighters better. 

Wife and I. Hahaha I don't know what she was doing. 

Some of us girls. I learned to not have a boy take our picture because most of these look funny.

See, his idea of pictures. Lovely isn't it.

I wish this looked way better. What is a guy's problem with a camera? lol. 

And that was my weekend!