Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love/Hate Relationships

I was sitting in class today (all decked out in real clothes for the first time in all of January, this doesn't really matter just wanted you to know I got dressed in jeans!) thinking about how much I love it but hate it. And that's when I thought of more shit that I have a love-hate relationship. And thought I should tell you guys about it.

The following have no specific order except the first one. It's my favorite thing to love and hate.

1. Food. Who doesn't have a love/hate relationship with this? I love how good the bad stuff taste and hate how bad the good stuff tastes. I love the idea of eating heathily, but I hate actually doing it. Junk and restaurants hate me love meee and I love them.

Diet comfort food? I think not.

2. School. I love to learn. It's my favorite thing to do. So going to school makes sense. That's the part I hate, going to school. Blahhhhh. I'm so tired of it. But when I get a good class that keeps my attention I just soak it in.

3. My nails. Gah. These bitches grow super fast. But they are pretty. But it does suck that I have to get to the nail salon every three weeks if I want to keep them looking pretty. Who has the money for that? Not me.

4. My hair. When it's good it's good, but when it's bad, it's really really bad. When it curls perfect I get so excited. And then the other half of my head looks terrible. How come it just can't look good all over?

5. Cake. Cake is delicious. The actual cake part. Icing, not so much. It's icky. Way to sweet. That's why I love cupcakes!

6. My Phone. I love having knowledge right at my fingertips but sometimes I feel like a loser with how much I depend on it. Andddd having people always able to get ahold of you sucksssssss. I just want to be left alone sometimes and that's when people love to call and text.

7. Etsy. Sweet sweet Etsy shops. How I love you and your beautiful creations so. But then if you want to search for something you get 8093309 results and it's so hard to pick from all of them. But I go back to torture myself.

8. Facebook. This one explains itself. I think everybody feels it. I love being nosy and looking at people's whiny/bitch statuses. But I'm sick and tired of "inspirational" quotes, pictures, and like this or you hate your mom/you're going to hell etc. It's such a time suck too. I want to see what's on people's minds and then I end up on their grandma's friend's cousin's page.

I could go on and on. But I wanna know what you have a love/hate relationship with!

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Jordan said...

The facebook thing is so true. All of a sudden I'm on some random's page and I'm like "who the fuck are you?" Terrible habit. I pretty much agree with every single one of these!