Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Finally Found It

I hope you all had a great long weekend. I'm glad it's over because I'm finally getting my Memorial Day off work!

So I have some great news, I finally found my new car!

I bought an '08 Chevy Cobalt. She's absolutely beautiful. She's a dark charcoal grey color. Yes, my last car was a cobalt but I was test driving some and it still felt right. There were so many problems with mine that I didn't know what a cobalt was really like. And I'm just gonna say, I LOVE it.

I found it online Wednesday night while drinking with the wife and fiance. If I would have known that being drunk was all it took to find a car I would have done it a lot sooner. Because 3 weeks of car shopping is really like 3 months in regular time. I found it, showed it to Blake, and told him my plan on how I was going to get it the next day.

So I woke up with a huge headache and proceeded on with my plan. I made my way over to my bank and put in my loan app. I drove over to the dealership and test drove the car. I loved it and wanted the bank to call me asap. So I left with just a little disappointment looming over me because I had to leave without the car I really wanted. I was headed to Sonic for .50 corndogs (because I love food, and cheap food is better) when I had a voicemail pop up. My phone never rang probably because Sprint sucks, so I listened to it. It was my banker calling to say that the loan was in closing and to come to the bank whenever I could. Right then and there I lost it. I was so happy/relieved/excited that I just started crying. I cried a lot. The banker was happy that I was so excited.

I must have done something right though. I now have xm radio. And not just a trial. Whoever owned pretty car last had it and has yet to cancel it. I guess technically it's stealing but hey, I'll take it while I can. They should have cancelled their service. =)

One last thing, I'm trying to name her. Any suggestions?

Friday, May 23, 2014

On Being Engaged

Being engaged isn't something I thought would happen for a long time in my life. Although I've always dreamed of the day when it would happen.

I couln't ever imagine somebody wanting to put up with my all around moodiness all the time. I'm a difficult person to get along with, I'll admit it. I'm stubborn and stuck in my way. I might have a small temper from time to time. I'm no where near perfect, nor will I ever be. And it seemed to me that everybody who got proposed to was perfect. I thought as I got older, I'd get a little bit more perfect each year and someday I'd be right where I was supposed to be.

I never thought that it would occur at 23 years old. Just when I'm learning more and more about myself and I start to become a little bit comfortable with who I am, but more uncomfortable with not knowing where life is going.

And now it has some direction. Now I know that I'll spend my life with one person who will love me through it all. And I'll do the same in return.

It's an amazing feeling to realize that Blake and I want to spend every day of the rest of our live with each other. The good, bad, ugly, and mundane. All the days. I know that I have a partner and somebody to be on my side. I know that I get to love somebody and make them feel the way I do. Loving somebody may be a little bit better than somebody loving you. They go back and forth.

We've learned a lot about each other in the four and a half years we've been together. We've both grown a lot. Some times with the help of the other, other times not. We've disagreed over things that were small and things that were huge. And we'll keep on doing so. The disagreements are something that helps us grow,especially as a someday married couple.

I guess I just want to say that it's unbelieveable and I'm still on cloud nine about it. I can't wait to start the rest of my life with this man I love.

Happy Memorial Day weekend kids! I'll be working doubles all weekend long so drink one for me!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I've Gotta Travel

It's Wednesday. That means I only get one more day off before the stupid weekend comes and I have to work. Sad face. And I screwed myself because last night I didn't want to close so I asked a girl to close for me and told her I'd owe her one. Now I'm working Sunday night because she didn't want to. I was so excited to be off work early on Sunday. That's what I get for not wanting to work my own shifts. But when you're burnt out about on your job you never want to work.

There's my weekly work rant for you. Last week sometime Amanda posted a post about all the fictional places she wants to visit. She got the idea from somebody and I told her I was going to be a copy cat and steal it. Why don't I think of the good posts? These are the places I'll be pretending I'm at come Sunday night.

Charming, CA

Land of The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals. And some of the hottest men I've ever seen in my life. During my stay in Charming, I'd make sure to rub arms with everybody's favorite man, Jax Teller. I would insist on a ride on his bike and then later he could take me to the clubhouse ;) if-ya-know-what-i-mean. 

Bon Tempe, LA

The littlest town with the biggest bite. I don't know if that's really a saying or not but I like to pretend it would be the town motto. I'd hang out at Merlotte's all day because I'd for sure get to see some drama go down. For those who don't know, this is the town that Sookie from True Blood is from and where most of the story takes place. I'd go over to Bill's house after it got dark and insist that he call Eric so we could have a party of our own. And I'd eat my weight in Cajun style food. I might not ever come back.

Empire Records

I wouldn't pretend to know anything about records or what they all consider good music. But I sure as hell would love to have a chat with Lucas because almost everything that comes out of his mouth during this movie is absurd. I'd get naked and dress up in an orange apron with Gina because who doesn't love flaunting it if ya got it. I'd tell Rory and AJ to stop acting like douches and either be with each other or don't. But my absolute favorite part, would be dancing to AC/DC while Joe plays the drums to chill the fuck out.

Harlan County, Kentucky

Ok, this is a real place. However, I know nothing about it and I want to go to the Harlan County where Justified takes place. It seems like one crazy place to live. Kind of like Charming, except very backwoods and country. And it helps that Raylan lives there. If you haven't watched Justified just go do it. I promise you'll like it. If you don't, I don't know if we could be friends. I mean, it has it's own drinking game. Don't you like it already?

ISIS Headquarters

The place that the ISIS gang of Archer hangs out the most. Work. Every characater is a shit show and hilarious. And they love their booze. I would hang out and listen to them degrade each other while geting my buzz on. On the occassion that they do have a mission they need to complete, I'm sure I'll find a way to go because everybody always goes. Even when they don't need to.

What fictional places would you love to visit? Am I missing something really important?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Billboard Awards

We all know I love country music. This partially is because I love music in general. So I always watch music award shows. Some are stupid. Others are great. Like all the country ones duh.

So let's start with things that made me think "Oh hell yeah!"

- Of course it starts with Luke. I mean seriously that red leather jacket he was wearing during the This is How We Roll performance....mmmm. And then during his performance of my most favorite song ever he had on a shiny vest. I bet his wife dresses him. Whoever it is makes him look good! And he won best country artist because he is the best.

- I'm not a Carrie Underwood fan. But that dress she was wearing last night was on point. She looked awesome. I could have done without the belt but who cares when you look that hot already.

- Kesha had her first appearance since she left rehab. I love her. I think she could teach me a thing or two about life. I know everybody judges her from her music persona, but if you watch her show on MTV she's really a great person who just wants happiness for everybody.

- John Legend...wow. Just wow. I want him to write sweet songs about me all the time. Chrissy is a lucky bitch. And that voice. Smooth as a baby's ass. Mr. Legend, if you happen to be reading this hit up my fiance and teach him your ways to write beautiful songs about me please!

- Miranda and Carrie performed and they were bad asses. I wouldn't fuck with either of them. I'm not a huge Carrie fan but I love love love Miranda and I've always thought she was a bad ass. Together though, they can rock a show. Now that was my idea first so if they decide to tour together I should get royalties right?

- Lorde is such a humble person. Her speeches were just perfect and it isn't fake like T. Swift. She's so mysterious to me though. I bet she has a lot of secrets hiding under those weird ass clothes.

Next up things that make me go "Hmmmm..."

- Ricky Martin. Just give it up bro. It's not the same without Livin' La Vida Loca. It won't ever be the same. I'm older and I get things now. You're not the same guy you were back when I was 8 or 9. It's not me, it's you.

- Why in the hell are all the celebrities younger than me now? I'm not even that damn old! They sure make me feel old though. I didn't know who anybody was. Like that one boy band...what? who? I don't even remember their name. I didn't know half of the kids there. I feel like an old lady. I just don't like them being younger than me. I don't want to grow up please.

- Miranda and Carrie's song. I'm not sure about it yet. There weren't really a lot of words and what little words they sang they repeated over and over again. I'm sure that once I hear it a couple of time I'll be all over it. I'm flaky like that.

- Lorde's hair. Somebody help homegirl out please! I don't know what adult person would think her hairstyle was good. It looked dirty. Bring back the curls. I love the curls.

All in all, it was a good show. It got a little bit more country than I expected but I'm sure as hell not complaining!

What were your thoughts about it? Anything you absolutely adored or down right hated?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Confessions

Ahhh Wednesday. Nice to see you finally get here. It's been a long week. Since I've hardly blogged, I figured today would be the day to actually have some substance of some sort. And it's Wednesday so I'm linking up with Cathy. Duh

These confessions will be about weddings and whatnot today. I'm trying really hard not to talk about it too much but it's so hard not to.

- I don't get how people plan weddings. I'm serious. How do you even know where to start?

- I just want to wake up and have it all planned out for me just the way I like it. I'm too indecisive for all of this.

- This sounds selfish and bratty but I don't really care. I want our wedding to be what the ideal wedding of my dreams looks like, because I'm only doing this once. And I don't think that's it's actually possible to pull it off. I don't want it to be extravagant by any means but dammit, I want an elegant, classy affair. That is, until our friends get wasted and turn back into pumpkins their normal selves.

- I really just want to go dress shopping already. I'm the person who's planned their wedding for years and years. The dress will be beautiful. I haven't even attempted to shed some of my extra baggage I'm carrying around so I know it's not wise. Plus, we haven't even set a date so buying a dress right now would be silly.

And I'm also gonna link up with Amanda and Danae because Blake said the stupidest thing to me the other night.

Voyage of the Mee Mee

I finally got him to talk about our wedding. And I started where one should obviously. I asked him what he thought our budget should be. He said relatively cheap. Well that's no help. So I said "what's relatively cheap to you because it might be different to me?" His reply....$2000. Yup, my lovely finace said he wants our wedding to be no more than $2000. Cue instant bratty attitude from me trying to explain to him how much we would have to spend on certain things if we had that budget. Like the fact that his tux could only cost $12. Or that, we only had $20 to spend on our rings. Lord help me. We may not be married for awhile.

- One more confession, if he sticks to this, we might just elope. Unfortunately. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Cell Phone Story

Oh man. Why is is the littlest things that cause us the most trouble. As y'all know, I got a new phone a couple weeks ago. But first let's back up a couple of weeks.

There was one Thursday night that Wife and I went out. When we got home we hung out with my mom and I accidently dropped my phone. Whoops! I do it all the time so I wasn't too worried about it. I should have been more worried about it. My phone now looked like a weird ass spider web. Yay for broken phones.
I wasn't too worried about it because I knew that my contract was up soon.

My face when I realized what happened

So, I go to AT&T like a week later and decide to not get a new phone at the time. Blake and I were going to start our own plan. Like adults because I guess that's what adults do and stuff. I was fine with mooching off people for awhile. Like a damn child, because secretly I am one.

Our plan was to wait a week or something. So we wait. And now I'm at the two week point and dammit-I-just-want-a-phone-without-a-spider-web-screen and nobody has made this possible yet! We go to the Sprint store (who I'm not a fan of so far. AT&T forever) and decide that we're gonna do this. By now it's Wednesday, one day short of 3 weeks with a shitty screen. We get all set up to start our own plan when Sprint says that Blake can't just leave his parent's plan and has to have their permission or something like that. Why does he need permission? Why? I was irritated.

We agree that on Thursday I'm gonna get a new phone and for real this time!

Wednesday comes around and I'm cooking dinner for me and Teag and texting to my little heart's content.I put my phone down and continue to cook dinner. I sit down and start eating and I realize I must have left my phone in the kitchen. No big deal. After we get done, I decide to look for it. Only to realize that I had no fucking clue where it was. We searched our house for 5 hours looking for my phone. I used every method I could think of to try and find it. It didn't matter, we couldn't find it. And to this day I still have no clue where it's at!

I go all night Wednesday and all day Thursday without said phone. Not a big deal. It was kind of a big deal. Thursday night finally rolls around and I meet Blake at the Sprint store (who I hate by the way) and we get all set up and ready to roll. I'm pumped to have a phone again but even more pumped that it's newer than what I had. I go home and set it all up. Then it comes time to restore my backup from my old phone. I start this long tedious process and drift off to dreamland. I wake up in the a.m. fully prepared to have a great day with my new phone. I can't though. My new phone froze in the process of loading. I just got a new phone and it already didn't work. I was pissed. I drive up to the Sprint store and they swap it out for free (because I sure as shit wasn't paying for it) and everything is dandy again. I have a phone that works, I'm headed to my local Sephora because it's brand new and they're having a grand opening with a free sample bag. I'm on cloud 9 right now.

I get in my car, start it up, just to realize that the transmission is done...

Monday, May 5, 2014


Welcome back ladies!

I'm sure I might be the only person to say this but thank goodness this long ass weekend is over. It's been a long stressful one for me. Let's just say that it was enough to make me not go to work on Friday. I'm not gonna lie though, it was nice to be off on a Friday.

Because I have like a billion things running through my mind I'm just gonna stick to a currently post.


Listening To - Why country music of course. My current songs on repeat are actually a little different though!

Lee Brice- I Don't Dance. This is a beautiful song. It's so romantic. He wrote it just for his wife and I'm all up in my wedding feels. And I heard on the radio yesterday was their one year wedding anniversary. So sweet.


Jarrod Neiman - Drink To That All Night and Shine On Me

They're both so happy and up beat. Love it! I would post them here but my internet/laptop is being fucking stupid.

Eating - I'm so proud of myself for this one. When Blake and I went to dinner to celebrate our engagement we went to a nice place in town called Wilders. They had some seared tuna as an appetizer on the menu. I was hesitant about trying it because hello, almost raw fish, ummm no thanks! But I did and I am absolutely in love with it. I've wanted nothing but some tuna rolls for a week now. Is a sushi diet a thing?? It should be, like wearing pink on Wednesdays.

my tuna rolls for dinner last night
Reading - Unfortunately nothing. I need some suggestions please! No sci-fi thing that's popular though. That's just not my style!

Feeling - Stressed. On Friday my car decided to be done with life. Yep, I'm now driving the swaggin' wagon again. The transmission went out and it's more trouble than it's worth to have repaired, because ya know, it's a piece and I still owe money on it. So now the fun car shopping gets to happen. Maybe I should make a drinking game out of it. Ya know, get a good buzz before and wasted afterward. 

 Happy. We've been engaged for a week and I'm lovin it. We're nicer to each other now. I mean eventually I'm sure we'll be back to the shit giving part of our relationship but right now we're both all gross and in love. 

Wanting - All the things. I'm serious my want list is over my head right now. I could use a pedi, I have a purse I want to buy from a girl I work with, A deep conditioning treatment for my hair because it's felt weird for awhile. I'm sure it couldn't hurt anything. And most of alll to go shopping. 

On a different note, I want to start planning a wedding! It's so exciting. I'm not gonna lie, I've already checked out some vendors I hope to use. I mean, it's gonna be awhile but looking early never hurts right?? Right? I'm not jumping the gun here or anything ;).

And last, for my finances to get in order. I paid off a card and now I've added more to it then I'd like. And on a different card I bought our ACM tickets. Ahhhh. Blake and I opened up a Sam's/Wal-Mart credit card. That's not stressful or anything. I mean we don't go to Sam's often but when we do, we buy the whole damn store. We also decided to be grown ups *cough*LIES*cough* and get our own phone plan. So that's two new bills a month and a car payment. Sigh. I need to hit the lottery like today. I'm honestly going to try for a less spend month. Maybe I'll do a no spend 1/2 a month. We'll see. 

Loving - My new phone. I got a gold iPhone!! Ok, it's a 5s technically but gold is so much more exciting to say! I love it. The pictures are so so so much better on it. I'm in loooove. The quality just seems so good for a phone. I know that you want to see my first selfie(s) I took, because I like to think you like them. 

I'm still being obnoxioius about it. But I can because I'm only getting married once!!

And I love her too. 
That's all I got for you today. Cheers to a good week!