Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans

My my it's already Wednesday. The days are long but they fly by so fast. I know I told you that I'd post about my birthday so let's do it.

My birthday weekend was amazing. I felt like the birthday princess that I really was. =) Everybody made sure to make me feel great. It helped that I was off all weekend too.

Thursday before my birthday my wonderful ladies from work took me out to AppleBees. There plan was to get me super drunk but I didn't do it. I had a great time though. We laughed and talked about everything. I went out in my sweats with no makeup on. I don't know why I'd do that.

On Friday I had a nice family dinner at Carinos. The food was so so but the company was wonderful. Unfortunately the boy and my wife had to work so they couldn't make it.

Saturday was the party day. Wife and I got up early and took Teagan to cheer. Then we went and got our nails done. Her treat. I tried shellac and I don't know if I like it. I don't really like my color but I love the fact that it doesn't chip. I'm hard on my nails. Then we went to lunch with my momma at a diner. There was some shopping with Blake and a nap. Saturday night was where it was at though. My momma, Blake, Sarah, and I went to JB's Piano Bar. If you've never been to a piano bar I highly suggest going. The pianists are hilarious and it's a great time.

I got pulled on stage because it was my birthday. Luckily this was a few drinks in so I didn't mind. I did have to chug a bottle of beer on stage though. It was fun.

She was sober. Just doesn't know when to open her eyes. lol.

I prefer this kind of bar because the young crowd doesn't really go. They used to have it set up different where they had a dance floor and sports bar on each side of the piano bar but they closed them down. It's super nice. I'm not big on "clubs" where all the girls are grinding on each other and the bathrooms are disgusting.

After the bar, we took my mom home and headed over to a party at my work friend's house. Shit got crazy from there. Basically I had to close one eye so I could see. If both eyes were open, well there was nothing to see. Thank the lord for dd's.

We crawled in to bed about 5 am, because when we party we go hard. It's just not a party unless you see the sun come up. When Blake woke us up at noon (I never sleep that late) I had to have all the drinks in the world. My mouth was so dry. I slammed two cans of mt dew in 10 minutes. I can't ever finish a damn can of anything. 10 minutes...I was like whoa. We grabbed a bite to eat at a local Mongolian BBQ restaurant and then went and did some more shopping. We went to PetsMart so of course I petted (is that a word?) all the puppies and the kitties.

After our afternoon out we came back to the house to chill.

It was an awesome weekend. It really helped make 23 be the best year ever!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Good Week

Happy Friday cupcakes! How much better could this week be? I mean it's Friday already. That went by super fast. I hope everybody had a good week.

It's time to give love to 5 things today.

1. I've been 23 for a week and so far so good! I know I haven't talked about my birthday yet, but I plan on it next week. I think 23 and I will get along just great.

2. It was a short and easy work week for me. I had Tuesday off, had to call in Wednesday because the kiddo was sick, worked yeterday, I work tonight, I'm off tomorrow, and I only work sunday morning! I just put my schedule on the internet so if you're stalking me, I made it easier for you. =) Easy weeks are the best. But for real, next week I need to work every shift and probably pick up a few others. I need to get back on that work flow.

3. I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow. So I went and bought all the gifts and stuff last night. Dear lawwwwd. I love baby stuff. I bought way too much stuff. But I always have to get something sentimental, something they want, a blankie, and an outfit. It's like a requirement in my brain. I love shopping for babies.

4. I started taking my thyroid medicine again (long story for another day) and I'm starting to feel a little bit better. It's bs that I have to take a pill and shit can't function on its own but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I can actually wake up in the morning. But I feel like I have to be in bed by 9. Hopefully it works itself out.

5. I'm paying off my credit cards today!!!!!!!!! I had to save the best for last. I'm so pumped about it. I haven't had either one of them completely paid off since I've gotten them. It's going to be so much easier for me at the end of the month when the bills come and I don't have to pay them. I'm ready to start saving more, and having a little bit more to splurge with too.

I love him.

That's it kids. Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's a Little Late

So I haven't been here all week. Oops. I thought about it all week long but I was tired and my laptop was at Blake's. Where I hadn't been all week. #bloggerfail

I really just hastagged in my blog. What is wrong with me?

Anyway....I saw that Holly was having link up having to do with the kind of girl you are and of course I have to play along - late, like everything I do is.

Here we go

I'm the kind of girl...

- that doesn't know what kind of girl she is. I always think back to Juno when I hear somebody say "...kind of girl". She told her dad she didn't know what kind of girl she was yet. And it resonated with me. Because I don't know either. After 23 years I don't have this shit figured out.

- that loves a schedule but can't follow one to save my soul. It would make my life so much easier but I just can't get with it.

- that procrastinates way to much. I ALWAYS have good intentions about getting stuff done. It just never works. I always read my emails and plan to reply right back to them - later. And then I never do it. Love me through it please! I promise you'll get a reply soon.

- that loves to go to bed at 9 at nine regardless of what day of the week it is. It's the old lady in me.

- that can't make a decision if my life depended on it. I'm trying to make two major decisions right now and I just can't. I get anxiety and all upset from decision making. Maybe I need a life coach?

- that would rescue all the dogs and cats if I had room. When I go to Petsmart, I have to pet each animal so that they all feel like somebody loves them. I have to. I don't care how long it takes. It gets done. And I always want to bring them all home.

- that can't figure out how to take a decent selfie so I always have to make a stupid face. They look better than my smile. What can I do?

- that loves a freshly made bed. It's the best thing to crawl into at night. I love it!

- who always be a little bit sassy, classy, and smart assy. Even if it drives people insane.

- who will wear her pjs out in public too much and feel guilty about it, but not guilty enough to change my ways.

See ya tomorrow cupcakes!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Twenty Three

Happy Valentine's Day cupcakes. I hope you spend it with the people you love the most. Because that's what it's all about...LOVE!

And me. Yeah remember... It's my birthday today!

I don't have a lot planned but it's already been a great day. We're gonna have a nice family dinner tonight and I can't wait. Tomorrow are for the shenanigans!

It's also this girl's birthday

One of my favorite ladies in blogland. And somebody that I consider a great friend. 

So Jordan, have the happiest birthday yet. =) 

Make sure to stop by and tell her happy day! 

I'm off  to take a nap because's my birthday and I can! 

But before I go...

linking up with Whit.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Work

Occasionally people come along in your life and for some reason they just work. Ok, there isn't really a "some" reason. And today Taylor and Bon decided they would do a link up discussing why you and your (insert name of person here) work so well together. You're supposed to pick one person or thing or whatever but I picked a couple. Here we go!

Blake and I work for two reasons in particular. The first being that we both are lazy asses who love to watch tv. Seriously I wish there was a place for us to go watch tv for a date because we'd do it. We watch so many shows together. And when one of us is watching a show the other doesn't want to...we either tune it our or suck it up buttercup! Secondly, we work because he can tell me no. Any other guy I've dated wouldn't tell me no. I hate being told no, but at the same time I need it. And so does he. He's not really been told no much either, but I don't always take his shit either. That's why we work, because we give each other shit but we don't take shit either. It's kind of oxymoronic but it works. And we just love each other. I mean duh!

I mean, look at those smiles. And we like to drink together.

Then there's the wife. We work because we don't like people. I know that sounds terrible, but most people get on my nerves. And she feels the same way. But for some reason, we don't rub each other the wrong way. She can spill her guts and say whatever is on her mind. And I can do the same. We don't even have to talk, we can just sit with each other and be on our phones and be fine with just the company. And we can sleep in the same bed. That's what wives are for. We work because we're both willing to listen. I believe that's what it boils down to.

I love this picture of us.

And that's all the love I can share for today. I have to save my love for myself for tomorrow cuz ya know it's my BIRTHDAY! Woot woot. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tired of being Tired

Happy Wednesday my loves.

Since it's Wednesday we're gonna get right to it.

- My baby is growing up. She lost her first tooth yesterday. Like literally, it fell out and then she lost it. It's floating around my living room somewhere and I can't find it. I haven't seen it yet because of course I was doing that work thang until 11 last night. But the tooth fairy still came because she was excited to hand out money.

- I've been too tired. I don't know what's going on but I can't wake up refreshed for the life of me. I'm tired of being tired and I want to feel normal again. I'm like a zombie and it's scaring me. Get up super tired, go to work super tired, be cranky, get off work, fall asleep as soon as I sit down. Same thing, different day. I'm sure my family would like to see me for a bit before I fall comatose.

- I've become a 2-3 day a week poster and I hate it. But until I can get myself on a schedule I just have to deal with it. I hate having real things to do like work. I just want to sit behind a computer all day and come here and to your blogs. When will it happen?!?

- I lost a follower and I'm sad about it. I mean, I know it happens but it still sucks.

- My birthday is Friday!!!! I'm super excited but super not. 23 just kind of needs to be better than 22. But I don't want to put that kind of pressure on it. What to do? What to do?

That's all I've got today. Tomorrow I'll try and be here and be better. Love you cupcakes!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Give Me All The Things

It's that time again.

Time for one of the best days of the year....

MY BIRTHDAY! Yup, a week from today (aka Valentine's Day) I'll be turning the ripe ol' age of 23. And my lovely Jordan will be 24! She' really my soul mate. Anyway...

Everyday since the beginning of this year, somebody has asked me what I want for my birthday. And I still have no clue. But I figured I'd show you the things I want that I won't ask for because if I won't buy it for myself I don't expect anybody else to pay an outrageous amount of money. But if you want to, I won't say no!

rayban aviators

I've told Blake I've wanted these three times. Each time I get the look. The look of I "love you but you lose shit too much for me to pay that much for a pair of sunglasses." And I hate to be picky but they need to be the junior ones because I have a small face and regular ones look way to big.

a beach vacay

I'm sick of the cold. I'm sick of the snow. I've never seen a beach. Need to know any more?

A new blog design

She wanted that a month ago. I think maybe I should get her one.

tickets to see Brit in Vegas. 

I've always wanted to see her. I won't die until I see her. I will force my body to live if I'm about to kick the bucket and I haven't seen Britney yet. And I've never been to Vegas. Two birds, one stone.

tickets to CMA Fest 2014

I know that I've seen almost all of these people before. But a weekend festival full of country music?!?!? YES PLEASE. Any country fest would do, but this would be my first pick. And again, I've never been to Nashville and I wanna go soooo bad. le sigh.

Honestly though, I'll be happy with anything because I LOVE presents! So with a week to go, maybe I'll find something I really really want. We'll see...

Linking up with Whit of course!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Last Week

I really didn't want to crawl out of my bed this morning. The little dog and I had all the soft balnkets and we were so warm. I loved it. Now I'm sitting downstairs where it's freezing and the couch isn't as soft as my bed. For sure.

So last week I was way absent. I think I got in one post. If that. I really wanted to blog but couldn't find the energy to come and turn out an awesome post.

I was using all of my energy to keep myself from crying any given day last week. I was so stressed out that checking me into a rehab for a couple of days was starting to seem like a great idea.

When I get stressed I lose things. I lost a koozie that I love, makeup, my debit card, $60, a part of my hoodie, Teagan's lunchboxes, and who knows what else. Thankfully, I have found most of the things I lost. As the stress eases up, everything comes out of hiding.

Y'all know that Teagan's dad and I have a parenting plan and that we split her time with both of us. Although, I do have her the majority of the time. Last week was just a mess. There were things I really wanted Teagan to get to do with us and he didn't want her to because it interfered with his time. And he was kinda being a big douche about it. It wasn't just one thing that I was worried about, there were two important things that were going on in my little girl's life and I didn't know if she would get to go to either of them.

It's hard for me to relinquish control. I feel like everything needs to go the way I have it all set up to go. When I plan things for Teagan, they need to be exactly like how it's played out in my mind regardless of who is with her. And when things don't go my way I tend to freak out.

The problem here is that her dad doesn't want things to go my way. Partially because he has his own life and way of doing things and honestly I think partially just to piss me off. I just don't know how to let it go. I need to not let the things he does to bother me. I need to just go with the flow and smile. But it's so hard. So so hard.

How do I learn to let it go? Because if I freak out like I did last week for the next 12 years it's going to be a long life. How have you let the control go? Was it easy?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Almost Died

Hey girl hey!

Do you remember me? I sure as hell almost don't and I forgive you if you don't either. Last week was a bad week for me. I plan on talking about it later this week.

I decided that I would confess somethings to your pretty little faces. Linking up with Kathy because duh!

- Friday night I went to see my main man Luke in OK City. It was a fucking blast.

- I had VIP tickets to see him which got me in to a preshow party lounge with free food. Oh, but that's not all. It also gave me a chance to see a 2 song acoustic set by Luke. Kids, I was in heaven. 

- I got really really super drunk on Friday. Like I ate a chicken quesadilla from my love Taco Bell, in under two minutes. Normally, I can't finish one of them. Ooops. It was all in good fun though.

- Drunk Chloe came out and wanted to pee outside. But nobody would let her. She was disappointed. But her vajay probably would have frozen and fallen off. I can guarantee it.

- Everytime I leave OK, I leave a little bit of heart there. Someday, I don't know if I will have any heart left to leave!

I'm saving the very best confession for last...... are you dying to know what it is?

- I shook Luke Bryan's hand!!!!!!! And then I had a slight panic attack. lol. My chest started to get tight, I couldn't breathe, and there were tears. Happy tears of course. Luke has huge hands. Just let that sink in.

It's not a great picture but I really was focusing on shaking his hand. Not the pic!