Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Work

Occasionally people come along in your life and for some reason they just work. Ok, there isn't really a "some" reason. And today Taylor and Bon decided they would do a link up discussing why you and your (insert name of person here) work so well together. You're supposed to pick one person or thing or whatever but I picked a couple. Here we go!

Blake and I work for two reasons in particular. The first being that we both are lazy asses who love to watch tv. Seriously I wish there was a place for us to go watch tv for a date because we'd do it. We watch so many shows together. And when one of us is watching a show the other doesn't want to...we either tune it our or suck it up buttercup! Secondly, we work because he can tell me no. Any other guy I've dated wouldn't tell me no. I hate being told no, but at the same time I need it. And so does he. He's not really been told no much either, but I don't always take his shit either. That's why we work, because we give each other shit but we don't take shit either. It's kind of oxymoronic but it works. And we just love each other. I mean duh!

I mean, look at those smiles. And we like to drink together.

Then there's the wife. We work because we don't like people. I know that sounds terrible, but most people get on my nerves. And she feels the same way. But for some reason, we don't rub each other the wrong way. She can spill her guts and say whatever is on her mind. And I can do the same. We don't even have to talk, we can just sit with each other and be on our phones and be fine with just the company. And we can sleep in the same bed. That's what wives are for. We work because we're both willing to listen. I believe that's what it boils down to.

I love this picture of us.

And that's all the love I can share for today. I have to save my love for myself for tomorrow cuz ya know it's my BIRTHDAY! Woot woot. 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i totally agree - there are people you just "click" with and you get one another.

my husband an i are like that - we both like our space, we both LOVE tv, and i give him shit while he takes it simply because he probably doesn't give a shit hahah!

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

Stephanie said...

Happy (almost) birthday! I'm the same with my best friend. We hate other people so we get along so well! And we like to sit in silence and watch bad shows on TLC and Bravo.

Jordan said...

We are the same with our shows. We are NOT allowed to watch any new episodes without the other person. LAW.

Krisi Miller | said...

happy early birthday! mine was yesterday :D