Friday, November 30, 2012

Cara Box Reveal

My my...I know I posted late on Wednesday and I'm posting late tonight, however, it's been a long week over here. Hopefully everything works out by Monday. (That's extreme wishing). But today was the last day for Miss Kaitlyn's Cara Box Swap Reveal and I needed to post. This was an awesome swap. I really like the meaning behind it and I like her rules. Check it out!

I got partnered with Alex from Dear Genevieve and I love this girl! No kidding, we've become really good friends through this whole thing.

The theme for this month's box was childhood. The problem was that neither of us could think of anything from our childhood that we could send each other. So we just agreed that maybe the theme wasn't for us and to do our own thing. Unfortunately, my box got sent back to her for some reason! She's gonna send it out again tomorrow. But, she did send me a picture of some of the items in it!

Somehow we decided to do the same theme without telling each other. Our theme was relaxation. We both have young kids so it just seemed appropriate. I'm excited to see this stuff in person. Oh, and there are things she included that aren't in this picture so some things are still a surprise! 

Cara Box

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It's a little late for a post but I thought why not? Better late than never right?? I have something I want to write but I'll leave it for tomorrow. Just gonna do a quick Pinterest post! It's been a hot minute =)

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill...Country Girl Edition

So I couldn't think of anything to write about today. Again, I was watching CMT and the thought hit me....

If I could, which female country singer would I choose to marry? And then I thought of eff, marry, kill. Yeah. That's how my brain works. Rando shit runs through it. lol. So here we go!

Jennifer Nettles...Fuck

This was a hard one to come up with. But then I saw her and knew she was it. I love this woman. 
She has an amazing voice and the best haircuts! Plus I saw her in concert like 6 or 7 years ago and I was completely enamored with her. She rocks!

Miranda Lambert...Marry

Whou wouldn't want to marry this girl? I want her to be my best friend. I think everybody I work with knows that I want to marry her. It was a hard decision between marry and fuck...but I decided that if I married her I would get the bonuses to right?? lol. She's also really really awesome. I think that she's a girly girl who also fits in as a bad ass. Who wouldn't love that?? Seriously she's on my list of concerts I have to attend. If I could meet her I totally would.

And that brings us to Kill. This was a hard decision. See there's two leading ladies of the country world that I can't stand. However, this one takes the cake.

Carrie Underwood...Kill

First of all look at that bitchy face. See, that's what I think of her. She's just a bitch. She made it big and turned into an asshole. If you've ever read any interviews with her, she comes across as bitchy and mean.It was hard to decide between her and T-Swift. But I've disliked Carrie a lot longer and T-Swift isn't really country anyway!

There, now you have my list. Who's on yours??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Look At This!

Good Morning Cupcakes! Hope y'all can quickly adjust to going back to the daily grind! And I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! I missed this spot and thought about you all alot but so much was going on that I just couldn't bear to open my laptop. We have a lot of catching up to do. This post will probably be all over the place.

My Thanksgiving was really good. It was spent with my dad's side of the family and for once we all managed to get a long. See, that's a miracle. We're all outspoken and a little crazy so yeah, good deal for us. I drank some wine (maybe more than I should have) and it was delish! The food was really good. I don't like turkey and this turkey was the most moist flavorful turkey ever! I didn't take any pictures though. Sorry. Thanksgiving night wasn't the best though, my fur-sister had to be put down that night. I feel so sad for my dad and step-mom. Lucy was only 6 years old and she was amazing. There were lots of tears shed when this decision was reached. Until I see her again, I'll be seeing her in my dreams.

Teag and me. I did actually get one picture!

I was also a crazy and went out to Black Friday shop Thursday evening. The fact that it was on Thursday evening irritates me but that's a different post for another day. I took the wife, boyfriend and mi madre. We hightailed it to our local Walmart about 730. Sales started at 8 and I pretty much got what I wanted. I can't complain. Except some guy duped me and handed me the wrong season of TrueBlood. -.- That shit sucks. Boyfriend's crazy ass sat in line for a tv for almost 3 hours. He got it though! Not that we needed a tv. What is it about guys that they don't want something unless it's on sale? We don't need the tv. At all. But it was cheaper than normal so he HAD to have it. Whatever. lol. I looked at my receipt last night and learned that I didn't get some deals like I thought I did. So next year I will be doing more research because I spent way too much money to not get good deals.

Yeah I look like hell. Please excuse mr photo bomber back there!

Now, onto some awesome bloggy business! Awhile ago the awesome Natalie who runs Oh Emm Gee had a mug swap. I got paired with Annie at Annie Mayzing and she sent me the cutest mug!

isn't this cute! She made sure my package was fun to look at.

My adorable mug =)

A cute message on a clover shaped card...she paid attention ;)

and the teas she love that she gave as favors at her wedding

Thank you Miss Annie! And thanks Natalie! It was fun.

Kailyn at Wandering Free  and Jessica at Living My FairyTale decided that they would start a bloggy bookclub. I was super excited when I read about this idea so of course I signed up. We're reading Heart on a Chain. It's interesting. I had wanted to read it before this so again, I was excited. My review will come on December 17! Come link up for the next book =)

I think that's all for today cupcakes! Maybe I'll have an actual post tomorrow. lol. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Back!

Just wanted to say hello to all you lovely people! I'm back. After what seems like a billion years of being away (only 4 or 5 days but whatever) I'm happy to open this laptop back up. There will be lots of catching up this week so please be sure to come visit!

Love your faces!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Love

I have so much I want to post but because of the holiday I want to keep it light and fluffy Unlike what my stomach is going to be on Thursday...well, fluffy yes, but light, don't think so.

I really couldn't think of anything to post today and I've been up for two hours thinking about it. While being up I've watched CMT all morning. Love my country music. See I don't have a radio in my car (I told you gys it was a pos) So, I'm not up on all the songs that are popular. It makes me sad. However, CMT keeps playing the same damn videos. I'm pretty sure that other songs are popular besides the new Toby Keith song. It's good but come on. If they want to play something on repeat I would love to watch Luke Bryan ask me to stay and kiss tomorrow goodbye with him. I don't mind.


Anyway...I decided that I would send out some blog love today! I have a whole bunch of ladies that I love that you should check out.

We'll start with the beautiful birthday girl herself! Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter is awesome! I adore this girl and all of her awesome weekend adventures. Shit, sometimes they're not even weekend adventures....they happen during the week! Well Go tell Miss Steph happy birthday and go read about her first birthday celebration!

Then we have the fabulous Mandy from Pretty Little Endeavors! This girl is so hilarious. She blends sassy with some fun and she rocks! I can't even put into words how much I enjoy this girl and her blog. Right now I'm featured in a giveaway she's hosting! I'm giving away a $15 to Olive Garden. Go check it out. And read read read on her blog. You won't regret it!

This girl and I have A LOT in common. We didn't realize how much somebody could have in common with other bloggers. Our favorite thing is that we share the same birthday! How fun is that right. Oh, and I forgot to mention that our birthday is Valentine's Day. Yup. Sure is. Jordan at Musings of a Twenty Something is my birthday twin. =) I've really enjoyed getting to know this girl. And she's a hoot. She always has the best food porn on her blog. I'm not sure why the restaurants I go to eat at don't ever look that good but I just live vicariously through her! Love this girl.

This girl and I just got paired up for a cara box together! We've struck up quite a friendship and I really enjoy talking to her. Alexandra from Dear Genevieve is a fellow momma who I can actually agree with. I always see all these blogs about how perfect these women and their relationships/kids are. And while I admire that, I really like to see the nitty gritty from people. And this girl has it all. Plus she shares my love of Luke Bryan. She gets me! lol. 

And these girls are awesome! I love them all. Hopefully they don't think I'm nuts for posting this because I totally didn't ask. Oops. Everybody can use some free advertising though! Check them out and tell them I sent you! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

I Guess I'm Just Old?

I've decided that I must be like 27 trapped in a 21 year-old's body. I mean people always say when you get older you get hangovers thatt you didn't get at 21...I get the worst hangovers of my life now that I'm 21. People lie.

- I like to go to bed early if I can. It's the greatest thing ever. I really do look forward to mornings when I get a lot of sleep the night before.

- I eat dinner at like 530

- I prefer staying in and being unsocial most of the time. Just because I'm tired.

- I get the worst hangovers of my life.

I sound like I"m 73 and bitter. lol.

It's my hangover's fault. I feel like shit. I can't get enough water/redbull/mtdew today. The water just makes me feel a little refreshed for a little while. Mt Dew and Redbll give me a sugar high. Resulting in being extremely tired after they ware off. On top of being tired from partying until 5 this morning.( it's Sunday)  Prewritten post here. Only because if I get it done tonight I don't have to get up early. It's now 1045 pm. I went to sleep at 630 and got up at 1000. (in the morning) Woke up dizzy and queasy. Feeling generally shameful...what did I do last night!?I did this

Hanging out with my favorites and drinking. A LOT. It was a friend's birthday and it was a great time. It just makes me sad that everytime our group of friends goes out to a bar drama always happens. I know it sounds like we're dramatic and some of these people are. I don't go out no drama for this girl. Nice quiet time at home with the hunnie. =) Until last night. We got involved and some ish and I'm so irritated at me for letting myself. But what can I do now? But the majority of the party was AMAZING! So much fun was had.

But today sucks. I'm hungover. And this is the not the first time. It's like the 354698 this month. Ok, maybe I can be dramatic but it's not the same as above right (nod yes) I'm like a princess dramatic. Anyway back to the too many to count hangovers from this year. Ugh.

Basically I just want to feel like the college aged kid I am when I drink. Is that too much to ask? All full of roses and sunshine and energy? No?? le sigh.

I'm going to bed. Nighty night loves. Have a great Monday. I'm sure mine will be filled with plenty of sleep. YAY!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Letters for Friday

It's been awhile since we've done Friday's Letters soooo why not?

Dear Boyfriend, I don't like the x-box. I love you though so I put up with it. Please find a new toy. lol. Sunday better not be spent attached to that thing. I'll karate chop you. 

Dear Paychecks, Why can't you multiply before you hit my account. I'd like you more than I already do. Pretty pretty please??

Dear Teagan, missed three days of school last week, didn't have school on Monday, missed school today, and you don't have school next week. Jeeeez! It's a good thing it's only preschool.  Oh and I will miss you while you're gone next week. =( Have fun seeing auntie though!

Dear Work, Let's just get through tonight and the double tomorrow. PLEASE take it easy on me. But make it go by fast. I'm off Sunday and I'm ready to relax.

Dear Sunday, I say relax but that isn't going to happen. I've got a lot of homework to catch up on. So please go by rather slowly k! 

Dear Thanksgiving, Ahh you're less than a week away. Come on and get here because I need an excuses to do nothing. Not even blog. Can't wait for you! I get to see my family and munch out! What's better than that? Oh and then you're followed by a day of cheap cheap shopping. Hells yes. 

Dear School, I'm so over you. So over you. Blah. 

Dear Weekend, I wish I could be more excited about you. True story. 

Dear Blog Friends, I love your faces! You guys rock and I love hearing from you. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of excitingness that doesn't include working! Kisses!

I couldn't find the friday's letters button. but this takes you there! 
I think this is appropriate today. But just remember I do love him and this is a joke!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi love nuggets! Yeah, I just called you all that. Hope you don't mind. =) It's time for round 2 of being thankful.

{Day Eight} Thursday November 8 
I'm thankful for all you wonderful people who read this blog. 
It lights my heart up with joy. Seriously. I love it.

{Day Nine} Friday November 9
I'm thankful for my grandparents on my dad's side. Without my G-ma Sharon
I don't know what life would be like. She has been an outstanding person
in my life and I couldn't have gotten this far without her. She has done so much for me and mini me and for that I'm eternally grateful. More than she'll ever know. 

{Day Ten} Saturday November 10
I'm thankful for my grandparents on my momma's side. My G-ma Rose has been a very inspirational woman.
She has done a lot for me, mini me, and my momma. She's the nicest person that I know. Again, I'm eternally grateful to her too. 

{Day Eleven} Sunday November 11 
How about something not as serious...but I'm thankful for my damn iPhone. Yes, maybe that's first world problems again but it's the damn truth. I love that thing. 

{Day Twelve} Monday November 12
As much as I bitch and moan about it...I'm thankful that I'm lucky enough to have a job. There are a lot of people in this world who would love to have a job and I take mine for granted most of the time. I'm thankful that I can support myself and mini me with this job. 

{Day Thirteen} Tuesday November 13 
I'm thankful for boyfriend's family. They took myself and mini me in without any hesitations. They treat us like one of their own and have never once complained. They may get on my nerves but they love us and I'm glad. lol. 

{Day Fourteen} Wednesday November 14
I'm thankful for my friends. Friends are the family that we choose and I believe that I chose some pretty awesome ones. So many memories and good time. I wouldn't change a thing. 

My friend Tiffany over at Life With The Little Man has started a new link party called Thankful Thursday. Y'all should post what you're thankful for and link up with her! It's new this week and let's get as many people on board with it as we possibly can!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Around Here

Around here...Boyfriend broke the remote control. Cue tears. We have Dish Network. So I can't just go buy a new one. Ours won't do anything. He accidentally dropped it in a cup of water while he was sleeping. Nice huh. Sure we can turn the tv on manually buttt we can't watch anything from the DVR and we can't change the channel. Life is grand. -.- I have no idea what to do to get a new one. Argggghhhh. Plus it's not my house and not my name on the bill so I couldn't fix it if I needed to. Cue more tears. I guess I'm going to get a lot of sleeping or homework done. Probably sleep. Hahahaha. First world problems...tell me about it. And because I can't delete anything off of the DVR it's going to stop recording things because it's almost to capacity. -.-

Around's cold. And I don't mean outside. I don't know what the deal is but apparently the cool thing to do is turn your heat off when you leave for work so that the bill doesn't go up. Doesn't constantly changing the temperature in fact increase said bill??? Let's make sure that everybody else that is here during hte say will freeze to death because that's what polite people do. Again...not my house so I'm not going around changing the thermostat. I wish.

Around car is broken again. This time I'm not fixing it. I'm hoping to lease a new one by February. I'm tired of pouring money into a car that isn't worth it. I'm tired of having a car that doesn't run right. I'm tired of being taken advantage of by car salesmen and mechanics. I'm gonna go nuts on the next person that rips me off with a vehicle.

Around here...I just fixed said remote ALL SMILES right now. 

Around here...I'm so sick of being in school. I just want to be done. But I still have three more years. -.- I don't know what I want to do. I just want to be done. I'm tired of it. 16 years of school is getting annoying now. That's over half my life. I just want to snap my fingers and graduate. 

Around here...I like where I work but I'm not fond of my job. It doesn't pay enough. Fo sure. Actually it pays decent but I can't get enough hours to get said good paycheck. They don't have a lot of hours to give out. And I'm tired of working nights. I really want to be home with my little person at night. I feel like I'm missing so much and it sucks. I miss her. I want a normal hour job 8-5 Monday through Friday. 

Around here...I have a whiny dog. I don't really know what her problem is except I'm not laying on the couch with her. I love her and her neediness. lol. I can't imagine life any other way with any other dog =)

Around here...Christmas is on high priority right now. I'm super excited about it. Although I busted the other day and couldn't find a damn things anywhere. It looks like a lot of online shopping is going to be done. Thank you e-bates. Getting paid to shop...don't mind if I do. 

And that's life around here!

I found this hilarious. hahaha. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fresh Air

I figured something out today (ok, last night. It's way too early to think deeply. I planned  this bitches! BOOM!). Blogging just isn't as fun as it used to be. I was getting too caught up in all of it.  It being the numbers, readers, popularity, etc. I wasn't totally there but closer than what I want to be.

I wasn't blogging for me.

And I'm disappointed in myself.

Because it's not about a number. It's about writing for what I want to remember. How I felt at this time in my life. And hopefully I continue to write this blog as long as I can for years and years to come. If I get caught up in numbers though, I won't want to.

I know that my "number" (bahahaha...get it) isn't really important. Just because they follow my blog doesn't mean that they read my blog. And that's ok if they want to do. However, I believe that my readers are people who constantly comment and interact with me. And that's what matters. The relationships I make, not the quantity, the quality.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having many many relationships, duh. Other wise I wouldn't be blogging of course!!! But I want them to be awesome relationships.

Basically what I learned is that it's not about the number! =))) It's about me and what I like. And people will like it or they won't.

I'm hoping they do though ;). Because although numbers aren't everything, it is exciting to watch it grow and meet new people!

Happy Monday y'all =)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Happy Saturday! I get the pleasure of being off today and figured that since I'm already up I would write a post. I've been up since 645 and my daughter is at her dad's and I don't have to work. Somebody needs to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. I should enjoy sleeping in!

Anyway...I've wanted to do a Thankful post everyday this month but that idea just seemed a little overwhelming. Especially since I don't blog everyday. So I decided that I would do a weekly thankful list. Normally it will come out on Thursday but I didn't decide until after Thursay.

{Day One} Thursday Nov 1
I'm thankful for the little girl that calls me mama. She's so amazing and I just can't believe how beautiful she is. Childhood innocence is a wonderful thing and I enjoy watching the awe in everything she sees.

{Day Two} Friday Nov 2
I"m thankful for my momma and daddy. I wouldn't be anywhere without them. They have always been quite good examples of adults. They were never married but they don't mind being around each other. In fact my mom often celebrates holidays with my dad's family. They couldn't make me happier. 

{Day Three} Saturday Nov 3
I'm thankful for Boyfriend. He is good to us. It makes me happy knowing how much he loves Teagan. 
I wouldn't want it any other way. He takes her as his own. We have our moments but the good are always better than the rough ones. 

{Day Four} Sunday Nov 4 
I'm thankful for my Auntie. She's taught me so much about life and relationships. I love how close we are and I can't imagine it any other way. I love her so much and I don't ever want her to forget it.

{Day Five} Monday Nov 5 
I'm thankful for my little sisters. We haven't always been the closest and sometimes they irritate me, but they're mine. I love being an older sister. The relationship between me and my middle sister is fun. I wouldn't trade either of them for anything. 

{Day Six} Tuesday Nov 6
I"m thankful for my best friend with four legs. I love that little dog so much. She truly is my child. 

{Day Seven} Wednesday Nov 7
I'm thankful for my wife. I love that girl. I'm so glad we have become friends. She's amazing!

And there's the first week! They won't always be this sappy. lol. 

Have a great Saturday. Can't wait to read about what you did this weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Friday Favs!

I really was going to write a post today. But I just feel like I"m pressed for time. I hate being pressed for time. I work a double make up for the double I worked yesterday but my morning shift was a hole hour and fucking half long. I was peeved. I drove 20 minutes to get some extra hours and all I get was a damn hour and a half shift and another double today. I took a THREE HOUR break before they let me come back on yesterday. Well that shit's not gonna fly today kids. I'll be straight up with them. No way, no how. Anyway.... Here we go

Favorite Day
Saturday takes the win this week. I'm off tomorrow and I have a Mary Kay cocktail party and a birthday party to attend. Boooyah! Except I have so much homework to get done I might not get to go. =(

Favorite Website
I got off the Pinterest bandwagon for a minute but I found my way back. =))))
Feel free to follow me!

Favorite Candy
So my momma went out and bought an 18 pack variety box of Twizzlers the day after Halloween! 
They have been pretty awesome. Until now, pull and peel has been my favorite but now this takes the cake.
Omg are they yum! The red ones are my favorite.

Favorite Drink
Redbull. Hands down. Like I need to lay off the stuff because I've been drinking so much of it lately.
I go through spurts. And they're always on sale. Who can resist a good sale?? 
Unfortunately I don't have any wings! They lie. 

I do have good posts planned for next week. So come back k?!?

Have a great weekend kittens!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Do I Need To Do??

Yep...November already. How freaking exciting is that?!? It means we're close to Turkey Day and to Black Friday! MMMMMMHHHHHMMMM. My favorite shopping day of them all. Yeah, I'm crazy. Ok, not that crazy but I do really like it. I'm all about cheap tv seasons, dvds, housewares, and toys for the little person.

Anyway...I got off on a little tangent. I'm gonna do my goals for the month. Ya know... things I should do but sure as hell don't. Yeah..."goals" are what we say for things I should accomplish but I won't. lol. It's not a to-do list, but a should do list. Is it sad I see it that way? Maybe a little. And I kiddddd! I really try and get them done.

Recap of October Goals

- Clean out my car - DONE! It was bad. 

ignore my gross trashcan. It's the outside one! 

- make the dr's appointments. - Half. I made one and it was a great decision. I'm not ready to talk about it
but this will come up eventually.

- get at least 3 people's Christmas gifts bought - Fail. I totally have ideas but I didn't buy anything =(

- be active - Fail. Yep....hmmph but like I said in this post I downloaded the couch to 5-k app and I'm going to start it!

- get eating out under control - Half. I have cooked a lot more than I usually do but I need to get better at it. With the spending freeze in tow I guess I don't have a choice. ;)

- Take Teag to a pumpkin patch - DONE. This post talks all about it. So much fun!

- Go to at least one spook house. Nope =( so sad about it. Boyfriend promised next year we would. We better

- Keep reading. - Fail. I have stopped my book because I couldn't get into it. But I've been dying to read lately. Maybe I'll get a book about Christmas or something.

- Buy myself something I want. I gave this one up because I was off for two weekends in a row. Took a toll on the bank account.

- Send wedding gifts. - Fail. I completely forgot :-/ Terrible I know.

- Start using my planner. - Fail. Oops.

November Goals 

- Buy at least one gift a week for Christmas.

- Cook at home 3 times a week.

- Pay $20 off my credit card every week.

- Find an activity for the month of December to do with Teag. RAKS or something from My Holiday Board. on Pinterest

- Keep up with my school work. 

- Buy boyfriend's birthday present by November 30.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Look At This

Before we begin today...have you voted??? If not get your ass over to the polls and do the damn thing! It's your right as an American citizen and your vote does count! Rock your vote! We did!

So I have a sick kiddo today and she's hanging out with me instead of being at school. Which isn't a big deal. She was laying on her pallet on the floor and asked if the dog would lay with her. I  currently had the dog on my lap but I wanted to be nice so I said yes.

Warm and cozy laying on her momma. 

Well, it took ten minutes of coaxing and telling her to stay to lay with Teag. And she was mad at me.

purposely ignoring me because she's mad she had to lay there

She layed there and got ignored so I let her come back to my lap. And now we're cuddling again. Sweet story huh. lol.

I have a bit of writer's block going on right now and I haven't shared any pictures of Trixie in awhile so I thought why not. Here's what she's been up to lately.
If you follow me on instagram you might have seen some of these.

Her Halloween costume. Don't let it fool you, she's not a bad ass. 

This is the rub my belly position. All the time. And yes, that's my lap. 

Ears up!

She did that herself. Propped herself under my hoodie and stuck her nose out to watch tv. 

She was getting a lecture and her feelings were hurt. 
My room is clean now so ignore all that shit in the back please!

I love when she has chihuahua ears!

Resting and snuggled up so cute. I die.

Yeah, since I just made a whole post around pictures of my dog I guess I'll go now! 
After I started this I realized I have stuff that I could be posting about. But oh well! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Currently's been easy because of the time change. But it's also a sad day. Boyfriend's dog passed away in the middle of the night. Keep him in your thoughts if you would. Unfortunately, this was the third dog this year that he's lost.

And let's go onward wit something not so sad...I did nothing this weekend! There's your weekend round up. I was off all weekend and it was my weekend with Teagan so we hung out. I actually did do something! Saturday afternoon I went to my dad's to celebrate my littlest sister's birthday. She's the big 14 now! Ugh I'm old. Blahhhhhh. It's always a good time over there and I really need to go see him more. =)

There's the weekend round up kids! Since this is short I thought I'd do a Currently post. I've wanted to this for awhile so this morning when I saw that Amanda at Pretty Little Endeavors had done a currently post I figured that it was a good time since I have NOTHING else to blog about. hahaha. Yeah, I do have something else to post about but I've already started them to post later this week! Go me right. We'll see if they actually get written and posted or not.


Thanksgiving and Black Friday. You'd think that I could calm down but soon as November gets here these are on my mind until the day! I'm super excited for Thanksgiving because I'm not working for sure because I work at a place that believes in being closed on those two days. AMEN. I love spending it with my family and food going straight to my ass stuffing my face. Combining my two favorite and food.  I'm already looking at ads, not spending money, paying my credit card bill every week just to shop good deals and Christmas presents. =)

de nada. At least I'm trying. I bought some stuff for breakfast and drinks for boyfriend and I for lunch but I'm trying to not spend any money this weeks except for bills and gas. Trying not to take my car out too much either. Ahhh I hate saving money.

to start my couch to 5-k program. Yep...I'm gonna do it. Stop drinking pop too. And redbull...=( story on that another day. And I'm needing to not spend any money until Friday.

about boyfriend and his dog. Makes my heart break. She stayed in the room we hang out in and now it's so lonely without her.
How I need to start buying christmas presents because I need to get started now. I know what I want for some people but not everybody.
I don't want to go to work.