Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Look At This

Before we begin today...have you voted??? If not get your ass over to the polls and do the damn thing! It's your right as an American citizen and your vote does count! Rock your vote! We did!

So I have a sick kiddo today and she's hanging out with me instead of being at school. Which isn't a big deal. She was laying on her pallet on the floor and asked if the dog would lay with her. I  currently had the dog on my lap but I wanted to be nice so I said yes.

Warm and cozy laying on her momma. 

Well, it took ten minutes of coaxing and telling her to stay to lay with Teag. And she was mad at me.

purposely ignoring me because she's mad she had to lay there

She layed there and got ignored so I let her come back to my lap. And now we're cuddling again. Sweet story huh. lol.

I have a bit of writer's block going on right now and I haven't shared any pictures of Trixie in awhile so I thought why not. Here's what she's been up to lately.
If you follow me on instagram you might have seen some of these.

Her Halloween costume. Don't let it fool you, she's not a bad ass. 

This is the rub my belly position. All the time. And yes, that's my lap. 

Ears up!

She did that herself. Propped herself under my hoodie and stuck her nose out to watch tv. 

She was getting a lecture and her feelings were hurt. 
My room is clean now so ignore all that shit in the back please!

I love when she has chihuahua ears!

Resting and snuggled up so cute. I die.

Yeah, since I just made a whole post around pictures of my dog I guess I'll go now! 
After I started this I realized I have stuff that I could be posting about. But oh well! 

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