Monday, November 5, 2012

Currently's been easy because of the time change. But it's also a sad day. Boyfriend's dog passed away in the middle of the night. Keep him in your thoughts if you would. Unfortunately, this was the third dog this year that he's lost.

And let's go onward wit something not so sad...I did nothing this weekend! There's your weekend round up. I was off all weekend and it was my weekend with Teagan so we hung out. I actually did do something! Saturday afternoon I went to my dad's to celebrate my littlest sister's birthday. She's the big 14 now! Ugh I'm old. Blahhhhhh. It's always a good time over there and I really need to go see him more. =)

There's the weekend round up kids! Since this is short I thought I'd do a Currently post. I've wanted to this for awhile so this morning when I saw that Amanda at Pretty Little Endeavors had done a currently post I figured that it was a good time since I have NOTHING else to blog about. hahaha. Yeah, I do have something else to post about but I've already started them to post later this week! Go me right. We'll see if they actually get written and posted or not.


Thanksgiving and Black Friday. You'd think that I could calm down but soon as November gets here these are on my mind until the day! I'm super excited for Thanksgiving because I'm not working for sure because I work at a place that believes in being closed on those two days. AMEN. I love spending it with my family and food going straight to my ass stuffing my face. Combining my two favorite and food.  I'm already looking at ads, not spending money, paying my credit card bill every week just to shop good deals and Christmas presents. =)

de nada. At least I'm trying. I bought some stuff for breakfast and drinks for boyfriend and I for lunch but I'm trying to not spend any money this weeks except for bills and gas. Trying not to take my car out too much either. Ahhh I hate saving money.

to start my couch to 5-k program. Yep...I'm gonna do it. Stop drinking pop too. And redbull...=( story on that another day. And I'm needing to not spend any money until Friday.

about boyfriend and his dog. Makes my heart break. She stayed in the room we hang out in and now it's so lonely without her.
How I need to start buying christmas presents because I need to get started now. I know what I want for some people but not everybody.
I don't want to go to work.

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Whitney Leigh said...

I'm so sorry about your boyfriends dog. :( I've only had one dog in my life and he is getting old. actually today is his 13th birthday. I'm going to be a basket case when we lose that little guy.

I haven't ever been shopping on Black Friday and just yesterday, I was thinking, "maybe I'll do Black Friday this year." But then I realized I will be in Hawaii that day. so hopefully, Hawaii has Black Friday at the tourist booths. ha