Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey Guess What

Guys...somebody loves me enough to put up with me for four years. That's a long time for sure. What can I say, I'm irresistible.

But seriously, today marks four years that Blake and I have been together. It's been a great 4 years and I've had so much fun with him. I've learned a lot about myself since we've been together, and I like to think that he's helped me a little bit. I realized what I will sacrifice and things that I definitely will not. He's become an amazing man! He takes great care of Teagan and sometimes you'd never know that he's a step-dad. I love the way that he interacts with her. =) He loves us both so much and I'm so thankful for that.

I'm not very good at saying how I feel about people in words. That's not my type of thing. I just want everybody to know that I love this man. Even when he pisses me off and I want to string him up. We have fights and petty arguments just like everybody else. It's not always been rainbows and butterflies. It took two years to get to rainbows and butterflies. Maybe someday I'll tell you some of the stories. Maybe!

So here's to 4 years of knowing my best friend. Years of having a drinking buddy. Having somebody to go to when the world feels like it's crushing me (which it is right now but that's another story). Somebody to cuddle with. My tv watching partner (i wouldn't have started sons without him telling me to). My computer geek to fix all the things. Here's to 4000 more.

And thanks for introducing me to my wife. I love her.

I love you the most in the world i win so ha babe!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Being a Dog Momma

I'm about to be crazy here for a second...but you should be used to that. I'm about to go all crazy dog mom.

Here lately I've had this sad place in my heart. I keep it hidden because that's what I do. Y'all know that I got a new puppy in June. Miss Olivia. And I love her very much.

However, I feel like the worst dog momma to Trixie. I feel that she thinks I'm replacing her. I don't know what she thinks obviously, but I can't help but think it. I stay at Blake's a lot and I'm always with Olivia. I feel that she thinks I'm picking Olivia over her. Before we got Olivia I'd bring Trixie over to his house to stay the night too so that we could still cuddle and have our time. I just can't do it anymore. I know that Trix doesn't like Olivia and I won't force her to be around her. I can't do that. But every night before I go to bed, I think about her. And I think about how much I miss her and I want to cuddle with her. When I do go home, she's attached to my side the whole time. She never used to do this so I know that she misses me too. What's a girl to do?

See also why I don't think I could ever have two children. But that's entirely different story.

Trixie is 10. And we all know that dogs don't live as long as we do, unfortunately. And I'm really scared of something happening to her. I have really bad anxiety about it. What if something happens and I didn't feel like I spent enough time with her. Seriously I'm about to cry just writing this.

Basically, I'm over obbsessed with my baby. And I worry about her all the time. Ugh. I can't believe I just wrote a post about how much I feel like I'm doing wrong to my dog. When I'm home with her I feel the need to take like 156468 pictures of her, even though she hates it.

  Told you I'm a crazy dog momma.

p.s. She has the best worst dog breath in the world. I decided that tonight when I went home and she gave me all the best lovings in the world.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Things

'Ello loves. Happy Monday to you! Maybe our Mondays would be better if we stopped hating on them. We'll see. New outlooks and such. From just now. This isn't something I've been thinking about. lol.

So I didn't do a weekend recap last week because I was too damn tired. So today, I'm gonna tell you all about the wonderful Keith Urban concert I went to. It was fabulous. He put on a great show. Six years ago I went and saw him with my Auntie. That was my first country concert. I totally understand why I love him so much after this last show. He puts on one hell of a show. He had two stages, his mainstage and a stage in the back so that people back there could see him up close. He pulled two girls up on stage, took pictures with them, he gave away his guitar which was amazing!, and last but not least, I got to touch him. I cried a little. =))

1. Keith, just plain and simple.
2. Little Big Town. They were so much fun. And that fun bubbly personality that Kim has, it's always there!
3. My mini at the Maple Leaf Parade. 
4. Little Big Town and Keith Urban.
5. Auntie and I before we went into a huge ass spook house. It wasn't what I expected. I felt it could have been done a little better but now I've been to a major one. Go me.
6. Seriously, I got confettied by two confetti cannons in one week. How does that even happen? I want permanent confetti and glitter cannons everywhere I go!
7. Miranda Lambert came out to surprise everybody. She looked fab and did great. It's fucking Miranda Lambert so I was excited as shit! This was the first time they performed We Were Us live. 
8. We had to get ready in a convenient store bathroom. There's a first time for everything. If you understood how busy our Saturday was, you totally would have done it too.
9. Mr. Urban as he was running by the aisle and I was trying to touch his hand. Well, I got to and this is the picture I got of him. I really wanted to get his face but I was focusing more on touching him...because duh.

This weekend was much more low key. I got caught up on a whole bunch of tv that I was behind on. We went to a birthday party and that's about the extent of the getting out. We watched football of course. And I had a minor meltdown because the Cowboys lost. Buttttt my fantasy team won. We even beat Peyton Manning. And I went shopping because my Auntie's birthday is this weekend. And it's kind of a big deal. I won't put out here how old she is because that's rude, but the number is exciting! 

Sunday cuddles.

Blake made me breakfast =)

Getting my christmas list together.

And me winning. Neither of us had any games left. Woot woot.

Sami's Shenanigans

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Seven Deadly Sins

I had a different post in mind for today but since I'm addicted to everything Halloween I knew that I'd have to participate in Shane's link up about the Seven Deadly Sins. So let's do it!

Seven Things You Lack and Covet
1. Motivation to exercise
2. Pretty nails.
3. Patience 
4. A car with a door handle and radio, where the alarm doesn't go off every time the door is open.
5. The ability to do something with my hair.
6. Time. Where the hell does mine go?!?!
7. More monies.

Seven Guilty Pleasures
1. Any tv show on MTV. Right now I'm loving Big Tips Texas. 
2. Laying in my bed alllll day long.
3. Taco Bell
4. Concerts
5. Carbs.
6. Getting tattoos.
7. Sleeping in.

Seven Wordly Material Desires
1. A camera - point and shoot or DLSR
2. Gold iPhone 5s
3. A new car
4. My own place to stay
5. A new wardrobe
6. & 7. I have no clue. Take me to the mall. 

Seven Things You Love About Love
1. Having somebody to come home and bitch about work to.
2. Cuddles
3. Somebody who understands my crazy and doesn't get pissy about it.
4. A partner in crime. 
5. A best friend.
6. Somebody to talk shit to and have them know that's it's all in fun.
7. The look in their eye and the big smile when you're enjoying each other's company.

Seven Great Things In Your Life
1. My family. Seriously though. 
2. I have a job. It may not be the best but it helps me pay my bills and I love some of the people I work with.
3. My blog. I've met so many people and I can't wait to really meet them!
4. I've kept another human alive for 5 years. I'm proud of that.
5. My friends.
6. My puppina (that's what I call Trixie)
7. I'm getting better at making decisions.

Seven Things You Neglect To Do
1. Exercise (like ever)
2. Return e-mails
3. Laundry
4. Get a decent amount of sleep
5. Be productive
6. Get gas. I hate that shit.
7. Budget. I really need to do this.

Seven Things That Make You Angry.
1. People who don't know how to follow my standards of driving.
2. Irresponsible human beings. 
3.  Animal abuse and people who are mean to them.
4. Being hungry. I have hanger issues.
5. People who chew with their mouths open. 
6. People who treat servers like shit. 
7. That I can't control everything that happens to my daughter so that I could keep her safe.

Link Up!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Best Holiday

I haven't even started my post yet and it's already wearing me out. I had to go search every social media site I've ever been apart of to find pictures for today's post!

Venus Trapped in Mars

I love Halloween. I don't know if it's my favorite or not because when it's here I say it is, but when Christmas gets here I say that it is. Anyway...I do love Halloween. More than I love a lot of things. I mean free candy, at my age I can still wear a slutty costume and get away with it, and parties just make it all the better. 

When Helene and Sarah announced this link up I actually thought it was next week. I got super excited because I could mush and gush about how Blake and I started dating on Halloween. Then I realized that it was too early so I thought I'd take it back to when I started dressing up again. Consequently, it was the year that Blake and I got together. It was also my first year in slutty costumes. I thought I would be original and be a gangsta. It's...interesting. 18 year olds don't make the wisest choices but that's why they're fun! Apparently my bra was hanging out like that all night. Why god why? 

And just because I love this picture...we had just had the talk and we were "official".

p.s. I used to be a blonde.

The next year I didn't really plan on being anything. I didn't have a lot of money and I didn't give myself any time. So I through a few items from my closest together and decided to be a cowgirl. I like this the best because all I had to find was a cowboy hat. And apparently I thought that I should have some boobs. I mean...I do have boobs but again, I guess I thought they should be out for everybody to see. I also apparently decided that I wasn't going to take any pictures with my own phone. I don't know why. 

And then there was last year. At the bonfire we went to I won sexiest costume. And it's all in thanks to my wife. I had her pick almost all of it out. We went as a bride and groom. It was super fun. And I can still wear a couple of the things I bought for it! Yes, the boobs came out but they looked a lot better. I don't think that I was skinny enought to pull it off though. Oops. 

This year we don't have anything planned =( and I don't think I'm getting a new costume. I might have to throw something together from all of this. Anybody have any ideas? I HAVE to do something. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Concert People

Happy Friday cupcakes. I don't know if I've hit an all time low or high because I'm currently blogging from my bed. I can't lie, it's pretty great. I'm comfortable and warm and just feel like I'm in the right place. Or I'm just lazy and can't bother with being an actual human person today and I don't want to change clothes or associate with anybody. I might even take a little siesta when I finish this post. =) This is what Fridays are all about.

So I went to see Florida Georgia Line on Wednesday night and it was fucking amazing. Those boys can party hard. And I wouldn't mind partying with BK. Mmhmm. But seriously, I saw them when they opened for Luke and they were good but I didn't pay them much attention because I wasn't into them yet. So this time around I was super pumped and it was everything I expected it to be. 

Since this is like my 8th concert this year, I thought I'd give you some ways to make sure you enjoy yourself. You ready?

(1) Always have at least one kind of alcoholic beverage. That's the first rule of every concert. I couldn't handle the crowds if I didn't have some liquid of some sort running through my veins. The more you have, the less you care about everything but the band. Also, the more you have, the more likely it will be that you won't be able to stand up and you might try and sell your boots. Or pee outside. But always have some.

Always have something to drink. Or many somethings.
(2) Go with the right people. This would have been number one but I like booze better so it won. But seriously, if you go to a concert with the wrong people, prepare to have a terrible time. The right people won't make fun of you when you have to stop and lay down because you drank too much and you might need to puke. And they'll push you away from the huge fight that's happening because they don't want you in it. And sometimes they'll take your phone and take a picture from way up high because they know that you can't get a good one. =) Blake was awfully nice to me. 

(3) Know your venue. I had been to Dallas Stadium before so I knew what to expect when we went to see Kenny again. I've been to the place that we're going to go see Keith at tomorrow. Although it's been 6 years, I kinda remember how it's set up. What I didn't know, was anything about the venue where we saw FLAGA Line. It was at a private college and that shit was small. Like, no matter where you were sitting you had good seats small. Not too hard to get lost in. Also the most important reason to know this is so that you know where the beer guy is. Remember, he's  the most important.

(4) If you can save yourself from it, don't go to a concert at a college. This may just be my personal preference but it wasn't my favorite. College kids are drunk asses. I've never partied with college kids before and I had no clue that I would get to watch some "awesome" girls and guys share slobber with each other. Seriously on Wednesday there were these two drunk girls who were making out with these guys that I assume were their boyfriends the whole time. Like you know, the drunk sloppy makeout. THEN THEY WOULD SWITCH GUYS. Like seriously??? And drunk college bros are asses too. They don't give a shit who they stand right directly in front of. ugh. End rant./

(5) This is the most important. Have a good fucking time. Take too many pictures, sing as loud as you possibly can, have horrendous dance moves, do whatever makes you feel like you had the best experience of your life. Because that's how you should feel after every concert. And I can say that I have had the best experiences so far. =) Because anytime there are confetti cannons after a concert, you know you did it right!

Of course I'm linking up with Whitsicle for #backthatazzup Friday. And I'm gonna join Sarah for Fan Friday too. Because duh. 

I can't get this song out of my head. And it's appropriate for the weekend I'm about to have!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Being Chloe

I was reading Steph's blog yesterday and found out that there is a link up going on about names. Now that's new and original. So of course I have to play along.

Chloe...I like my name. I think it fits me perfectly. My name used to be unique and in school I was the only Chloe for like all 13 years. Even in my college classes there weren't other people named Chloe. So ha! However, today it's all the effing rage. And that rages me. You can walk in to any 2nd grade class and I'll bet that you have one or two Chloes. But it was my name first so I win.

My mom named me Chloe because she told my grandma that she wanted to name me Zoe and my gma said no. So as a joke she said how about Chloe. They loved it and that was that. My dad wanted to name me Jennifer. I'm glad he didn't get to choose that. Sorry to any Jennifers out there. No offense, but it's just not me.

If you go to Urban Dictionary and look up Chloe, the third entry is totally me. Chloe means all sorts of different stuff depending on what site your looking up. But the most common I've seen is that it has something to do with green foliage or shoot of plants. I hate plants.

Nicknames haven't always been the best though. There's always those mean people in school who have to change everybody's name to something gross or mean. Unfortunately I got stuck with hoey or blowy. True story. My mom and I were talking and she was like I liked it because I couldn't find any mean words that rhyme with it. She didn't try very hard. However, now that I'm out of school people don't call me that anymore. Most people call me clover. My dad sometimes calls me Cloveee. A guy I work with calls me Chloe Kardashian and I love it. No shame. A couple people have called me cholo. You a hispanic gangster. I have a song about me. =)

 And let's talk about the mispronunciations. Dear god  I wonder if people can't read or sound out words sometimes. Here's a nice little list of everything people could possibly mispronounce.
- ch-low-e (ch sound)
- co-lee
- shilo (da fuq right)
- shlow
- cleo (i hate this one the most)
- clow

When I was a kid I was always pissed about my name because you couldn't ever find something with Chloe on it. Now I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way. And I share the same name with the coolest Kardashian. Winning. I love Kloe even though her mom fucked up how to spell it. Good job Kris.

Stories about your name? Link up!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Confess

Last day of work for the win! If I make it through today then I'm off the rest of the week. Sounds glorious doesn't it. I think so. Tomorrow night is Florida Georgia Line, Thursday night is my daughter's school program, I don't have anything planned for Friday but who wants to go back to work for one day? Saturday is Maple Leaf and then I have to get in the car and drive for four hours to see Keith Urban, and then on Sunday I'm gonna have a nice dinner with Kyla and my Auntie. Busy week ahead.

So let's get on with this confession...

I confess

- Charlie Hunnam is no longer playing Christian Grey because he's too busy being Jax. I can't say that my feelings are hurt one bit. Now all the fans girls won't care who he is and I won't have to listen to them talk about him. 

- I don't know how people waitress their whole lives. My body feels like it's falling apart. I've even thought about going to a doctor because I don't think 22 year olds are supposed to feel like this. 

- I'm way too behind on my tv shows already. That's never good. The only things I've actually kept up with are Sons, Walking Dead (it just started, I can't be too far behind), and Two Broke Girls. Where did tv loving Chloe go? 

- I've been thinking about going to the dentist lately. That's the scariest shit ever but I really need to go. I wonder if my insurance covers sedation dentistry.

- I'm laying in bed writing this with no pants on because the legs got wet and I'm too lazy to put another pair on. 

- I'm also over here today. Go check it out. I tell you something really interesting that you might want to know about me.

- I'm going back to bed now because I'm dead tired. But first...seriously how in the hell do I stop feeling like a 70 year old lady. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Handle Your Liquor

Well, here we are. We made it to Monday. Sad face. Let's just skip Monday and get right to Wednesday because I get to go see Florida Georgia Line! Eeeep. I'm so pumped.

This weekend was a good one. Friday consisted of work and going to bed at 9 like the old lady that I am. Grandmas just love them some damn sleep. Saturday I worked for 12 hours and then went to the Wife's new house fora bonfire. The weather was perfect for a bonfire. Still chilly but not too chilly. Just great! But unfortunately...I blew chunks by the end of the night. That means it was  success right? Sure. 

So today I thought I'd give you my rules of drinking. I don't always follow these rules but when I do I'm in for such a nice treat.

1. Always drink your liquor before beer. Ok, this isn't my rule and everybody of legal drinking age should know it. But I don't like to follow rules. Nope, nope I don't. I went jager shot, jager shot, beer, fireball, fireball, jager, beer. Bad bad bad. 

2. Mix your liquors. I should have learned this after my 21 birthday that I never told you about. If you wanna make sure that you're gonna blow chunks and feel like shit the next day, always make sure that you mix liquors. As I said earlier....I mixed the wonderful Jager and Fireball. The two are so unalike it's crazy. The only way you can to break this rule is by having long islands. I mean obviously, they have all the booze in them already. 

3. Always drink on an empty stomach. Because nothing says I feel like I should blow chunks tonight like not having anything to eat for the past 10 hours. 

4. Stay classy. This applies to everyday life. Not just drinking. 

5. After you blow chunks, go back outside to the party. Sit there for about 5 minutes, feel sick again so go sit in the wet grass to feel better. Then go to bed. 

And that's exactly what I did.

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Quarterback

Happy Friday loves! I had a different post in mind for today but I just can't get last night's episode of Glee out of my head. So I'm gonna talk about that instead. I'm so sorry for a sad post on a Friday!

I watched Glee last night. I haven't really watched the show since before the last season but last night was a tribute to Cory/Finn. And god it was heart wrenching. I didn't cry over the loss of Cory. I think I cried more over the loss of Finn. I was a Gleek when the show was first out. I loved the shit out of it until most of the original cast had "graduated". I cried for the people who lost their friend, and for Lea Michelle, who lost her best friend and the love of her life.

Normally Glee doesn't do classy. And this time they did. That episode was perfect. It was a beautiful tribute to a life that was taken too early. A life that could have been saved.

As I was scrolling through the #RememberingCory trend on twitter, I noticed that a lot of people looked up to him as an idol. I've never lost an idol and I can't imagine how it feels. But I have lost a good friend. And so I wept for the cast of Glee. I cried for their pain and the fact they have to go on without their friend. They have to live each and every day in a way that would make him happy. I cried because the emotions that they portrayed weren't acting. Those emotions were theirs and for them to put them out there like that had to be hard. I read somewhere that they didn't have to do more than one take for almost all of the scenes because they were that real with emotion. I don't know if it's true, but if it is, well kudos to you Glee cast.

So today, laugh a little louder, smile more, and don't forget to tell people that you love them. You'll never know when somebody will be taken from you. Freak accidents happen all the time. And make sure that your dash is worth it in the end. It doesn't have to be long, but make sure it's full.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Things

Who doesn't love a good ol' get to know me post? I know I do. So I thought I'd share 5 things about me with you today.

But first I have to tell you that I think my phone hates me. See, on Friday, it took a little a little tumble out of my hands and met the pavement face first. Womp womp. Did I mention that I was still sober when this happened. I felt like an idiot. I hardly ever drop my phone so yeah, she's mad at me. I dropped her face first and didn't really wanna pick her up. But I just had to know. Fortunately for me, there wasn't even a scratch. I thought that all was good. Until Monday. Now she's freaking out on me. I think she might have internal bleeding. Whenever I go to check my emails any new email I open will be replace with my confirmation of joined Luke Bryan's fan club from a year ago. Weird. And some of my texts come in as unreadable and there's nothing that will make it work. Oops. So pray for my phone. Because she can't die an early death. She has to wait until May. When I get the newer gold version of her.

Now on to our actual post.

5 Things...

You'll find in my purse
- A billfold with $3. I feel sorry for anybody who tries to rob me.
- The cuffs to my hoodie, because I need them at all times ya know.
- A calculator I've had since 7th grade with mascara all over it. It still works.
- Receipts all crumpled up from too many fast food joints. Majority of them being taco bell.
- A charger to my phone. Don't pretend you don't do the same thing. 

You'll find on my DVR
- Sons of Anarchy. I wasn't a fan of the beginning of the season but shit has gotten intense.
- Eric and Jessie, Game On. I knew I needed to watch this when I found out how good looking Eric Decker is. And he's on my fantasy team so I had to support him. 
- Big Tips Texas. I love shoes about girls who work at bars. And pretty much any train wreck reality show on MTV.
- Nashville. I love me some country music so of course it's on my DVR. And Scarlett...I love that girl.
- Two Broke Girls. I love this show. It's my jam. I wish I could say half the shit Max says to her customers to mine. Waitresses and cupcakes...right up my alley. 

You'll find in my bedroom
- Piles of dirty clothes. And I mean piles.
- A Halloween candy bucket that I stole from my daughter last year. I can't just let her have all that candy at one time. Plus I was eating on it too. 
- A pile of clothes behind my door that don't fit Teagan. If I put them in bags she goes through them and says why are you getting rid of this and then puts it in her drawer. Little shit. 
- A Marilyn Monroe picture that's effing huge. I need to hang it but I need help and nobody wants to help. 
- My favorite place in the whole bed. =)

I'm currently in love with
- Sweaters. Fall is here in the morning and I love it. I can throw on a sweater and my leggings and stay warm.
- Pizza. I'm on a serious pizza kick right now and it's all I want to eat. Yummm.
- Pumpkin anything. Again, it's fall. I bought some pretty candles and they smell sooo good.
- Halloween. It's one of my favorites. I love dressing up and being scared. 
- Daryl Dixon. He comes back on Sunday and I'm ready! I was watching some of the marathon and I was so excited when he was on screen. I'm ready!

If that doesn't give you some in sight to my world I don't know what would. Love you bunches cupcakes! One more day till Friday!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best 24 Hour Trip Ever

Oh my goodness I had such a great weekend. I definitely needed it and I feel so relaxed now. I have a good work week ahead and now that my head is clear, I'm ready. The server in me felt terrible last week but I think she's back.

I decided that I would tell you about my weekend bullet style because I could ramble on for days if I just did it paragraph style. Ya ready? This is how you have a great weekend.

- Y'all know I went and saw Blake this weekend. He was fabulous! Such a great performer. Even though we were in the nosebleeds, it was still wonderful. We agreed that we'd go back to see him again and be closer this time. He really is a funny person. If I could meet him I would.

- I ate all the things this weekend. At the concert we had some Papa John's pizza and bread. Then after the concert we went by a convenient store and I got a sub and some hot cheetos. The next day I stopped by Cheesecake Factory because I needed to get Blake a surprise so I got two pieces of Hershey's Chocolate Cheesecake to go. Oh my lawwws that shit is the bomb. Seriously, I had never had Cheesecake Factory before and I loooove it. I wanted pumpkin but they don't get that shit until mid-October. The girl upfront didn't think I was funny when I asked if the 5th counted as mid-October. Whatever, she had no sense of humor. Then I went and got myself some lunch at Jack In The Box because I always have to have some when I make a trip to Oklahoma. They have this bad ass machine you can order at. It's perfect for non-social people who also happen to be a little hungover. Then Blake, Teagan, and I had some hibachi
. Yummmmm. We owed it to her. And it was amazing. As always. We celebrated my dad's birthday at Guzzanos Pizza. I don't know if that's a thing or just a local place. I had a beer and a pizzadilla. Pizza and a tortilla? Yes please. They have a really good brownie and my dad got one for his birthday and of course I munched out on it. I think this is the longest point ever. I really like to eat and my inner fat girl was rejoicing this weekend.

- I did fun big(ger) city things this weekend. I ate a hot dog from a hot dog vendor outside of a bar. I'm so super excited about it. I was gonna put the hot dog in the last point but I thought it deserved it's own because I'm proud of it. I saw a food truck for the first time. I love food trucks. We don't have any around us and I just get so excited when I read or hear about them. So cool. We were gonna get food from it but it started to downpour so we took off. I hailed a cab and walked around an actual bar district. It was super duper fun and it makes me want to move to Tulsa. I always want to move when I get back from a trip. But Tulsa is exactly between my aunt and everybody else so it's only a two hour drive both ways. It would be perfect.

- I learned that dive bars are my thing. That's all we have in my little town so I didn't have anything to compare it to. We went to a little place called Arnie's. It was exactly what you'd expect, it looked a little dirty and was small but still so much better than the dance bar we went to. It was called Legends and I just felt so out of place. I mean I love to dance so maybe I wasn't drunk enough. But the people were rude and all I could think was that the girls needed to go home and put clothes on. And that's coming from somebody who loves to show her cleavage off. Hmmm. This place was huge and their were too many people. I'd rather be crammed in a bar that may not have been dusted in the last 6 months and listen to all types of music.We walked back to our original dive bar and grabbed a brew. We sat outside on the patio because it was starting to cool down. Then we invited ourselves to a debate about music with three dudes sitting at the table next to us. They were probably thinking...these crazy drunk bitches.

- Last call was called, ok actually screamed at us. So we decided to hike it back to our car which was a good mile away. No biggie, drunk Chloe will walk for days. And that's when it decided to pour. It wasn't just a little bit of rain, nope, a down pour. I had never gotten makeup in my eyes before that and that shit fucking burns really bad. I couldn't open my eyes! That's when I hailed the taxi like a big girl. I was so proud of myself. Not that there were other people around but still...I like to do these things.

- I went to an Apple store for the first time ever. Guys, that shit is like heaven. iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs...and a bazillion other Apple products for days. And the staff was super accommodating. I had to make my way over there earlier than my scheduled appointment because we didn't realize our checkout time was 11 instead of 12. They fixed my iPad but I couldn't tell you what was wrong with it because I don't speak techie.

All in all, it was a great mini trip. Seriously all this took place in 24 hours. I also learned to enjoy my 20's because I bounced back from my hangover like a pro compared to Kyla. I'm ready to do it again. Come and get me ladies.

If you ever need a concert buddy, hit me up. I know how to have a great time.