Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Things

Who doesn't love a good ol' get to know me post? I know I do. So I thought I'd share 5 things about me with you today.

But first I have to tell you that I think my phone hates me. See, on Friday, it took a little a little tumble out of my hands and met the pavement face first. Womp womp. Did I mention that I was still sober when this happened. I felt like an idiot. I hardly ever drop my phone so yeah, she's mad at me. I dropped her face first and didn't really wanna pick her up. But I just had to know. Fortunately for me, there wasn't even a scratch. I thought that all was good. Until Monday. Now she's freaking out on me. I think she might have internal bleeding. Whenever I go to check my emails any new email I open will be replace with my confirmation of joined Luke Bryan's fan club from a year ago. Weird. And some of my texts come in as unreadable and there's nothing that will make it work. Oops. So pray for my phone. Because she can't die an early death. She has to wait until May. When I get the newer gold version of her.

Now on to our actual post.

5 Things...

You'll find in my purse
- A billfold with $3. I feel sorry for anybody who tries to rob me.
- The cuffs to my hoodie, because I need them at all times ya know.
- A calculator I've had since 7th grade with mascara all over it. It still works.
- Receipts all crumpled up from too many fast food joints. Majority of them being taco bell.
- A charger to my phone. Don't pretend you don't do the same thing. 

You'll find on my DVR
- Sons of Anarchy. I wasn't a fan of the beginning of the season but shit has gotten intense.
- Eric and Jessie, Game On. I knew I needed to watch this when I found out how good looking Eric Decker is. And he's on my fantasy team so I had to support him. 
- Big Tips Texas. I love shoes about girls who work at bars. And pretty much any train wreck reality show on MTV.
- Nashville. I love me some country music so of course it's on my DVR. And Scarlett...I love that girl.
- Two Broke Girls. I love this show. It's my jam. I wish I could say half the shit Max says to her customers to mine. Waitresses and cupcakes...right up my alley. 

You'll find in my bedroom
- Piles of dirty clothes. And I mean piles.
- A Halloween candy bucket that I stole from my daughter last year. I can't just let her have all that candy at one time. Plus I was eating on it too. 
- A pile of clothes behind my door that don't fit Teagan. If I put them in bags she goes through them and says why are you getting rid of this and then puts it in her drawer. Little shit. 
- A Marilyn Monroe picture that's effing huge. I need to hang it but I need help and nobody wants to help. 
- My favorite place in the whole bed. =)

I'm currently in love with
- Sweaters. Fall is here in the morning and I love it. I can throw on a sweater and my leggings and stay warm.
- Pizza. I'm on a serious pizza kick right now and it's all I want to eat. Yummm.
- Pumpkin anything. Again, it's fall. I bought some pretty candles and they smell sooo good.
- Halloween. It's one of my favorites. I love dressing up and being scared. 
- Daryl Dixon. He comes back on Sunday and I'm ready! I was watching some of the marathon and I was so excited when he was on screen. I'm ready!

If that doesn't give you some in sight to my world I don't know what would. Love you bunches cupcakes! One more day till Friday!


Whitney Leigh said...

My dad gave me three big ones for my trip to new york this month. I don't want to put in our bank account because it will disappear and I won't have money for my vacay anymore. So I've been hauling it around with me and I keep my wallet in sight at all times. Like, I'd leave my truck unlocked with all my electronic devices and my purse and whatnot before. Not afraid of robbery. But now that I actually have money? I feel like there is a red light about my head blinking, "ROB HER!"

Erin said...

sons of anarchy is the light of my life

Cami said...

I wish fall was here a little bit more - I was at the beach earlier this afternoon! I'm so excited to be wearing some boots & scarves soon - I hope!