Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dining Out with Kids

I didn't really plan on posting two posts today but I found myself with extra time! Ha...that never happens.Anyway....

In the blogosphere a really hot topic about kids and restaurants is going on right now. The question is do restaurants need to ban children under a certain age or should parents get to take their kids to any restaurant they choose. On I found an article kind of about the same topic.

 This article I found is about how to make kids more restaurant friendly. One important thing from this article is that it all starts at home. Children need routine meal times. If they have dinner around the same time every night, then won't throw such fits as to being hungry. If you've ever dealt with a hungry child you know how terrible hungry fits are. Let them help in some kind of way. Older kids can bring the food to the table or transfer it from a pan to a bowl with some guidance. Younger kids can lay out the place settings. Kids of all ages can help in some way with cooking. Make sure they are asked to be excused from the table. This way, in a restaurant setting they don't get up and run wild whenever they please. They know that they can't without being excused and parents probably won't excuse them in public. Talk to the children about dining out rules. This needs to be done often. Let them know what is and isn't acceptable. Play "going out to eat" with your kids. Let them explore what happens if they do x or y, without disrupting people who are actually trying to enjoy their dining out experience.

These are stories of why teaching your kids acceptable dining out behavior is appropriate. There are many restaurants that are now choosing to be kid free.

I personally don't see anything wrong with this, and yes, I do have a child. Some people, such as couples or business workers, go to a restaurant expecting to be able to talk to each other or enjoy each other's  company without so much as a pouty call of "moooommmmmm please" being heard. That's perfectly ok. As adults, we're allowed to be free of our kids sometimes. Upscale eateries probably weren't designed with kids in mind. If I'm going to eat somewhere fancier than Applebees then I expect parents to control their children. If they can't, then they should probably not eat their until their child can learn manners for restaurants and eating out. I'm not saying all restaurants should ban children, just ones that feel it's necessary. I took my daughter to Carino's the other night knowing full and well that I probably would have to eat my food microwaved out of a to go container. My child knows how to act in restaurants but chooses not to remember sometimes. However, I was fully surprised at how good she was. We (me and my wonderful boyfriend) actually got to enjoy our visit. She never once cried or wined about anything. She never got up out of her seat except to go to the bathroom and she never stood in it either. The other diners around us were never bothered. I don't know why I decided to risk taking her somewhere so nice, but I'm glad I did because I got to enjoy her company as well as some amazing food. If she could always act that way I'd be eternally greatful. Just think before you take your child somewhere nice. Make sure they can handle the atmosphere first. You don't want a 3 year old screaming in the booth behind you, so why would anybody else? Some restaurants such as Chuck E. Cheese are made for kids and are a good place to begin learning about dining out and the rules that apply. Just please, for everybody's sake, don't bring your kid to 609 (upscale restaurant in Joplin) if they can't behave. I hate to give dirty looks, but here, I might just have to.

My Best Friend

I had so many things I wanted to write about this week that it was hard for me to decide. I get tired or ranting that's for sure. So some things went out the window when I decided that. I hope it doesn't sound like ranting on your side because it sure does on mine. Then there were a few other ideas. I finally just let it go for a second and looked up at the tv and pet my dog. That's when it hit me! I want to write about my fuzzy four legged best friend. You can't really rant about your best friend!

So as you imagine I have a dog. Her name is Trixie. She also has a middle name but I don't use it that much anymore, only when she's in trouble. There will be more about that later. Trixie is part jack russell terrier and part chihuahua. You're probably thinking "Oh my, you poor soul. That dog has to be the most rambunctious, ankle biting dog on earth, and probably has an annoying yippity bark." Most people think that when I tell them about her. However, she's not. She'll be 8 years old this September and has mostly been a good dog.

This post might be a little long, as I could talk about her for days. I'm not kidding, she's really my best friend. Our story starts back 8 years ago. My boyfriend's dog was living with us and was going to have puppies. I was so excited! She had two little puppies, a boy and a girl. I really wanted the boy, but for some reason ended up with the girl. She was awesome! I could fit her in my hoodie pocket, she slept with me every night, and I took her with me everywhere. So, as you can tell, she's spoiled.

Even though I love her to death, she's the dumbest dog I've ever met in my life. I've always had dumb dogs but she takes the cake. I don't know if it's an act or if she really has no brains, but sometimes I feel bad for her. Once when she was a puppy, she ran off - like dogs tend to do. So I go on the hunt. I find her up the road in the apartment complexes. She was standing on the balcony of one with her little head peeking through the gaurd rails. I called her down, nothing. I said let's go home, she wouldn't budge. This dog looked around for a way to get down and couldn't do it. That's how dumb she is. She couldn't realize to walk down the stair just like she had walked up them. And that's only one story.

Even though she's dumb, she has a heart of gold. Well, kinda. She loves me more than I could ask for. If I'm home she's probably where ever I am, laying right next to me under the blankets. If I'm upset, she's in my face trying to make me feel better. If I'm mad, she calms me down by sitting with me and just letting me pet her. She really is my best friend. However, this heart of gold isn't always so gold. She loves to piss me off. I'm not kidding, she's like a child. If I do something that makes her mad, she retaliates. Most dogs live to please and make people happy. This isn't really the case with her. If I leave for too long, I can guarantee something will be destroyed. Trash, a room, a shoe, pillow, it doesn't matter. She lets me know I hurt her feelings. In her life she has chewed up many shoes, a bottle of fish food, some birth control pills, baby binkies, books, and that's just the odd stuff.

I also have a dog that thinks she's a cat. Trixie lays around all day, like a cat. She used to be hyper active, ADHD dog, but not anymore. Most of the time, she's laying somewhere sleeping. Pretty sure that's all she does, just like a cat. She sits in the windows sills, like a cat. The back of furniture, little spaces, there all where she'll sleep. Just like....a cat.

I am pretty attached to this dog. I talk about her like a child, I know. She was my child, until I had my child. I have all the same love for her, as I do my daughter. Ok, maybe not as much as I do my daughter, but you know what I mean. She's been with me through good times and horrible times. I can tell her anything. She doesn't judge me. Maybe, if people could learn to love and live like dogs, the world wouldn't be such a cruel place. At least I have somebody to love me when the rest of the world is being cruel. We can learn so much from man's best friend. Maybe, one day, we'll actually act on what we learn from them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Story of a Modern Day Robin Hood?

Last night I FINALLY got to watch In Time. And I must say that it was pretty awesome. I'm a movie buff and this has been on my must see list since I saw the first preview. I'm so happy it lived up to my expectations. Actually, it went further than that. I'll admit I wasn't expecting a lot. A movie with Justin Timberlake just doesn't leave a lot to be expected, but I was wrong!

For those who don't know, In Time is about a world that uses time as its currency. People stop aging at the ripe age of 25, but are only engineered to live a year after that. In the movie, they refer to the aging as turning 25 so many times. For example, if they lived to be 27, they would be 25 for the third time. Once somebody's time is up, they die. It's actually really sad. They can always collect more time though. For the rich, it's super easy to aquire it. The poor have to beg, borrow, and steal to get more time. Will Salas, played by Timberlake, is poor and almost always has just 24 hours of time to his name. He manages to find more, but it's not easy. He acquires time from a guy who has a century. The man gives him all his time and leaves. This starts a long chase between Will and the Time Keeper. The Time Keeper believes that Will has murdered somebody for this time. I could keep on writing about the movie, but I want you to want to see it, so I won't ruin it for you. For more about it click here
The movie is actually pretty deep in meaning. It brings up the thought of being immortal. Is being immortal worth watching people die around you everyday? "We're not meant to live like this. We're not meant to live forever." This quote is something that really stuck in my head. If time was our currency would people still want to live forever? Could you watch people die around you everyday knowing that you had enough time to help them out?

You're probably wondering what does my title have to do with this? I felt that Will was a futuristic Robin Hood. As the movie progresses, he kidnaps a woman who's father owns multiple time banks. However, he doesn't get this time in a nice way. His company basically steals it from people. Will and Sylvia are attempting to steal the time back and give it to the poor. Just like Robin Hood, steal from the rich to help the poor.

As I layed down last night, I got to thinking. If we lived on time, how would you spend it? Would the quality be what mattered? Or would people just try to be immortal? It really made me think of what really mattered and how I want to spend my time. We can't get more, but we never truly know how much we have.

If you're looking for an easy movie to watch, but one that's also intriguing and genuinely different, In Time is for you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So, for my birthday this year, I decided to start journaling. I have things I need to work out inside my head and I think that this is a good way to do it. I know that this blog is a lot like journaling, but (no offense), I don't think that I know most people that read this well enough to write everything I feel down. Someday, I do hope to get there. I'm really enjoying this blog. It's a fun idea. Anyway....

I don't really know what to write in my journal. I don't know where to start. I thought maybe some of you could help me out with this if you journal. I really want this to become a major thing in my life. I would love to look back 20 years from now, *sigh, ahh 20 years!*, and think x is the reason that I've done y in my life. Figure out what has led me to the decisions I will make.

I know this blog isn't very long, I'm just looking for some ideas. Feel free to toss some around and all that good stuff ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Birthday Week....Isn't Over Yet

And that is why I haven't blogged thiss week in all reality. I've been a bum and haven't written a blog because of my birthday. It exhausts me ;). No but seriously, sorry about the late blog post. One is better than none right?

So you're probably wondering when is your birthday? No? Maybe? Ok. Well my birthday was in Valentine's Day. That's a boo day to have a birthday but I'm not going to write about that. I'll probably do a Valentine's Day post after my birthday week is over, which will be on Tuesday. And...drumroll please....I turned 21! Explains a little more about why I've been a bum I'm sure.

Why do I get a birthday week? Well, I just started that this year. I decided that since I don't have anymore fun birthdays to look forward to, I am going to celebrate for a week. A week to take care of myself and enjoy myself more than I normally do. I decided one day a year wasn't enough....I need seven. And I don't just celebrate by being a 21 year old. I celebrate by doing things for myself I would never normally do. I've gotten my nails done, gone shopping, just stuff that's unusual for me. It's been pretty good to me so far.

Well, I don't really have much more to say about my birthday week and/or day. Just that everyone should take time to celebrate themselves more than one day a year.

And all that good stuff!

Friday, February 10, 2012 lifelong best friend.

I've been procrastinating this last blog all week. I couldn't think of anything fun to do a story about. These story blogs come harder to me than the whatever we want blog. So this week...I'm going to write about exactly what plagues me...procrastination.

According to, procrastinate is defined as putting off something until a later time. I think mostly ummm....everyone! has done this. If you haven't you must be some kind of person with more energy than a group of three year olds.

What are the reasons for procrastinating? Well, according to, there are many reasons. From avoiding unpleasant tasks, to perfectionism. Some people are addicted to the last minute adrenaline rush they receive from procrastinating. Others, have a fear of change or lack confidence and think they'll do it wrong. There are all kinds of other reasons. My favorite- being tired!

Unfortunately, procrastination can cause health problems such as depression and stress(click here for more.) Procrastination and depression can go hand in hand with one another. Often times, the stress from procrastinating gets so bad that one's body is effected. Procrastinating can also lead to financial problems. If you don't want to pay your bills now, you'll do it later. Or so you tell yourself, then you pay it late and you have a reconnection fee to pay, or you hut your credit a little bit. PLEASE keep in mind that this isn't everyday procrastination that this is stemming from. This is chronic procrastination.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to helping people with their problem of procrastination. There are also many books out there to help. It can be a big deal. One of the most interesting sites I found is It has a 21 day procrastinating challenge. Now, who knows if this really works, but it looks enticing. Again, has a lot of tools to help overcome this problem.

I'm going to look into ways to curb my procrastination, because this year, I'm bringing a better me out into the world. Hopefully I don't say I'll do it tomorrow everyday, and all that good stuff ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Please Tip Your Delivery Driver!

I think the title says it all...

I deliver pizza as we all know by now. Many people may not realize this but we depend on tips just like servers do. We mostly buy gas with them but still, we depend on them. They aren't required, but they are nice. It's a way to say thank you for the service you're providing. At least that's how I feel. I know, I said all of this last week. Today I'm going to get more into tipping though. It does matter.

People think "Why should I tip?" Here's why:
- you're grateful for what we are doing
- it makes you a better customer in our eyes which can bring you better service
- everybody has to make money somehow, this is how we choose to do it.

Yes, I know I said choose. Most people think if I chose to do this job than I should be fine without getting tips. My decision and if I don't like not getting tipped then I should find a new job. I've heard it all. The point is that it's not easy for a college student who is a single mom to just hop on out and find a new job. Where I work, schedules are really flexible. They ask every semester about my hours at school so they can schedule me to receive the most hours I can. I can't get much better than that. Oh yeah, and, there really aren't that many jobs right now!

What about the delivery charge? Isn't that our tip? No, it's not. That's for the store. It goes to providing insurance so we can deliver pizza, it goes to pay for the phone call you're making to our customer service center. It goes to everything but us!

Another thing, if you're going to order pizza not only should you apply some sort of tip, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a porch light on WITH numbers on your house. I know that it's not a big deal to most people, but you go try and find a certain house in the dark in a popular neighborhood. It's not easy. We may know the general area of where you live, but we can pinpoint the house exactly ( unless you're a repeat customer).

How much should you tip?? Well in general, 15 percent is nice. Just like you were at a restaurant with a waitress. Think of us like that. Instead of you going to the restaurant, the restaurant is coming to you and w are your server. There are other factors that help decide how much to tip.
- if it's gross outside (i.e...rain,snow,sleet, thunderstorms or extreme cold) add a little bit. We're like the mailman, we come rain, shine, or snow.
-if you're pizza arrives early and you say something, show your appreciation and give us a little more.
-if we're rude, don't not tip, that encourages the rudeness sometimes, just don't give as much.
-if you've ordered an extremely large amount of pizzas (10 or more), please be generous. Pizzas get heavy, and most of the time we carry it all by ourselves. Sometimes, we have to tip out the cook who made the order also. If you give me $5 dollars for $100 worth of pizza, I get $3.50. That's not even ten percent!

I could go on and on here, but I don't want to. I just want people to realize that we do a service for others and there are ways to help us out and return the favor. If I sound all greedy, I don't mean to. It's a hard job sometimes. A good tip can brighten the day and not make it seem so hard.

If you have questions, feel free to ask! For more information, check out It's a site dedicated to why people should tip, and much more about our profession. It's really interesting and all that good stuff!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pinterest Drama!

I'm sure by now everybody has heard of pinterest in some form. If you haven't let me fill you in on what you're missing?

Pinterest is a social networking site. Instead of posts and such things, you "pin" pictures of anything really to pin boards. These boards all have different topics so it's not all smashed together as one thing. You can also follow people, and people can follow you back. It's just a nice way to look at pictures of things you admire and things other people admire. P.S....if you do join pinterest, try to only look when you don't have things to do, it's a time sucker!

So I was scanning along one of my favorite blogs entitled STFU, Parents when I ran across an article about pinterest drama. Apparently, pinterest user Anilu Magloire had pinned a picture under something that was quite controversial. Here's the picture
Pinterest is supposed to be a little bit inspirational and this picture seems inspirational that could be why the user put it on her board. However, this caused quite the issue. Many people asked her repeatedly to take this down. Comments made were along the lines of my younger daughter can see this, my teenager doesn't need to see this, blah blah blah. Anilu Magloire refused! Needless to say she lost a lot of followers.

I don't see anything wrong with this picture. Oh, it says a curse word. Well, if somebody's child was old enough to have a pinterest account, then I'd say they were old enough to cruise around on the good old Internet and this is probably tame to some of the stuff they've seen.

It's a happy picture and I know a lot of people who make this exclamation when something excites them. It's harmless. I don't understand what all of the fuss is about. If somebody doesn't want their 7 year old to see it, then don't look at pinterest when you're with your kids. Spend time with them, not trolling around for things to bitch about. And if your 7 year old did happen to see it, chances are, that you could tell them it's not a nice word for little people, it's a "mommy and daddy" word.

So pin on pinterest people...and don't mind others. It's a free world and all that good stuff!