Friday, February 10, 2012 lifelong best friend.

I've been procrastinating this last blog all week. I couldn't think of anything fun to do a story about. These story blogs come harder to me than the whatever we want blog. So this week...I'm going to write about exactly what plagues me...procrastination.

According to, procrastinate is defined as putting off something until a later time. I think mostly ummm....everyone! has done this. If you haven't you must be some kind of person with more energy than a group of three year olds.

What are the reasons for procrastinating? Well, according to, there are many reasons. From avoiding unpleasant tasks, to perfectionism. Some people are addicted to the last minute adrenaline rush they receive from procrastinating. Others, have a fear of change or lack confidence and think they'll do it wrong. There are all kinds of other reasons. My favorite- being tired!

Unfortunately, procrastination can cause health problems such as depression and stress(click here for more.) Procrastination and depression can go hand in hand with one another. Often times, the stress from procrastinating gets so bad that one's body is effected. Procrastinating can also lead to financial problems. If you don't want to pay your bills now, you'll do it later. Or so you tell yourself, then you pay it late and you have a reconnection fee to pay, or you hut your credit a little bit. PLEASE keep in mind that this isn't everyday procrastination that this is stemming from. This is chronic procrastination.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to helping people with their problem of procrastination. There are also many books out there to help. It can be a big deal. One of the most interesting sites I found is It has a 21 day procrastinating challenge. Now, who knows if this really works, but it looks enticing. Again, has a lot of tools to help overcome this problem.

I'm going to look into ways to curb my procrastination, because this year, I'm bringing a better me out into the world. Hopefully I don't say I'll do it tomorrow everyday, and all that good stuff ;)


amhedges1s said...

I am a major advocate of procrastination, also. I did my paper on Sunday night! I agree with a the main reason of procrastination being tired, but I also think I procrastinate because I am so busy, and have so many other assignments due before that particular one, that I have to take each assignment one day at a time.

Sharon said...

I agree with you that many people procrastinate. I do because I know that I will get it done eventually, so I keep putting things off until they HAVE to be done. So far I haven't been burned by doing this, which I think is probably the case for most people. If there were consequences for procrastinating I don't think I would do it so much. So until there are consequences, I will keep waiting until the last minute!

Anonymous said...

Boy is this a common problem nowadays! It is so hard to complete assignments when your eyes are burning... So I can totally relate to your excuse! Nice post!