Friday, April 27, 2012

Budgeting & Organization

I decided that I needed to start budgeting better. I want to become a more organized person and part of organization is money. And who doesn't like to have extra money or pay off their debts!

I don't know the first thing about starting a budget really though. I'm just a frugal person who doesn't want to spend more money than I have to therefore, sometimes I have a little extra.

I've been looking at many ways to (my computer just did that stupid mouse thing I talked about in my last post) get a little bit organized too.

I've heard that is a good budgeting tool. I tried to use it once, but I really didn't understand it. I've also looked into the envelope system of budgeting. I saw how handy it can be, but you really have to stick to it. You have to be devoted to not take money from one envelope to another, because then you're in "debt" to that certain envelope. The goal is to be out of debt and have a little extra money like any other budgeting system. I bought a book while I was celebrating being cigarette free for a month (ha! shameless plugging for myself) about budgeting. I don't know what it's called though because I left it at home =( and I'm at my bf's house =). I can't wait to start reading it though! I was really disappointed when I realized it was at home because I was already to far away to turn around.

For organizing I wanted to start a household binder or notebook. It's goal is to manage mine and my daughter's lives a bit easier. It's a binder that has different sections in it to keep track of important things in our lives. Since we live with my mom right now, I can't really decide if it's something I want to explore. I really do love the idea though. Keep in mind that there are many ways to create this binder and this example is only the right way for the person who uses it. If somebody were to start their own household notebook only they know what will and won't work for them. Everybody will know what works for themselves after a couple of months of use.

Well, maybe I was a bit of inspiration for you, because I know that other blogs with these ideas were inspiration for me. Tell me how you feel about these things, also feel free to share any organization or budget tips and tricks with me!


I waited all week to do my posts just to see if it would be easier. It isn't.

For one, I thought about them all week long, but just didn't do it. And I felt terrible about it. Secondly, waiting till the last possible day stresses me way out.


Enough of that though. I'm so ready for school to be over. I feel like I live on my computer and don't really like it. I am taking summer school though. At least a couple of weeks will be a nice break.

My daughter faked being sick today so she didn't have to go to school. I find it kinda humorous except for the fact that she's only 4. I'm still taking her to the doctor though. She was sick last night and it worried me because she doesn't ever really get sick. *knocks on wood*. I just can't believe she was smart enough to know how to play hookie. I think it's her papa B coming out in her. Lol.

I really don't have a certain thing to talk about this week. I'm running out of blogging ideas. Anybody have any good ideas or know of a website where I can get some? I want my blog to kind of have a theme but I'm not sure what the theme would be. I don't really want to do a mom blog, but sometimes it would be a nice outlet.

My laptop is irritating me. It has the most sensitive mousepad ever. If there's a breeze in the room I think it effects it. When I try and type and the mousepad moves the cursor I don't realize it until I have a completely new sentence in the middle of another sentence. And my "g" button is really hard to press down. I sent an email the other day and all of the words that had g's in them didn't have one. I didn't proof read and felt kind of dumb. Even with these two problems, I love my laptop. It's really good to me.

Sorry for the short post, I just can't think of anything to write about. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and all that good stuff!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, as the only people who read this blog, the other students in my english class know that this blog started as an assignment. And, if anybody was like me, they really dreaded doing the damn thing. However, we all worked very hard in the beginning of the semester out of fear of failing this class. A lot of the blogs were done early on in the week, and we definitely did all the posts we were supposed to; not just one.

As the semester has progressed though, the blogs have slowed down. It started as something as simple as waiting a little closer to the due date to start either blog and has now gone to waiting until THE very last moment to post blogs. I've definitely noticed a decline in the number people post in a week too.

So, what am I getting at?? I hope that I will still have blogs to read from these people after this class is over. I've learned  a lot from the people whose blogs I have read consistently over the past 12 or 13 weeks.And because of this I will continue to look forward to their blog every week.

I've loved this experience. Like I said, i was dreading it in the beginning. As time has gone on though I've read so many blogs from so many different people to learn about blogging. I love so many blogs outside of what I read for this class. They all have made me want to become a better blogger. I want to become better and gain many many more readers. This is slowly going to become my passion.

I hope that at least some of my classmates feel the same way and continue with their blogging experience. We can share tips we learn about this craft with each other. I want to make sure I have somebody out there that has no idea what they're really doing either.

So readers, are you planning on continuing?? Did this change your mind just a little?? I know that in blogger you have the option to start multiple blogs at the same time. If it turns out you want to continue and feel like you want something else, you have the option to start over. Could this be for you??

Feel free to share....And All That Good Stuff

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reading List

I posted in my 22 before 22 that I was going to start a reading list or something like that. I have a bad memory but remember the idea. This blog is going to be my reading list. I don't have very many books for it right now but I'm up for ideas! If you have anything let me know!!

  1. The Happiness Project

  2. Water for Elephants - completed 6/24/12

  3. Heaven is For Real

  4. Women Food and God

  5. Girls in Trucks

  6. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

That's it for now. Obviously, I like non-fiction better then fiction. I like to learn about something but every now and then I need to get lost in somebody else's world. I also can tell you that some of the above books are religious sounding. I'm trying to find spirituality and become a better believer. Life isn't perfect for me and I feel like I'm drowning for the most part. I feel that if I find some spirituality I can maybe get my head above water.

I used to read all the time. I became a mama and started college and working all the time and I just quit. I love to read so if I'm really desperate, I'll read a text book because sometimes books are just not on the top of my list of stuff to go buy. Reading is reading, no matter what I read.

What's on your reading list? Do any of these books sound good to you?

Let me know...And All That Good Stuff!

p.s. These books aren't listed in any particular order

Friday, April 13, 2012

Growing Up

Agghhhhhh............ All I wanted to do was write a damn post but I couldn't do it. Every time I tried, something would go wrong. I had three different Internet browsers going just trying to get to this site. Thank goodness for Safari!

I was really trying to think of a post that I could link up but I'm running out of ideas. Finally I decided on something.

You see, when I was little I wanted to be all kinds of things when I grew up. I wanted to be a lion tamer, dolphin trainer, a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader (my favorite!), and all kinds of other things. Then I got to be a little bit older and I wanted to be a journalist or a wedding planner. I adore weddings! Then there was high school, when it's actually time to make a little bit of a decision. I still wanted to be a journalist, but that changed. In the course of high school I wanted to be a journalist, a chef, a food critic, an event planner, a bartender, and probably a couple more things I couldn't think of. Today, I still haven't really made up my mind. Some days I want to be a restaurant manager, others a paralegal. Event planning is even still an option, even though I highly doubt it will happen. But the one thing that I think sounds reallllly fun, is still bartending. I know that I wouldn't do it forever; if I even do it at all. It just looks and sounds fun. So today, the topic is bartending.

The adult beverage industry isn't going anywhere. It's one of those jobs that will always be around no matter the economy. When times are good, people drink and when times are rough, people drink. That just lures me in right there. This job isn't going anywhere.

To start this job, you could go to a school to have them train you or you can just hope somebody will hire you and you learn from there. That isn't likely to happen. There are many things that go into making a good bartender. It seems the number one thing is what they call "the pour"Here are some characteristics that make for a good bartender.

All in all it sounds like a fun job. Remember in my 22 before 22 I wanted to take a class just because, well I think I may have found the class. I may never be a bartender, but I could say that I'm certified and it's a cool party trick.

Have a great weekend...

And All That Good Stuff

Thursday, April 12, 2012

22 before 22

I always want to start off my blogs with the word "so". I find it kinda weird.

Anyway, what I'm about to do seems very popular along the blogging world right now. I thought that I would like to take part in it.

22 before 22 is just what it sounds like..22 things I want to do before I turn 22. Here we go.

22 before 22

1. Quit Smoking - done!

2. Move out

3. Start running

4. Add to my star tattoo

5. Catch lightning bugs with my daughter

6. Go see a movie by myself

7. Roadtrip

8. Volunteer with my daughter

9. Take a picture every day for a month (longer if I can)

10. Take T to Silver Dollar City

11.This one is for me <3

12. Learn how to have a better blog

13. Take a class just because

14. Karaoke

15. Plan a surprise party

16. Go to KC with B and enjoy a movie at a certain theatre

17. Drink less soda/more water

18. Develop a Reading List

19. Try different beers

20. Go camping with B and our friends

21. Believe in something

22. Have a makeover at Ulta (vain but oh well!)

What is on your list? Feel free to share in the comments and/or write it in your blog. If you write it leave me the link so I can visit it. Hope you find this inspiring...I know I did when I first saw one.

Happy listing.....and all that good stuff!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Love

Ever since I've started doing this blog I've gotten into a whole bunch of other blogs. I have a fascination with learning about people by what they choose to share with the rest of the world. It shows a lot about a person. Sometimes, they have helped me learn more about myself.

My favorite favorite favorite blog is Manic Mrs. Stone. It's a blog written by a girl I went to school with who now lives in Seattle, Washington with her two darling little girls and her hubby! She is the complete opposite of me when it comes to almost everything but I just love her blog. She describes her blog as "offbeat "hippie" life and motherhood". And it's AMAZING. Reading her blog has encouraged me to do a lot of stuff in my life differently. What she writes makes me really take a look into my life and think hard about what I'd like to change and how to go about that. She's a photographer also. All of her pictures on her blog are awesome. I'm really in awe of this girl. It's true what they say, opposites attract. Her latest obsession was home birth and she just had one. It made me kind of interested in it too, although I know that I will NEVERRRRRR choose that. If you wanna learn more about somebody's life that probably isn't in anyway like yours, I highly recommend you read her blog. It's fascinating.

Another blog I stumbled on was Baby Makes Two. It's written by a 20-something girl who is single and raising her son. It's refreshing to see that not all the mommy-blogs out there include a dad. It makes it a little bit more relatable to me. They also are pretty much entirely different then me, but it's nice. There haven't been any posts in awhile, and I don't really know what's going on with that. But, if you want to see what a single mom's life is like, this would be a good blog to read. She's very creative and loves vintage. The things she makes are all on her blog and she explains how she makes them, so if you have a creative bone in your body and you like her stuff, you can make it. Plus her son is super adorable...and there are tons of pictures of him.

Last, but not least, there's Nola Bebe. This is about a couple that live in New Orleans and are expecting their first! And boy were they surprised. In her about us she says that "We're learning how to adapt from the couple with the costume box under their the couple who has a baby and is responsible." This blog is funny and heartwarming. I can also relate to them because I'm still trying to be more responsible. Plus they live in New Orleans and that is pretty awesome. She is really funny from what I've read and I can't wait till they're addition gets here. Reading about a person that isn't here is exciting, but it will be more exciting when they do have their little boy.

I know that all these blogs are mommy or family blogs. I have no idea why I like this genre so much. I'm trying to get away from it because I'm starting to think I'm crazy. So readers, what are your favorite blogs? I'd love to read them even if they are mommy blogs. But, if you have something else fun please feel free to share that too! All I really use my computer for is to read blogs anymore. The more the merrier and all that good stuff!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey There!

Well, normally I don't just talk about my week to you guys, but I'm gonna try something different this time! Posting on just one subject a post can actually get kind of hard, but I don't want to be just throwing out there what I did every week. lol. Oh, and since I'm talking a lot about what has made me happy this week, there will be a lot of exclamation points. I really do love them right now. Just an FYI for ya!

I've been cigarette free for a whole week now!!!! I'm so happy for myself. Unfortunately, it has had some down sides to it. The first is that I was extremely irritable/bitchy/emotional...etc. for most of the first week. Day 5 was definitely the worst. I thought I was gonna kill somebody. I almost quit my job because customers were being mean to me and I was being a big sissy about it. I've done this job for 2 years and people have always been the same. It was just me trying to deal with not having nicotine. Secondly, I'm sooooooo hungry. I have no clue what the hell my deal is. I realized it today and now I'm making changes so I don't eat as much.

I'm gonna geek out for a second here and apologize to any guy reading this. Tomorrow is Titanic in 3-D and I'm totally going!!! I'm soooo excited. My dad and I are gonna have a little "us" time and hangout watching one of our favorite movies together. I normally can't stand 3-D because it really isn't all that cool, but I'll take whatever excuse I can to see Titanic again. I effing love it!!!! It was definitely my first favorite adult movie. I think my dad saw it in theaters 9 times. Leonardo Dicaprio was my biggest crush at that time. I remember that I had a 100 day project due for school in third grade and my dad helped me glue 100 picutres of him to a poster board. Like I said, I'm geeking out. My dad would always tease me and tell me that he saw the version of the movie where Jack lived and I would always get really mad at him for it. It's quite funny looking back at it. No really, incase you can't tell I'm SUPER PUMPED!

I have some work ish going on right now. I was notified of a position that would promote me and I applied for it. However, I found out that I'm competing against 4 other people for that position. It's kind of irritating because I've worked at this store longer than the other 4 people and I feel that seniority should matter. I also found out that I didn't do to well on a certain part of the application for it. I was told that it isn't the end of my running but I really think it is. Hopefully my negative thinking doesn't come true and I somehow manage to end up getting a promotion. I'll let you guys know fo' sho!

And finally, I decided that I wanted get healthier since I have quit smoking. I have always been somewhat obsessed about my body image and right now I feel I'm at my worst. Sooooo, I'm going to start running and eating healthier. I haven't had the best time with finances lately, it seems a lot has popped up and I really needed a pair of running shoes. And then today, I finally got a miracle. I was at my gma's house and she had just happened to buy a pair of running shoes in a half size too big for her. Well, guess who they fit? That's right, me! So I got myself a pair of running shoes. Yay me! And I've never been someone to eat healthy at all. I hate veggies and fruit, but tonight I decided to try some fresh asparagus and I really liked it! Then, I decided to try a strawberry and it was pretty damn good too! So, apparently my taste buds are changing, and I don't think they could have picked a better time.

I think that's about it for now. Sorry it's so long but I just had a lot to say tonight! Hope ya'll have a wonderful week....and all that good stuff!