Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Love

Ever since I've started doing this blog I've gotten into a whole bunch of other blogs. I have a fascination with learning about people by what they choose to share with the rest of the world. It shows a lot about a person. Sometimes, they have helped me learn more about myself.

My favorite favorite favorite blog is Manic Mrs. Stone. It's a blog written by a girl I went to school with who now lives in Seattle, Washington with her two darling little girls and her hubby! She is the complete opposite of me when it comes to almost everything but I just love her blog. She describes her blog as "offbeat "hippie" life and motherhood". And it's AMAZING. Reading her blog has encouraged me to do a lot of stuff in my life differently. What she writes makes me really take a look into my life and think hard about what I'd like to change and how to go about that. She's a photographer also. All of her pictures on her blog are awesome. I'm really in awe of this girl. It's true what they say, opposites attract. Her latest obsession was home birth and she just had one. It made me kind of interested in it too, although I know that I will NEVERRRRRR choose that. If you wanna learn more about somebody's life that probably isn't in anyway like yours, I highly recommend you read her blog. It's fascinating.

Another blog I stumbled on was Baby Makes Two. It's written by a 20-something girl who is single and raising her son. It's refreshing to see that not all the mommy-blogs out there include a dad. It makes it a little bit more relatable to me. They also are pretty much entirely different then me, but it's nice. There haven't been any posts in awhile, and I don't really know what's going on with that. But, if you want to see what a single mom's life is like, this would be a good blog to read. She's very creative and loves vintage. The things she makes are all on her blog and she explains how she makes them, so if you have a creative bone in your body and you like her stuff, you can make it. Plus her son is super adorable...and there are tons of pictures of him.

Last, but not least, there's Nola Bebe. This is about a couple that live in New Orleans and are expecting their first! And boy were they surprised. In her about us she says that "We're learning how to adapt from the couple with the costume box under their the couple who has a baby and is responsible." This blog is funny and heartwarming. I can also relate to them because I'm still trying to be more responsible. Plus they live in New Orleans and that is pretty awesome. She is really funny from what I've read and I can't wait till they're addition gets here. Reading about a person that isn't here is exciting, but it will be more exciting when they do have their little boy.

I know that all these blogs are mommy or family blogs. I have no idea why I like this genre so much. I'm trying to get away from it because I'm starting to think I'm crazy. So readers, what are your favorite blogs? I'd love to read them even if they are mommy blogs. But, if you have something else fun please feel free to share that too! All I really use my computer for is to read blogs anymore. The more the merrier and all that good stuff!

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Ali said...

I'm becoming quite the addict too :) Check out and kinda mommy blogs, but also crafty blogs..