Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey There!

Well, normally I don't just talk about my week to you guys, but I'm gonna try something different this time! Posting on just one subject a post can actually get kind of hard, but I don't want to be just throwing out there what I did every week. lol. Oh, and since I'm talking a lot about what has made me happy this week, there will be a lot of exclamation points. I really do love them right now. Just an FYI for ya!

I've been cigarette free for a whole week now!!!! I'm so happy for myself. Unfortunately, it has had some down sides to it. The first is that I was extremely irritable/bitchy/emotional...etc. for most of the first week. Day 5 was definitely the worst. I thought I was gonna kill somebody. I almost quit my job because customers were being mean to me and I was being a big sissy about it. I've done this job for 2 years and people have always been the same. It was just me trying to deal with not having nicotine. Secondly, I'm sooooooo hungry. I have no clue what the hell my deal is. I realized it today and now I'm making changes so I don't eat as much.

I'm gonna geek out for a second here and apologize to any guy reading this. Tomorrow is Titanic in 3-D and I'm totally going!!! I'm soooo excited. My dad and I are gonna have a little "us" time and hangout watching one of our favorite movies together. I normally can't stand 3-D because it really isn't all that cool, but I'll take whatever excuse I can to see Titanic again. I effing love it!!!! It was definitely my first favorite adult movie. I think my dad saw it in theaters 9 times. Leonardo Dicaprio was my biggest crush at that time. I remember that I had a 100 day project due for school in third grade and my dad helped me glue 100 picutres of him to a poster board. Like I said, I'm geeking out. My dad would always tease me and tell me that he saw the version of the movie where Jack lived and I would always get really mad at him for it. It's quite funny looking back at it. No really, incase you can't tell I'm SUPER PUMPED!

I have some work ish going on right now. I was notified of a position that would promote me and I applied for it. However, I found out that I'm competing against 4 other people for that position. It's kind of irritating because I've worked at this store longer than the other 4 people and I feel that seniority should matter. I also found out that I didn't do to well on a certain part of the application for it. I was told that it isn't the end of my running but I really think it is. Hopefully my negative thinking doesn't come true and I somehow manage to end up getting a promotion. I'll let you guys know fo' sho!

And finally, I decided that I wanted get healthier since I have quit smoking. I have always been somewhat obsessed about my body image and right now I feel I'm at my worst. Sooooo, I'm going to start running and eating healthier. I haven't had the best time with finances lately, it seems a lot has popped up and I really needed a pair of running shoes. And then today, I finally got a miracle. I was at my gma's house and she had just happened to buy a pair of running shoes in a half size too big for her. Well, guess who they fit? That's right, me! So I got myself a pair of running shoes. Yay me! And I've never been someone to eat healthy at all. I hate veggies and fruit, but tonight I decided to try some fresh asparagus and I really liked it! Then, I decided to try a strawberry and it was pretty damn good too! So, apparently my taste buds are changing, and I don't think they could have picked a better time.

I think that's about it for now. Sorry it's so long but I just had a lot to say tonight! Hope ya'll have a wonderful week....and all that good stuff!


Naomi Orr said...

Too funny about your Titanic obsession. I am still mad that Jack died! Next thing you know, you will like brussel sprouts and liver too! LOL!

Missy said...

Titanic is a good movie. Not sure I'm in love with it enough to go pay to see it since I'm pretty sure I have a copy here at home, but I'm glad it makes you happy. Congrats on being cigarette free, that is awesome!! And could be the reason your tastebuds are changing... think about it, the smoke and all the toxins aren't changing your perception of the food anymore, so it tastes different.

Chloe said...

Oh no! Those two things are something I'll never try. Lol. And If they both would have gotten on that door he would have lived! Lol. I'm glad I'm not the only person who was mad he died.

jaymo27 said...

The Titanic hahah what a flic I cant seem to make it through that three hour bore any more, but I do want to say great job on the ciggerets. I too am trying to give them up its a little harder for me my job is boreing and I need something to do fromt time to time.