Thursday, April 12, 2012

22 before 22

I always want to start off my blogs with the word "so". I find it kinda weird.

Anyway, what I'm about to do seems very popular along the blogging world right now. I thought that I would like to take part in it.

22 before 22 is just what it sounds like..22 things I want to do before I turn 22. Here we go.

22 before 22

1. Quit Smoking - done!

2. Move out

3. Start running

4. Add to my star tattoo

5. Catch lightning bugs with my daughter

6. Go see a movie by myself

7. Roadtrip

8. Volunteer with my daughter

9. Take a picture every day for a month (longer if I can)

10. Take T to Silver Dollar City

11.This one is for me <3

12. Learn how to have a better blog

13. Take a class just because

14. Karaoke

15. Plan a surprise party

16. Go to KC with B and enjoy a movie at a certain theatre

17. Drink less soda/more water

18. Develop a Reading List

19. Try different beers

20. Go camping with B and our friends

21. Believe in something

22. Have a makeover at Ulta (vain but oh well!)

What is on your list? Feel free to share in the comments and/or write it in your blog. If you write it leave me the link so I can visit it. Hope you find this inspiring...I know I did when I first saw one.

Happy listing.....and all that good stuff!


Ali said...

A makeover at Ulta is NOT vain! You work hard momma, take a break!

Chloe said...

Thanks girl ;)