Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best 24 Hour Trip Ever

Oh my goodness I had such a great weekend. I definitely needed it and I feel so relaxed now. I have a good work week ahead and now that my head is clear, I'm ready. The server in me felt terrible last week but I think she's back.

I decided that I would tell you about my weekend bullet style because I could ramble on for days if I just did it paragraph style. Ya ready? This is how you have a great weekend.

- Y'all know I went and saw Blake this weekend. He was fabulous! Such a great performer. Even though we were in the nosebleeds, it was still wonderful. We agreed that we'd go back to see him again and be closer this time. He really is a funny person. If I could meet him I would.

- I ate all the things this weekend. At the concert we had some Papa John's pizza and bread. Then after the concert we went by a convenient store and I got a sub and some hot cheetos. The next day I stopped by Cheesecake Factory because I needed to get Blake a surprise so I got two pieces of Hershey's Chocolate Cheesecake to go. Oh my lawwws that shit is the bomb. Seriously, I had never had Cheesecake Factory before and I loooove it. I wanted pumpkin but they don't get that shit until mid-October. The girl upfront didn't think I was funny when I asked if the 5th counted as mid-October. Whatever, she had no sense of humor. Then I went and got myself some lunch at Jack In The Box because I always have to have some when I make a trip to Oklahoma. They have this bad ass machine you can order at. It's perfect for non-social people who also happen to be a little hungover. Then Blake, Teagan, and I had some hibachi
. Yummmmm. We owed it to her. And it was amazing. As always. We celebrated my dad's birthday at Guzzanos Pizza. I don't know if that's a thing or just a local place. I had a beer and a pizzadilla. Pizza and a tortilla? Yes please. They have a really good brownie and my dad got one for his birthday and of course I munched out on it. I think this is the longest point ever. I really like to eat and my inner fat girl was rejoicing this weekend.

- I did fun big(ger) city things this weekend. I ate a hot dog from a hot dog vendor outside of a bar. I'm so super excited about it. I was gonna put the hot dog in the last point but I thought it deserved it's own because I'm proud of it. I saw a food truck for the first time. I love food trucks. We don't have any around us and I just get so excited when I read or hear about them. So cool. We were gonna get food from it but it started to downpour so we took off. I hailed a cab and walked around an actual bar district. It was super duper fun and it makes me want to move to Tulsa. I always want to move when I get back from a trip. But Tulsa is exactly between my aunt and everybody else so it's only a two hour drive both ways. It would be perfect.

- I learned that dive bars are my thing. That's all we have in my little town so I didn't have anything to compare it to. We went to a little place called Arnie's. It was exactly what you'd expect, it looked a little dirty and was small but still so much better than the dance bar we went to. It was called Legends and I just felt so out of place. I mean I love to dance so maybe I wasn't drunk enough. But the people were rude and all I could think was that the girls needed to go home and put clothes on. And that's coming from somebody who loves to show her cleavage off. Hmmm. This place was huge and their were too many people. I'd rather be crammed in a bar that may not have been dusted in the last 6 months and listen to all types of music.We walked back to our original dive bar and grabbed a brew. We sat outside on the patio because it was starting to cool down. Then we invited ourselves to a debate about music with three dudes sitting at the table next to us. They were probably thinking...these crazy drunk bitches.

- Last call was called, ok actually screamed at us. So we decided to hike it back to our car which was a good mile away. No biggie, drunk Chloe will walk for days. And that's when it decided to pour. It wasn't just a little bit of rain, nope, a down pour. I had never gotten makeup in my eyes before that and that shit fucking burns really bad. I couldn't open my eyes! That's when I hailed the taxi like a big girl. I was so proud of myself. Not that there were other people around but still...I like to do these things.

- I went to an Apple store for the first time ever. Guys, that shit is like heaven. iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs...and a bazillion other Apple products for days. And the staff was super accommodating. I had to make my way over there earlier than my scheduled appointment because we didn't realize our checkout time was 11 instead of 12. They fixed my iPad but I couldn't tell you what was wrong with it because I don't speak techie.

All in all, it was a great mini trip. Seriously all this took place in 24 hours. I also learned to enjoy my 20's because I bounced back from my hangover like a pro compared to Kyla. I'm ready to do it again. Come and get me ladies.

If you ever need a concert buddy, hit me up. I know how to have a great time.

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Jordan said...

Holy shit. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I want to eat all of it. You do know that's why I work out right? BECAUSE FOOD.


So happy you had such a great time!