Friday, October 18, 2013

Concert People

Happy Friday cupcakes. I don't know if I've hit an all time low or high because I'm currently blogging from my bed. I can't lie, it's pretty great. I'm comfortable and warm and just feel like I'm in the right place. Or I'm just lazy and can't bother with being an actual human person today and I don't want to change clothes or associate with anybody. I might even take a little siesta when I finish this post. =) This is what Fridays are all about.

So I went to see Florida Georgia Line on Wednesday night and it was fucking amazing. Those boys can party hard. And I wouldn't mind partying with BK. Mmhmm. But seriously, I saw them when they opened for Luke and they were good but I didn't pay them much attention because I wasn't into them yet. So this time around I was super pumped and it was everything I expected it to be. 

Since this is like my 8th concert this year, I thought I'd give you some ways to make sure you enjoy yourself. You ready?

(1) Always have at least one kind of alcoholic beverage. That's the first rule of every concert. I couldn't handle the crowds if I didn't have some liquid of some sort running through my veins. The more you have, the less you care about everything but the band. Also, the more you have, the more likely it will be that you won't be able to stand up and you might try and sell your boots. Or pee outside. But always have some.

Always have something to drink. Or many somethings.
(2) Go with the right people. This would have been number one but I like booze better so it won. But seriously, if you go to a concert with the wrong people, prepare to have a terrible time. The right people won't make fun of you when you have to stop and lay down because you drank too much and you might need to puke. And they'll push you away from the huge fight that's happening because they don't want you in it. And sometimes they'll take your phone and take a picture from way up high because they know that you can't get a good one. =) Blake was awfully nice to me. 

(3) Know your venue. I had been to Dallas Stadium before so I knew what to expect when we went to see Kenny again. I've been to the place that we're going to go see Keith at tomorrow. Although it's been 6 years, I kinda remember how it's set up. What I didn't know, was anything about the venue where we saw FLAGA Line. It was at a private college and that shit was small. Like, no matter where you were sitting you had good seats small. Not too hard to get lost in. Also the most important reason to know this is so that you know where the beer guy is. Remember, he's  the most important.

(4) If you can save yourself from it, don't go to a concert at a college. This may just be my personal preference but it wasn't my favorite. College kids are drunk asses. I've never partied with college kids before and I had no clue that I would get to watch some "awesome" girls and guys share slobber with each other. Seriously on Wednesday there were these two drunk girls who were making out with these guys that I assume were their boyfriends the whole time. Like you know, the drunk sloppy makeout. THEN THEY WOULD SWITCH GUYS. Like seriously??? And drunk college bros are asses too. They don't give a shit who they stand right directly in front of. ugh. End rant./

(5) This is the most important. Have a good fucking time. Take too many pictures, sing as loud as you possibly can, have horrendous dance moves, do whatever makes you feel like you had the best experience of your life. Because that's how you should feel after every concert. And I can say that I have had the best experiences so far. =) Because anytime there are confetti cannons after a concert, you know you did it right!

Of course I'm linking up with Whitsicle for #backthatazzup Friday. And I'm gonna join Sarah for Fan Friday too. Because duh. 

I can't get this song out of my head. And it's appropriate for the weekend I'm about to have!

Venus Trapped in Mars


Venus Trapped In Mars said...

I WANT TO SEE Florida GA line SOOOOOO BAD! Now you've convinced me. When I was living in Knoxville, the biggest concerts would be in the basketball arena on campus. NO one ever wanted to go though because they don't serve any booze, at all. Talk about a concert ruiner!

Stephanie said...

I could never go to a concert and not drink. I'd want to murder everyone for being in my way and generally crowding my personal space bubble.
Not enough to drink to attempt to sell my boots though ;)

Marty With The Party said...

FGL was amaziiiiing when I saw them open for Luke like a month and a half ago. I wasn't too into them, but my best friends are all about them. That night, FGL totally won me over. Agreed on 1 & 2. Good booze [snuck in a flask hidden in your boot!] and good people! Happy to see another concert lover in the link up, tonight is my 9th concert! I'm seeing Jason Aldean!

Jordan said...

WAIT WHAT. Switch!? What the fuck. Glad it was a good show though! Totally agree on having something or many somethings to drink on :)

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

8th concert?? wow! that's awesome. i just wish concerts weren't so dang expensive!!

Vodka and Soda