Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Handle Your Liquor

Well, here we are. We made it to Monday. Sad face. Let's just skip Monday and get right to Wednesday because I get to go see Florida Georgia Line! Eeeep. I'm so pumped.

This weekend was a good one. Friday consisted of work and going to bed at 9 like the old lady that I am. Grandmas just love them some damn sleep. Saturday I worked for 12 hours and then went to the Wife's new house fora bonfire. The weather was perfect for a bonfire. Still chilly but not too chilly. Just great! But unfortunately...I blew chunks by the end of the night. That means it was  success right? Sure. 

So today I thought I'd give you my rules of drinking. I don't always follow these rules but when I do I'm in for such a nice treat.

1. Always drink your liquor before beer. Ok, this isn't my rule and everybody of legal drinking age should know it. But I don't like to follow rules. Nope, nope I don't. I went jager shot, jager shot, beer, fireball, fireball, jager, beer. Bad bad bad. 

2. Mix your liquors. I should have learned this after my 21 birthday that I never told you about. If you wanna make sure that you're gonna blow chunks and feel like shit the next day, always make sure that you mix liquors. As I said earlier....I mixed the wonderful Jager and Fireball. The two are so unalike it's crazy. The only way you can to break this rule is by having long islands. I mean obviously, they have all the booze in them already. 

3. Always drink on an empty stomach. Because nothing says I feel like I should blow chunks tonight like not having anything to eat for the past 10 hours. 

4. Stay classy. This applies to everyday life. Not just drinking. 

5. After you blow chunks, go back outside to the party. Sit there for about 5 minutes, feel sick again so go sit in the wet grass to feel better. Then go to bed. 

And that's exactly what I did.

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Kendra Pahukoa said...

hilarious!stay classy girl!:)

Stephanie said...

hahaha #5 cracked me up!

Jordan said...

I grandma'ed it up this weekend myself as well. I think we all learn the hard way to not mix... but sometimes, hit shappens.

Amanda Nicole said...

I so want to copy your post. I think I will this week. Obviously credit will be given :)