Saturday, November 10, 2012


Happy Saturday! I get the pleasure of being off today and figured that since I'm already up I would write a post. I've been up since 645 and my daughter is at her dad's and I don't have to work. Somebody needs to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. I should enjoy sleeping in!

Anyway...I've wanted to do a Thankful post everyday this month but that idea just seemed a little overwhelming. Especially since I don't blog everyday. So I decided that I would do a weekly thankful list. Normally it will come out on Thursday but I didn't decide until after Thursay.

{Day One} Thursday Nov 1
I'm thankful for the little girl that calls me mama. She's so amazing and I just can't believe how beautiful she is. Childhood innocence is a wonderful thing and I enjoy watching the awe in everything she sees.

{Day Two} Friday Nov 2
I"m thankful for my momma and daddy. I wouldn't be anywhere without them. They have always been quite good examples of adults. They were never married but they don't mind being around each other. In fact my mom often celebrates holidays with my dad's family. They couldn't make me happier. 

{Day Three} Saturday Nov 3
I'm thankful for Boyfriend. He is good to us. It makes me happy knowing how much he loves Teagan. 
I wouldn't want it any other way. He takes her as his own. We have our moments but the good are always better than the rough ones. 

{Day Four} Sunday Nov 4 
I'm thankful for my Auntie. She's taught me so much about life and relationships. I love how close we are and I can't imagine it any other way. I love her so much and I don't ever want her to forget it.

{Day Five} Monday Nov 5 
I'm thankful for my little sisters. We haven't always been the closest and sometimes they irritate me, but they're mine. I love being an older sister. The relationship between me and my middle sister is fun. I wouldn't trade either of them for anything. 

{Day Six} Tuesday Nov 6
I"m thankful for my best friend with four legs. I love that little dog so much. She truly is my child. 

{Day Seven} Wednesday Nov 7
I'm thankful for my wife. I love that girl. I'm so glad we have become friends. She's amazing!

And there's the first week! They won't always be this sappy. lol. 

Have a great Saturday. Can't wait to read about what you did this weekend!

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Alexandra Victoria said...

I loved your thankful #1! It's a great feeling watching the world from their eyes. It changes your perspective on everything. And yes you should definitely sleep in, coming from a mom who hasn't had an evening away from her daughter since July... Sleep :)