Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Friday Favs!

I really was going to write a post today. But I just feel like I"m pressed for time. I hate being pressed for time. I work a double make up for the double I worked yesterday but my morning shift was a hole hour and fucking half long. I was peeved. I drove 20 minutes to get some extra hours and all I get was a damn hour and a half shift and another double today. I took a THREE HOUR break before they let me come back on yesterday. Well that shit's not gonna fly today kids. I'll be straight up with them. No way, no how. Anyway.... Here we go

Favorite Day
Saturday takes the win this week. I'm off tomorrow and I have a Mary Kay cocktail party and a birthday party to attend. Boooyah! Except I have so much homework to get done I might not get to go. =(

Favorite Website
I got off the Pinterest bandwagon for a minute but I found my way back. =))))
Feel free to follow me!

Favorite Candy
So my momma went out and bought an 18 pack variety box of Twizzlers the day after Halloween! 
They have been pretty awesome. Until now, pull and peel has been my favorite but now this takes the cake.
Omg are they yum! The red ones are my favorite.

Favorite Drink
Redbull. Hands down. Like I need to lay off the stuff because I've been drinking so much of it lately.
I go through spurts. And they're always on sale. Who can resist a good sale?? 
Unfortunately I don't have any wings! They lie. 

I do have good posts planned for next week. So come back k?!?

Have a great weekend kittens!

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