Friday, November 30, 2012

Cara Box Reveal

My my...I know I posted late on Wednesday and I'm posting late tonight, however, it's been a long week over here. Hopefully everything works out by Monday. (That's extreme wishing). But today was the last day for Miss Kaitlyn's Cara Box Swap Reveal and I needed to post. This was an awesome swap. I really like the meaning behind it and I like her rules. Check it out!

I got partnered with Alex from Dear Genevieve and I love this girl! No kidding, we've become really good friends through this whole thing.

The theme for this month's box was childhood. The problem was that neither of us could think of anything from our childhood that we could send each other. So we just agreed that maybe the theme wasn't for us and to do our own thing. Unfortunately, my box got sent back to her for some reason! She's gonna send it out again tomorrow. But, she did send me a picture of some of the items in it!

Somehow we decided to do the same theme without telling each other. Our theme was relaxation. We both have young kids so it just seemed appropriate. I'm excited to see this stuff in person. Oh, and there are things she included that aren't in this picture so some things are still a surprise! 

Cara Box


Jessica Simmons said...
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Jessica Simmons said...

So I thought this would be a great post to tell you I am your puppy present partner! lo

Jessica Simmons said...

here is my email!