Monday, January 21, 2013

Block Gets The Best of Me Again

Happy Monday to you cupcake! I know that some of you don't have to work and let me just say that I'm super jealous. Everybody else...I feel ya.

Have you ever gone car shopping? I hate it. HATE it. It's fun to look but when the number crunching happens and I find out that I can't even afford half of a broke down station wagon, I get sad. Saturday the boyfriend and I went to go find me a new car. Well, at least to start looking at them. The first place we went I found a beautiful 07 Civic that I wanted to know about. I had no plan to even talk to a salesman but after I saw this I needed to. So there we went, in his "office" to talk numbers. They'd give me $2000 for my pos. That was nice. A lot more than I thought we'd get from it. I got an insurance quote while I was waiting for his offer, and I about died. DIED I tell you. For basic full coverage I was gonna pay $250 a month. Bahahaha. Not on this wage I make now. Mr. Car Salesman couldn't get an answer from a bank that day so I'm waiting on a phone call from him today. That phone call to tell me that I'm a poor girl and can't have anything nice. Boo. I seriously felt so defeated after we left. One car looked at, and I was sad.And grumpy for the rest of the damn day. If only we would have just looked!

 See, I don't have patience. None. When I car shop, I don't like to lolligag and look everywhere. I see one I like and I wanna get it and be done. Then somebody laughs at me and sends me spiraling down with the realization that I'm not gonna get very far only looking at one car.

That's all I did this weekend. The rest of the time was spent working.

Blogger's Block is back in full force. Somebody help me. Don't mind me and my millions of link ups this week. I didn't blog last week and now I have a crap post for today. Blah.

Anybody have any car salesman friends? Or just wanna fund momma's new ride? Please don't hesitate.

Happy Monday loves.


Whitney Leigh said...

We have a car guy.
Basically we will never have to pay more that what the dealers get the cars for ever again.

And I still hate car shopping.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I've been needing a new car for a while now.

But I would rather die then have a car payment.

That sounds dramatic. who cares.

Brian Switzer said...

If only you had a close relative who spent years of his life in the car business and still had connections in three different states. You're like your Aunt, who could have paid 5k for a $25,000 if she would have made one phone call when things got sticky. Ya'all crack me up.