Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I couldn't not tell you about my weekend because for once I did something, so I'm linking up a day late. And also because my life seems to always be habitually late.  In case you missed it, my dad wrote a guest post for me yesterday! Check it out because its pretty on point. You may not like the title but his post has truth. 

This weekend was nice for me I worked a double Friday and then off Saturday. I hadn't had any peace and quiet since before Christmas Eve so I took Saturday off. I originally had plans to be a somewhat efficient human being and get some stuff done but it didn't work out. I sat on the couch in my jammies with my dog on my lap.

Gah I couldn't fix her crazy eyes.

After a long cuddle session, Wife and I went to the local deli and had lunch. We also got the side eye from some crazy bitches the whole time we were there. Apparently, by walking in to the deli we committed the ultimate sin. I don't know what the hell there problem was. Except we were cuter, younger, and a lot more fun. haha. We had enough of side eye so we went to Starbucks to use our gift cards. I got her and myself one for Christmas. Mine was just so I could get a gold card =) I'm becoming a Starbucks junkie and it's all the blog world's fault! 

Then I came home for a nap. Because I had the worst headache of my entire life. Blah. So I took what was supposed to be a 30 minute nap that turned into a 2 hour nap. See, I was expecting my mom to come home but she was late because she went to the store. Of course. When I woke up boyfriend wanted to know if we were going to go eat at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse. I was still frazzled and in my jammies. But I said sure. Our friends were all going because Saturday was Chelsey's birthday. She turned 23 with the angels. So I got dressed, and hightailed it to eat. 

My crazy hair

Boyfriend's idea of a good picture. Can't you just see the uncomfortableness in my face?? 
Let me tell you a quick story, there were 13 of us who went to eat, but everybody that has been to a hibachi grill knows that there are more seats than that. This table just so happened to have a family of 5 at it. A mom, dad, two daughters, and one of their boyfriends. And they were all stiff and uppity. And boyfriend kept talking about shit that was so inappropriate in front of this family. Cue dagger eyes from mama bear over there. And uncomfortableness in this picture. 

A better one but not great. 

After our Hibachi dinner, where the waiter made sure to embarass a few of us (haha, they deserved it) we took ourselves over to the bowling alley for some pitchers rock and bowl. What's rock and bowl you say? It's where they play really loud music, turn on black lights and other crazy lights and you bowl. Woooo! I don't bowl though. I have this problem with not wanting to embarrass myself in front of people. But I drank! Nasty ass Miller and Coors light. But beer is beer is beer. A great time was had by everybody.

Under a black light you can see highlighters better. 

Wife and I. Hahaha I don't know what she was doing. 

Some of us girls. I learned to not have a boy take our picture because most of these look funny.

See, his idea of pictures. Lovely isn't it.

I wish this looked way better. What is a guy's problem with a camera? lol. 

And that was my weekend!


Whitney Leigh said...

FUN!! your weekend kicked my weekend's butt! And I love your boyfriend's beard. that thing is serious. Landon grows a mean beard too.
real men, right there. :)

Jordan said...

I love hibachi places! And I'm starving... oh what I would do for a bowl of fried rice right now. Looks like you had a fun weekend!