Monday, January 14, 2013

Karma Gods Must Hate Me

Man what a weekend. I'm so glad it's over. Yeah, it was so bad that I'm going to be happy that the damn thing is over.

All weekend long I worked. Par for the course. Not a big deal.

Saturday was rough. We had an 8 am meeting on top of a double. And all I got was a measly 30 minute lunch break. At the meeting we got free wine though. And we tasted the new stuff we're coming out with. After the meeting it was straight to work. No time for sleep.

It was a rainy Saturday. After a beautiful 60 degree Friday. 30 degree rainy Saturday. Ick. The rain started on my break at 230. I ran to Mickey D's for some shicken nuggets. (that's how the little says it.) Ate and went back to work. When I got back I decided that I didn't want to park super far away from the doors even though that's where employees are supposed to park. I wear a white shirt and didn't want to be the only participant in the wet t-shirt contest. So I parked close to the door. rains, no biggie. Then that shit turned to ice. Ughhh. And we were dead. The longest our waiting list got was 7 names. That's nothing compared to the 30-35 we're used to on a Saturday night. Finally it was time to go home at last. Except we had ice all over our cars. So I went out to defrost that bitch and the doors were frozen shut. I gave it one hard pull and let go. Then one more and the door started to open. And then this happened.

Yeah, that would be a door handle. In my hand. Not on the car. Can you say FAIL much?? I no longer have a door handle on the driver's side of my car. And I didn't even pull that hard. Yeah, that means I can't get in my car from the driver's side either. Life is grand. Then, I couldn't get the passenger side opened up either. A couple people came to help but I didn't want to pull that side off and be fucked forever so I said forget it and boyfriend came to get me. I left my car at work for the night and that gave me the worst feeling ever. I work right off of the interstate and I was scared somebody would try and steal it. Don't get me wrong, if somebody wanted to steal the damn thing go right ahead, but I had a lot of shit in there. I always have a lot of shit in there.

I got up Sunday morning and called work to make sure I still had my car. Sure enough, nobody wanted it. I spend the day with boyfriend and he takes me to work. I make him get the passenger side open because I wasn't about to do it. He gets it open and I go into work. Life is good. After two hours, it's time to go home. I can't complain, didn't really want to be there anyway. I go out to my car and start to get in, except the damn door is frozen shut again. So I take my keys and dig the ice out of the door with them. Tug, nothing. Clean and tug again, nothing. Then I realize the door is locked. That wouldn't be a big deal to most people. Well, my passenger side lock is mangled and I can't get my key in. Lovely. Now, I'm locked out of my fucking car while the driver side door is unlocked but I can't open it. Boyfriend locked the damn thing without even thinking about it. Another $25 and 30 minutes later, my locksmith is there. Thank god. I've never been more happy to get in this piece of shit car then I was the day I first got it and didn't realize how shitty it truly was.

I guess this is what I get for parking where I know I shouldn't. It won't happen again. Thanks karma. Point proven. The positive of this mess, now the whole family agrees I need a new car. Finally!


Jordan said...

Your locksmith is cheap! I'm sorry, sounds like a pain in the ass. Hope you have a better week my friend!

itsmekt said...

ugh thats horrible, my last car was a huge POS, to the point where I prayed for it start and not shut back off as i was driving, yeh u read that right, as im driving down the road, usualy in a good mood belting out pop lyrics like a boss my car will randomly lose pwr then decrease in speed and come to a stop sometimes it would take up to 40 mins to start again made for a awesome day since i drive the stupid thing to work .. like i said POS lol!! -0 found you via the link up, now following come say hi

Beth W said...

Wow. I'm glad you're ok!