Friday, January 11, 2013

Books & Letters

Last year, I did my first ever blogger swap. And I loved it! Ever since then I've been addicted to them but, as I said in my resolution post, I have to slow down on them.

This month I'm taking on the Books 'n Bloggers Swap hosted by the fabulous Miss Angie and Beth who came together to create Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This was the first swap I did and I got Angie herself as my swap partner. So of course, when I saw it was time to do the swap again, I was in.

The premise is real simple. You buy 3 books for your partner, one of your favorites, one that is on their wishlist (which is provided), and a book that you've never read that you think your partner would like!

So go sign up, maybe we can be partners! 
And I have some Friday's Letters for you guys. Because blogger block is still in charge of my mind, but it's slowly fading. 
Dear Boyfriend, I love you. Love love love you. Sorry for the mushyness but we're just so good right now. It feels amazing, no petty fights, no big fights, just peace, fun, and love between us. Can't get much better. 
Dear School, You start Monday, however I don't go until Tuesday. And while I'm excited for you for the time being, give it a good four weeks and we'll be enemies again. At least I'm taking some fun classes and have an awesome schedule. I can't complain. 
Dear Teagan, I miss you. This is my weekend with you and I'm going to spend at least 10 hours at work tomorrow. Boo. But on Sunday I don't work until 5. Which is a pointless time to go in but whatever. I just want you and me to hangout and do whatever you want to do. 
Dear Car, I can't wait until this love/hate relationship between us is over. I hate that you have so many problems and cost me an outrageous amount of money for being such a piece of shit. I love how beautiful you are. Red and so pretty. You're very me on the outside and I love it. But I just can't handle you anymore. I have to get a new one. 
Dear Job, BLAHHHHHHHH. I'm not feeling you lately. Could be because I don't have any more days off to look forward to. Could be because I can't get a decent paycheck to save any damn money. But I love most of the people I work with. I've made great friends =)
Dear Tv, Thank you for coming back! I'll be doing a post Monday on what I'm most happy to see. I can sit on my ass and lose my mind in some tv. Mhm! 
Dear Blog World, I love you to pieces! Thank you for giving me a hobby. I love my relationships with my bloggy friends. Those girls mean a lot to me and you all crack me up. I love your faces!

I'm linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season.


Jess said...

What a fun swap! I never know what books to read!

Beth W said...

Yay! Thanks for joining us for the swap- we're excited to have ya! :D

Jordan said...

That looks like such a fun swap! I'd join but that's right after I get back from vacation and lord knows I'm going to be broke after that. Maybe next time! Happy Friday!

holli said...

I love the idea for the book swap. I kinda went crazy last year and spent too much on swaps. Have fun and cant wait to see what books you read.

Ashton Belle said...

Sounds like a awesome swap! LOVE the dear car part, I use to say the same things to my old jeep. Looked good but it was a COMPLETE piece lol.

Hope your having a great weekend!