Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nothing To See Here

It's Thursday for all you wonderful people. I'm pretending it's Wednesday. I work all weekend long and my only day off was Sunday. I get excited when the week goes by fast but when I work all weekend it doesn't matter. So my Sunday was really Monday. Get it? Ok, well I do. Congratulations on the fact that after today you only have one more day of hates work!

I was traveling through the interwebs reading everybody's blog, when my girl Jordan posted a really good idea. It was along the lines of giving something up for a week. Then something different for the next week that month. Fast food, soda, etc. My only problem is, I don't know what the hell I'd give up. I mean of course fast food and pop but what the hell else? It's not like I do much of anything. Hmmph. Give me ideas???

Also, I was thinking of a doing an uncluttering project. Thinking 40 bags in 40 days. But, I live at home and can't throw all my mom's stuff out. Well, I could, it's easy for me but she'd cry. And we don't like to make people cry. Well, that's a lie. Sometimes people deserve to cry. So I was going to do like sections in my room...but I need ideas for that too. I have my closet as bag number one. And 2-40 are empty.

That's all I've got today. Nothing. Nada. My mind has been empty for two days now. I'm starting to worry. Eeekkk. I'm gonna go start planning out my daughter's birthday party so that I have it all planned but I procrastinate too long and all my planning goes to shit. See ya tomorrow cupcakes. Hopefully something comes to mind by then. - This hot mess..... Is getting hotter and messier

How I feel today. You have no idea.

I'm linking up with Jena at Recently Roached for This 'n That Thursday. Because it's all this and none of that.

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Whitney Leigh said...

I hate Blogger's Block. I had it way bad after my Christmas vacay.
you are my hero for having such a positive attitude with working all weekend. I get so whiny when I have to do that. haha