Monday, June 24, 2013

We Survived

Yep, we survived our first week of puppyhood. And I hope you can survive this puppy picture overload.

I owe it all to the booze gods for graciously giving me enough beer so that I wouldn't lose my shit.

No seriously though, what a long week it was. I don't feel like I've ever wanted to bang my head against a wall so much in one week. I've said "no, ouch, that's not yours, Olivia," more times than I think I ever have. And I'm the queen of telling people no. Just ask my mom.

Checking out the scenery
I've come out this week with all of my stuff still in tact. Nothing is chewed up yet, at least not that I'm aware of. Blake might have just thrown it away as to not deal with my hissy fits.

Getting ready to attack my phone. 

I've learned a lot about getting a puppy. Like maybe you shouldn't do it when your life is in the middle of some chaotic changes. Blake started a new job, I started serving, and  we had to get used to Teagan's summer visitation schedule. And for some reason getting a puppy during all of this was a great idea. Or not. I'm surprised I'm not a single lady, for all the crabbiness it seems I've put out there. I was tired. Forgive me! He was tired too. Oops. =)

Nothing is better than tormenting other dogs.

The later half of the week has been much better. She listens a little. OK, she listens a lot but only to Blake. She listens a little to me. This is what I look like when he tells her to do something I just told her to do but she doesn't listen to me.

She's getting used to a routine and sleeping more =) I can't complain about that. When she sleeps I get cuddles because cuddles with this dog don't happen any other time. Ever. EVER. And also, no pictures. Every time I try and take a picture of her she bounces off. So, what's the secret puppy moms? What in the hell do you do?

Do you see how big she got in just a week!

Go hard or go home.


Stephanie said...

Awww she's just so darn cute though! I've never done 'puppy.' I was too young when my parents' dogs were puppies to really know anything annoying they did. And they got their last two when they were older. And princess Hawkeye was 1 when I got her, so she didn't have puppy stage. I doubt she ever did though, she's such a queen.

Jamie said...

She's so cute!

Jordan said...

Since we're moving in a house soon, I am so tempted to get a puppy. I keep playing with the idea but I may just need to wait a little while longer. She's a cutie though! At least she listens to SOMEONE? lol

Kristen said...

Yay for a million pictures of Olivia! I can never get enough puppy pictures :) Our pup is turning 1 in two weeks, I can't believe it.. Time flies! ha

Adriana said...

definintely hold up treats and have your camera always ready! She's adorable!

cayli johnson said...

Oh my gosh what a cute freaking puppy!!! Just came across your blog. I love it! Following you hope you stop by and visit and follow me back. I would love to have you!