Friday, June 21, 2013

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been...

If there were pms police they would be after me this week. I've been such a crabby, whiny, tired, crazy lady. I decided to fill you guys in with the wonderfulness that you might get to experience if you actually got to hang out with me everyday.

I dropped my child support card out of my shorts pocket and it fell underneath the deck. Not a big deal really, I cancelled it and went on with my life. Later, I went to buy something and realized I actually dropped my debit card. I quietly pouted in my car. Womp womp. No monies for me right now. 

I started to cry because they didn't have any onion rings at BK. Then BK got my order wrong 3 times. I cried a little more. The last time I didn't even bother having them fix it. I just got angry and gave up. 

I cried because I didn't want to do anything and my mom and tea wanted to. They hurt my feelings by saying "We don't have to go then." I lost it. They weren't even being mean.

I'm the cat, this is the look I've been getting all week.

I'm so tired this week that I've spelled my own name wrong on many entries in two different giveaways. Oops.

My blog reader that I use on my phone decided that it was going to connect with another reader service. I updated it and lost all the blogs that I hadn't read yet that morning. I proceeded to yell at my phone even though it didn't matter. 

What I'm trying to say is...I've been a loon. And I'm sorry. Happy Friday cupcakes. Love ya!

Just Kidding...It's Friday so of course there has to be a #backthatazzup Friday song.

Now...Happy Friday Cupcakes. Love ya!


Yammering Yankee said...

Well all have our looney days. Mine tend to come frequently and close together lol. Cheer up girl scout its friday! Whoop Whoop!

Jordan said...

Next week is "hell week" so I'm sure the next few days will be fun. Yay hormones.

Stephanie said...

Oh that song - It's been so long since I've heard it. An oldie but a goodie :)

I hope your weekend takes a turn for the better!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha omg that cat. I'm dying, I have SO been there.

Beth W said...

Oh, those weeks....I love those weeks. They prove to me who really loves me, and who is easily frightened. ;)
The uterus sketch there....BRILLIANT. :D