Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trixie Here

I kicked my mom off the computer today. I have some things I need to say.

Remember when my mom told you guys about Olivia...yeah, I know, you all oogled all over her and how cute she was. But you're wrong. Wrong I tell you.

See, Tuesday night mom took me over to Dad's (what, your mom and dad don't live in seperate houses? well...more love for me that way) for what I assumed was a nice night out. I love going to dad's. See, he has the biggest yard and I can run for days in it. I was wrong. She took me over there to meet that new little shit I mean my new little sister. And what can I say, I'm not a fan.

All she does is jump on me and bite me. Bitch, you're crazy. The first time she did it, she got one of my hot spots so I yelped to let her know that I don't appreciate that shit. Mom felt bad for me so I got some loves and Olivia got talked to. Me -1, Olivia - 0.

Sticking my tongue out at her. 

When I get to Dad's I try and play with his other dogs but they don't want shit to do with me. I don't understand it. Well, now I do. I guess mom thought bringing me over would be good for me because I would have somebody to play with. Nope, I bit that idea in the ass. Actually, Olivia bit that idea in the ass. hahaha. I'm referring to when she bit my hot spot again. It's literally on my back by my cute little puppy butt. No mom, I won't let it go. It hurt.

I kept trying to get comfy on the couch but she wouldn't let me be. It was so irritating. I just wanted to nap beside Teagan the Terror. Shh mom, I know I'm not supposed to call her a terror but dammit she is! This time I got all up in her grill and scared her. Then mom yelled at me. Something about "Be nice, she's a baby. She doesn't understand why you're being mean she just wants to play with you." Yeah, whatever. Nice try. Dad got on to Olivia and then he sat on the couch with us. he held her down so she'd leave me alone.

So all in all, I don't want any siblings. I just want friends. And apparently my mom doesn't know what friends are. Whatever. I just want somebody like Hawkeye to hangout with. Is that too much to ask?? Well....I'm waiting for an answer. I have to go stare at her until she answers me. I'll see you guys again soon, I hope.


Alex[andra] said...

Hahaha, cute. I hope everyone gets along soon. :)

Stephanie said...

haha!! Poor Trixie. You can come hang out with Hawkeye any time. She's calm. She just wants to sleep and eat tacos. She doesn't want any siblings either!

Chloe West said...

Hahaha aww poor puppy! They'll get used to each other eventually. :)