Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TV Tuesdays

I'm not a huge fan of summer. I appreciate the warmth, but I loathe when boob sweat season starts. I hate being sweaty. It's gross. The one thing that I do love is swimming. But I don't know anybody with a pool. Sad face. And I live on a hill going both directions, so no pool for me! The worst part of summer? The tv. Seriously there is hardly anything on. Ever. And I love tv so when nothing is on I get a little grumpy.

 I didn't watch the season finale of Grey's until today just so I could watch some decent tv. And I cried. That damn show always makes me cry. I promise no spoilers for those of you who aren't caught up (cough cough Jordan cough).

During the summer there are a few shows I look forward to...almost anything on USA. Because I'm really a 78 year old grandma. True story. However, I found out a couple weeks ago that they cancelled Fairly Legal and it was one of my favs. So now I have Necessary Roughness, Royal Pains, and Suits. Womp womp. If I was a cool kid I'd have HBO and of I would religiously watch True Blood. I love that shit.

If I was a good blogger I'd watch an episode of RHO any city. But that seems like a lot of work and catching up I'd have to do. Maybe I could watch Bachelor/ette. But I can't get behind that shit. I understand some of you may looooove it, but I just don't get it. Not at all.

So what do you watch in the summer?


Erin said...

dont watch real housewives...you will get hooked instantly. I also feel dumber every time i watch it.

Anonymous said...

Wilfred is a pretty funny summer tv show. I usually watch Netflix and catch up on a new show or something.

Jordan said...

Daaaaaaaaaaamn called out. I know, I know. I'm going to start catching up on the last couple of seasons soon. Promise! First, I need a box of Kleenex. That show ALWAYS makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

Greys is the best show ever. I'm watching it right now actually. :)