Monday, June 3, 2013

Why I Better Be Able to Waitress Where Ever I Want

Happy Monday cupcakes.

I had the longest weekend ever possible. Ever.

Server training was this weekend and jeeez am I ready for that shit to be over. I've had to take a beverage test, a menu test, a server test, a safety and sanitation test and everybody's favorite, an alcohol test. And not the cool kind that tells you whether or not you're an alcoholic. No, the kind that asks what to do when people are already intoxicated when they come to eat, or how many beers a shot is equal to. Tests, tests, and more fucking tests. I think I can tell you anything about the OG menu. ANYTHING. I almost cried myself to sleep last night trying to study for the beverage test. So many drinks to know. And of course, I could remember my personal favorites, beer and margaritas, but not a lot of other shit.

3 pages worth of notes front and back. And I wasn't even done. For one test.

I took my first table by myself yesterday. I did decent. I had three tables and after everything was said and done, bussers and bartenders were tipped out...I made a weasly 10 doll hairs. But it's better than nothing. I was so nervous on that first table. Instead of asking if they'd like cheese on their soup/salad I would say "would you like soup/salad on your soup/salad." I felt like an idiot. I've served before so why the nerves? WHY??? But the next table was much better! I even got them to take some samples of wine and they each had a glass too! So my alcohol sales are great. I would be great at serving booze. On a different note though, when somebody is offering a free sample of wine, why would you turn it down? I don't get it. Well, there are some reasons I get, but hello, please pour me all the free samples you'd like! And just so you know, you can get up to three free samples of wine at Olive Garden. Enough to get a good buzz going.

That's how I spent my weekend. Fun stuff, let me tell you. I'm not complaining though. Ok, a little. In the end it will be worth it. I hope.

I signed up for the Itty Bitty Beauty Swap over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. I love make-up. Not that you would ever know because I hardly ever wear it, but a chance to get some more, I'm all up for that!

My swap partner was Courtney from Air Force Wife & Our Life. She sent me a pretty little package. Everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper...what could be better! 

First she sent me this neat little compact! It's one of the ones where you pick out your own colors to put in it. I didn't even know that e.l.f. made this and I think it's pretty cool! 

Obviously this isn't my picture but I told her I was in the market for a good nude lip color...and I love this one! It looks way more brown in the picture. It's perfect!

A regular and waterproof mascara duo. Schwing!

And this eyeliner pen. I'm kinda nervous to try it. I had a different one once and it was weird. It's literally like ink. I put my eyeliner on the rim of my eye and the one time I used the other one it got all in my eye. But, it didn't hurt Just scared the hell out of me and turned my eyeball black black for a little bit. 

So thank you Cortney. You did wonderful!!

And in other blogger news...this building right here is a Chipotle coming to yours truly! Yes, I've never been to Chipotle. How am I even a blogger? I don't know. But as soon as it opens I'll be in line and then I'll blog all about it. When I get fat, it's your fault. 

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Alex[andra] said...

I had no idea that servers had to make a set number of sales in alcohol. You learn something every day!

Stephanie said...

Chipotle is awesome, you're gonna love it. Man now I want some.
Sorry about all your tests! I had no idea it was that hard, jeez!

Jordan said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO TRY CHIPOTLE. You've seen my fifty thousand Chipotle pictures and now you get to indulge yourself! YAY. You're going to love it. Hope the whole serving thing gets better, and why am I not surprised that you are the bomb at selling alcohol? Hmmm.

Beth W said...

Yay! What a great swap package! ELF products are so much fun, and a two-fer mascara is awesome. I'm sure this eyeliner will be better than the last one (how freaky)...have fun with your swag! :D

Anonymous said...

You need to get your booty to Chipotle!!

Amanda Nicole said...

I could go on for days about serving. I hate it and I love it. So glad I don't work at a chain so I don't have to prep as much for tests. Once I meant to ask a table if I could get them something to drink and I asked if I could get them something to eat.. Ooops.

Ali said...

How did I miss that we are getting a Chipolte?

Anonymous said...

Girl I feel you. I used to work at Outback and those menu/alcohol tests are hard! The only alcohol I ever memorized was what we had on draft, and only because like everyone asked. I'm sure you'll do great! Olive Garden servers make TONS!

Bethany said...

Server tests are awful! The last serving job I had, I swear the test was worse than my college finals, lol! How is the elf lip stick?? I've wondered about those types of lip colors and how well they work.