Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Wishlist

Happy Hump Day! Which also means that it's Pinteresting day. I love pinterest. lol. I'm actually going with a theme today.

This is my fall wish list. If I had some extra monie laying around these are things I would buy for the wonderful season!

I've already bought myself one fall scent from Yankee. I got pumpkin buttercream!


This style but in camel and black.


Source: via K on Pinterest
Open or wrap cardigans!



I need a crockpot. A new one anyway. lol. I will probably end up buying one this week.

Source: via Melisa on Pinterest
I love these! I've wanted toms and leopard print shoes. Best of both worlds.
Source: via Chloe on Pinterest
Fall shirts and sweaters. Especially this one.
Boots and boot socks. Hell yeah
Apple cider margaritas. Yum.
Pretty much this entire outfit.
Source: via Sage on Pinterest
I need a cute sweater dress or 3.
Source: via Chloe on Pinterest
This is pretty!

Simple and not over done.


Cami said...

Crockpots are SO necessary to live a normal life ;) :D

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

You should totally get the crockpot with the timer!! They're totally worth it. I am obsessed with legwarmers, I need some for fall!! And, can I just say how much trouble Yankee candle has gotten me in before??? I love all their pricey candles. Found you from the link up!!

Tiffanie A said...

I need a new crockpot too! I think I want one that has a timer on it so I can set it to come on while I'm at work.

daniela said...

I love the boots with socks!!! Now I just need to get some really nice riding boots!

Just popping over from OHP! :)

With Love, Jamie said...

I love this WHOLE list!! :D

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Pinning causes cancer.

Jordan said...

Love that outfit with the scarf! I don't know when it will actually be chilly enough to dress like that here but I am so looking forward to it. Happy Humpday!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I think I need rainbow knit socks sticking out of my boots this fall.

The Management said...

boots and socks are my whole life. love 'em.