Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy!

I've been thinking about doing this link up for awhile but didn't have the courage to do it. I've told you guys before that I'm ashamed of my weight and my body. But today, I've had enough. I'm going to start being a healthier me. Ok, maybe my goal isn't to get healthy but skinnier. Whatever, as long as I'm happy. lol.

Before I post my picture I just want to say that I'm not fishing for any compliments. I'm not here to hear "You look great" or "You are perfect the way you are." That may be how you feel, but not me. I hate this body I have. I hate hate hate it. Except for the boobs. They could perk up a little though. lol.
Ahhhh...I just posted a really honest unflattering picture of myself for the whole interwebs to see. And my tatas don't even look that big compared to my prego looking stomach. lol. Yes, I took a bathroom picture because I'm at boyfriend's house and it's the only full length mirror he has. Even if it wasn't I still might have! are some of the things I'm going to start doing to change myself.

- Portion control. I did this tonight (it's Wednesday) and I felt really good about myself. I didn't eat until I was so full I couldn't move. I just didn't go back for seconds and only had one shredded chicken burger. I will buy a scale and a measuring cup. I will count out my chips and place them in a bowl instead of bringing the whole bag with me. Ya dig?

- No more soda. I promised my auntie that I would quit drinking soda for her because she got it taken away for her chemo. However, they told her that she could have it once a day or in little doses. Well, I've been using the once a day. Not anymore. Water here on out. Or tea. Or juice. Or get the idea. Preferably no carbonated beverages. *sigh* That includes red bull and beer. I might bend the rules for beer though.

- I will do an hour of cardio 5 days a week. I don't care where I do home, boyfriend's, the gym, outside, but one full uninterrupted hour. Which means I might have to get up earlier or I can't sit around and do nothing all day. Oh well!

- I won't eat bread sticks at work anymore. I work at Olive Garden. I love their bread sticks. They are soooo good. But they're also 180 calories. FOR ONE! And I should probably stop eating their mints too. Ugh. If I have to eat at work...I'll have soup. Just one bowl though.

- I'll eat out less. If I do eat out...I will have a healthier option then my normal meal. So guys...what's "healthy" at taco hell? Because I know that steak taquitos with a side of salsa and nacho cheese is helping that belly look a little more prego every time we eat it. I love taco bell. I really do.

- I'll acknowledge when I backslide and I won't beat myself up about it. I'll just try harder. I'll do better.

- I will do some sort of ab workouts to get that belly to unpudge. lol. Any good ideas?

And here's my last problem...eating healthy. See I don't like a lot of fruits or veggies. I'm a texture person and it just weirds me out. I've wanted to like lettuce so bad...but it's so hard. What are your suggestions for me eating healthier? Even if it's just a tiny bit. Something is better than nothing right?

If you don't hear from me next week it's because I probably died. hahaha. Just kidding. But if I don't link up, don't think it's because I'm not doing what I said, I just feel that I only need to link up if I have something important to share.

So here's to skinny! I'm gonna do it...for me!

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Jordan said...

1. Portion control is KEY. It is one of the more difficult things to overcome, but it is very important and doable!

2. Cutting out soda made a HUGE difference in how my stomach appears. However, I'm a beer girl, and I do let myself have whatever amount of that I want on the weekends :)

3. I adore the elliptical. If you start with running though, I wouldn't jump in with an hour right away. Be sure to listen to your body! If you haven't already, check out the C25K app!

4. If I worked at Olive Garden, I would easily weigh 25 more pounds than I do right now.

5. I avoid fast food except for Chick Fil A and Subway. Just refer back to the first thing on your list if necessary.

6. I screw up my "healthy lifestyle" on the reg. But I'm okay with it. Beating yourself up about it is pointless! I really like that you have this on your list!

7. Check out Ab Ripper X - that workout is NO JOKE. You will feel it every time you laugh, sneeze, and move!

Your list is awesome! Just stick with it and you got this!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Good luck girl! I love your list. Also, I so did not need to know that about the breadsticks, that is SO SAD.
Surprisingly, t-bell has some not so bad options! Stick to the Fresca items

Blue Dog Belle said...

Scary. I give you huge props for putting this out there! Excited to see your progress!

xo, Emily

The Management said...

cutting out soda is huge, you will notice a difference right away.

by the way, you ARE beautiful, and remember to be gentle with yourself- I know I say "I hate my body" all the time too, but be careful- you need to remember to treat yourself lovingly, even when you don't feel you're at your best.

in other news, good luck, girl :)

Brian Switzer said...

Grapes have done wonders for me. I have a bad sweet tooth, especially at night. (It wasn't unusual for me to get up at night, eat half a box of Oreos, and barely have any rememberance of it.)

Grapes are wonderfully sweet, and you can eat a boxcar of them without without having to worry about your waistline.

Get some grapes.

ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!
i would love to help ya if you have any questions or need help with meal plans or workouts! i do it for a living! please feel free to shoot me an email! i love to help anyone who is seeking to help themselves live healthier lifestyles! New Follower via email :-)

Megan said...

Great goals! Good luck with all of these! I can't wait to see how you are doing next week!