Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mumbo Jumbo

Hey hey hey. I honestly never know how to start out a post. Idk. I've never been good at introductions or conclusions. I mean as in the writing sense of the word. yeah.... I just rambled. lol. I have a lot to talk about today. I've been trying to think of one topic to blog about all morning but I couldn't. So today you get the rambling mambo jambo that is my life.

First things first....I got started on my Halloween costume!!!! I'm super pumped. Andddd...it's not even October yet. I always wait until Oct. 30 to put it together. Not this year kids. And I got my kiddo's costume already too! Go me.
See yesterday I went shopping with my wife. Now that is just bad news right there. I just get this "spend money rush" when I'm with her. She brings out the shopaholic in myself but that's ok. Because I hadn't boughten anything for myself in awhile. Yeppers. We're gonna be a slutty bride and groom. I'm the groom because it was her idea so she gets to be the bride. Halloween is our holiday. We always spend it together. Wanna see what I've got so far? I'm not sure I really wanna show you guys though. Hmmmm. I'll email you a pic if you ask. I'm so not putting it up here yet.
The kiddo is gonna be a kitty cat. Her costume is so cute! I'm excited.
Halloween also happens to be my anniversary. Yep....we're those people. Except it was a complete accident and that's just how it played out. I promise we won't be getting married on Halloween if we ever get married! Three years...what should I get him? I don't have a clue yet.

On to my second point...Are ya looking for a good crying movie? Rent The Ledge. Not Man on a Ledge, just The Ledge. I watched it yesterday and oh my...it really had me thinking. Like wow. It's really good and has a small cast. Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Terrence Howard, and Charlie Hunnam. (yummy). It does dabble in religion. If you have a problem with people doubting Christianity I don't recommend it. It's not all about religion but it is a main part of it. It's deeper than that though. If you want your mind blown just go rent it. Or am I the only loser who still rents movies? I mean all y'all have Netflix but I don't really dig it. lol.

Come back tomorrow and check out the loot I scored from the fall swap I did! And come back again Thursday for progress on my weightloss/skinny goals. Have a great Tuesday!


Tiffanie A said...

Dont worry... I dont have Netflix either. I still use the good ol movie rental place or Redbox! :)

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Patrick Wilson & Liv Tyler? you can't go wrong.