Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Loot.

I did another swap! I really love them. Sending things to people and waiting on them to get it is just so fun! Of course receving is fun too. lol. The theme of this swap was "Fall Favorites". Of course I had to participate! How could I not. lol. I love fall.I got the fabulous Kendra Kay and she did a great job! I was having a kind of bummer day and when I saw my package on my front porch I got excited. Then I opened it and got even more excited. Here's my awesome score!

First of all, that's tissue paper she used! Now I had no idea that there was leopard printed paper out there. How awesome! This is for my kiddo which was really awesome of her. Some bubbles and a fun mask. We had a lot of fun with this.

I got a pair of pink socks...this was a really sweet gift. She attached a note saying that pink kicks
cancer's ass, and the cancer that our family is dealing with is breast yes,
it does indeed! And who doesn't love socks??
A nice notepad to write on. I totally needed this! Now I can send notes off easier and prettier
than with just lined notebook paper!
Themed kitchen towels! The note on these made me laugh. It said "...because everybody needs tacky
kitchen towels." lol. I dig it.
And my favorite...a pumpkin spice candle. I LOVE it. And that note says she doesn't like coffee either! lol.
Thanks again Kendra!


Stephanie said...

How fun!! I love the swaps too. She got you great stuff!

Anna said...

She did a great job, very thoughtful! :)

Cami said...

Awe how CUTE!!! Thanks for joining in on the swap - hope you had fun <3

Unknown said...

no pumpkin flavored coffee ever!!! gag! glad you liked! have a great day chloe!

Brandi Buehrer said...

How did you get involved in the swap? I would like to join. This is a great and fun idea.