Monday, September 10, 2012

My Ass Is Huge!

*Yawn and stretch*
Yep, I just did that. It's cool in here this morning. Feels like fall
already. I love it! And I didn't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn!
Ya see, when the munchkin person stays at her dad's, he takes her to
school on Mondays. And I don't mind one bit.
Less of a Manic Monday for me.
Are you dying to know how my weekend was? I bet your sweet little faces that you do!
It was boring at best. Boring in a good way though.
Friday I worked. Yay for me. And then I hung out with boyfriend after work.
He went to bed early so I watched tv. Not really exciting huh.

Oh, wait, there is an exciting thing about Friday.
 Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit.
But the thought did cross my mind.
See when I left for work Friday afternoon the sky was looking a lot grey.
In fact I watched it go from blue to dark and scary in 5 minutes.
Seriously. No exaggeration there.
But I had to go to work.
And it started raining and being realllllly windy.
So, I went the way I was comfortable with.
This also happens to be the way to boyfriend's house. I'm not
about to be driving in some rain with some roads I don't feel comfortable around.
The wind got crazy and then settled down. But now I was
driving in pouring down hard rain.
I got about 7 minutes away from work when I had to pull over.
The sky had turned almost black and the rain was so hard I couldn't see 3 feet in
front of me. So I pull into a truck stop. Truck stop also happens to be about 2 blocks away
from boyfriend's work. I pull up next to the gas pump and start thinking.
I can feel my car moving from the wind, I can't hear anything but rain.
I'm a big sissy girl when it comes to storms. Ya see, when a tornado hits close to home,
you tend to be a little paranoid. On top of the fact that I was already a litte paranoid.
 I get on fb to see what everybody is saying because ya know fb is like the weather channel.
Everybody tells you what's going on outside.
That's when I read that the winds were 70-79 MPH. Yeah, miles
per hour. And that's when I started thinking I was probably going to die.
In my car.
On my way to work.
I was scared.
But I did end up making it to work and we ended up getting busy.

 This is probably what I looked like the entire time. Panicked.


 Yes, I did wear pajamas. No, I don't knit.
Saturday, I worked a double. And it wasn't too bad. Although I was
grumpy for my morning shift. And because I was grumpy
I got to go on break for an hour. Yay! I went to eat at good ol' Mickey D's.
Only because it's n
ext door to work. I got chicken nuggets and proceeded to sit by myself
in the corner. Because I was grumpy and wanted to be left alone.
And then this annoying family of 5 sat down beside me. I wanted to pull my hair out.
So...I jetted next door to Starbucks!
And no, unfortunately I didn't have a pumpkin spice latte.
I don't enjoy coffee so I didn't dare try it. What if I hated it?
But I did have some AMAZING pumpkin bread.
See when I got to work, the weather felt just like it does at our little
fall festival called Maple Leaf. And because I work around 4 or 5 other restaurants it smelled
like it too. Therefore, I needed pumpkin bread to help bring in the fall.

After work I wound up getting to see my lovely wife. We went to good ol' Pizza Slut Hut for me to
grab some dinner. Because she's the only person I will ever eat in front of.
I fear no judgement from this girl.
I wanted pasta. Yeah, I work at Olive Garden but I just didn't want to pay them or sit
there any longer than I had to.
I invited the boyfriend but he was sick. Or so he says. He was helping his
boyfriend best friend move and didn't seem sick to me but whatever!
Girl dinner was great!
And then I went to see him and lived happily ever after for the night.

I was off work Sunday. And I was supposed to go to a wedding.
But boyfriend was sick. And it was somebody he works with so I wasn't about to go
alone. Oh, yeah, and the Bride of said wedding came to Olive Garden Saturday night
and I just so happened to be the one that got to seat her.
I told her we would be there. So now I probably look like a giant liar.
Story of my life I think. So Sunday since I was off I sat around in jammies all day.
And gained about 5 pounds of fat. Because I ate...all day long. Like a freaking mad woman.
I don't do that very often, but it was fun. I stuffed my face!
For lunch there was homemade beef stroganoff with homemade rolls. OMG yum.
I went back for seconds on the roll, so that I could gain body rolls too.
Then boyfriend bought a package of cookies. I ate about six too many. But they were sooo good.
We munched out on a box of Hot and Spicy Cheezits. Then some friends of his parents came over to play cards and they brought a deli tray! I love deli trays. I can't stay away from them. Especially the
cheese. So I had some of that. Then I munched out on least they were healthy.
A bag of hot cheetos and about 4 more cookies were consumed by night's end.
And it was a little bag of cheetos. I'm still munching on them this morning.
Although I can eat a whole bag by myself.
I told you...Sunday needed a warning label like "Might cause obesity or a heart attack."
And I watched football....Allllll day long. See, I like football.
And I want to watch football games, but only if I care about (or really don't like) the teams
playing. And only two out five (Yes FIVE) football games were even remotely interesting.
I watched the KC Chiefs lose. Which resulted in me tormenting boyfriend because he loves them.
And then I watched the Saints lose. That made me sad. I like the Saints.

Just some of the food I had. I'm not a great blogger in the sense of photography.
I don't remember to take pictures of everything.
Thanks Pinterest for being there when I forget!

I was trying to get a picture of boyfriend and his fat cat. They're more buddy
buddy than most guys and cats and I love it!
Boyfriend refuses to let me take his picture most of the time.

Source: via Anita on Pinterest
Yes, I did wear pjs all I don't knit.
Havea great week!

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Ali said...

I'm going to learn how to knit.. just so he can call me sexy.