Friday, September 7, 2012

Pretty Little Letters

It's weird to write a post. I had today's post written yesterday. I feel a day behind. lol. I haven't done Friday's Letters in a few weeks, so I decided I would.

Dear School, I can't believe that we are already at the end of our third week. WTF? Where did the first two go? Please slow down a little. I still haven't gotten a routine out of you. Grrr.

Dear Girl at Work, I love you but hold the fuck up. This is 2 Saturdays in a row that you've asked me to take your hosting shift. I don't mind but I do. I need the hours, so it's ok. But don't go getting all used to it. I don't want this to become a weekly thing. I'll be working another double this Saturday when technically I should only be working the morning shift. Please please please don't ask next week. I think you're pretty awesome and can't/shouldn't tell you no.

Dear Work, I know that I can't really write a lot about you on here. Just know that I'm working all these hours and extra shifts to prove that I want things. Things like more hours and maybe hopefully to crosstrain early next year. You can be a pain in the ass and some people there really need to get in check and stop being assholes. If only I had the balls to call them out.

Dear Auntie, I'm so sorry for everything going on. I don't know why life is being so hard on you right now and it's complete bullshit. I would wipe all this ish away if I could. Just know I'm always hear to talk. I love you.

Dear Self, You actually accomplished 3 posts this week! If only everything else could go as smooth. It would be great. Take a look at your inspiration board on Pinterest more often.

Dear Fall, I'm glad you're around the corner! But you should have been here like ummmm.... 6 days ago. At least in my book. I hope you come in fast and strong though.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Dear Readers, I love each and everyone of you!!!! Please comment more. lol. I love comments. Love the interaction with you guys. I want to know you better!!!! And I'm sorry I haven't been very funny lately. I seem to be funnier when life is smoother. I really like my kinda funny posts better.

Dear Cowboys, You did it!!!! You beat the reigning Super Bowl Champs. WOOT!!! Now, keep this shit up all year. I mean you Mr. Romo. Don't start throwing the games at the end like last season. I'm not kidding. Why does Jerry Jones even like you? Blahh.

Dear Weekend, yay for you! Although I work a double Saturday....hooray for you! I get Sunday off and that fucking rocks. I'll be at a wedding that day. Hopefully I take a lot of pictures. This is the boyfriend and I's first wedding together. Free booze and food...I'm down. I mean I'm happy for the couple...but I don't really know them. They belong to the boyfriend. He works with them. Anyway relaxing.

On that note...I'm out of here kiddies. Busy day....See ya on the flip side!



Jordan said...

Open bar is the best thing ever. Hope you have fun!

Unknown said...

hahahaha that ecard is amazing!

New follower :)

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