Friday, June 8, 2012


Well, it's finally that time of year! When I get to say peace out to responsibilities and go on a much needed vacay!

Literally, I'll have no responsibilities except school work. Ahhhh....freedom. lol.

Now don't get me wrong...I'll miss my responsibilities but for the first time in awhile I'll be me!

I love boyfriend, Teagan, and work and will miss them all but right now I'm looking at them saying hahahaha suckers! And then I feel bad and wonder what the hell they'll do without me for 4 days. And then I'll go back to saying hahahaha suckers. Kidding!!! (kinda)

You're probably like ok lady stop rambling and tell us where you're going!

And unfortunately this isn't it!

But I plan on living it up like this is it. lol. Plenty of relaxing, drinking, and girl talk for sure.
Only thing we're not going to have is a wonderful beach scene.
You best believe that I will go there someday though!
I've never been to the beach but I will.

Anyway I'm going here....

Yep, home of the best college football team...Norman OK! My auntie lives here and we're super duper close. Closer than any other family member I'm pretty sure. lol. I love this
woman. She is so strong and wise and I look up to her more than she could ever know.

Well, I gotta get off here and wake up boyfriend so I can see him before he leaves for work.
If I don't blog all weekend ya know why!
I'm sure to have lot of pictures to post too!

Have a great weekend

And All That Good Stuff!

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