Friday, October 12, 2012

If I Were A Boy

It's Friday...woot woot.

I would be more excited if I didn't work all weekend but what can ya do!

I'm off ALL of next weekend because it's Maple Leaf! Expect picture overload sometime next week. I'm so excited about it.

I've been pretty productive already. I've done two loads of laundry, put away Teag's clothes, kinda sorta cleaned out my car!, and I don't feel tired. A great start to this weekend. It's also dreary and rainy outside and I kinda sorta love that too.

So far this post is going nowhere. lol. I have a rant that I'd like to go on but I'll save that for Monday. No need to ruin a great day with negativity!

Seriously what is up with all these anonymous comments I've been getting? How do I get that to stop? They aren't rude they're just annoying. Spam comments. That's what they are! Booooo!!!!

I know what I'll do. The other day, Erin at Shades of Grey and a Pinch of Pink posted if I were a boy...I think that I'll join her.

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

I would be a boob man

Sweats would look hot on me and it would be ok to wear them

I would be messy and hope somebody else would clean it up

I'd never try and fix my girl's problems. I would just hold her and let her vent

I would pee where I wanted because I could

I would never ever ever hock loogies in the shower! 

I'd text back faster

I would buy things for my girl just because

I'd look hot everyday even though I barely try

I would wear Acqua Di Gio 

I'd check out my girlfriend's Pinterest page and see how I should propose

I wouldn't talk about what I do in the bathroom!

Not everything would be a joke or be funny to me.

I would take the trash out without being asked when it's full

I'd send the first good morning text.

What would you do if you were a boy??


lori said...

speaking of laundry... i need to go get mine out of the dryer. ugh.

love this post! especially the use of pinterest one... so funny!

Stephanie said...

Oh man, this cracks me up! How true.
Boyfriend asked what I wanted for my bday and Christmas, I just directed him to my pinterest page ;)