Friday, October 26, 2012

Where's My Nap??

Sorry for the lack of blogs this week. My great grandpa passed away. He's in a better place now and my great grandma was ready to have him back. He will be missed dearly though. He was really sick and now he knows no suffering. Only happiness remains for him. =) for the not so seriousness...this post is brought to you by "Fuck why did I drink so much last night". Yep..girl's got a hangover. Effing tired. 

Yep, there we are in all our glory. Boyfriend would kill me if he knew I took this picture and plastered it on the interwebs. Isn't he precious in his pink and purple blankie. lol.

But I'll do it again. I don't even care. 

This weekend is gonna be crazy for me. I work tonight at 4 and I'll get off around 10...After work I'm making a 4 hour drive to Norman OK (Boomer Sooner!) to see my auntie. We're gonna participate in a marathon tomorrow. Cure for Cancer run by the Susan G. Komen foundation. Ok, we're not running, we're gonna walk it but we'll walk the shit out of it! 3.1 miles...go me. Did I mention that this ish starts at 830 in the AM. Yeah..and we have to get up god knows when to be there on time. Little sleep for this girl. After that I'll drive back home and put on my Halloween costume for a party! Super excited. Well...I was but that wife girl text me and said her costume isn't gonna work out. That's an issue because our costumes go together. Mine won't make sense without hers. -.- So yeah...I'm busy. And pumped!

I have some errands to run before I can leave tonight. And all I wanna do is nap. WAHHHH. 

Peace out homeskillets. Gotta get shit done. P.S...I'll be doing my errands dressed like a bum and it's completely ok. So if you hear about girl dressed in jammies stabbing somebody's eyeballs out it might have been me. KIDDING.


Jamie said...

Good luck with the Komen walk!

Stephanie said...

Sorry for your loss :(

And sorry for your hangover over but that's actually pretty funny. Good luck with all that stuff this weekend!

Gina Gao said...

Sorry for your hangover. I know, they suck.