Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Just Wanna Bitch and Moan

True story.

Remember how my word of the year is positivity?? Well it is. And this first week, I've done pretty good. Until today.

I just wanna complain and be grumpy. So I am. Sue me. One day a week isn't terrible. Boyfriend has even commented on how much more positive I've been. That's a good sign cupcakes.

But has just irritated me.

- I woke up and looked up my work schedule online...I only get one day off. Yes, I know that this means I make more money but dammit everybody else got two days off. Sigh. And yes, if everybody else jumped off a bridge I'd do it to MOM!

- There isn't any regular grape jelly in boyfriend's fridge. Just some with "less sugar". That shit didn't have a taste and my toast sucked.

- Work was just busy enough to get annoying. We weren't busy, just steady. I hate steady. We get off the wait and then 5 minutes later 8 parties walk in and we're back on the wait. It makes for a slow day. I want balls to the wall slammed or nothing.

- We're getting ready to take some entrees off our menu at work so I bought myself dinner before my new favorite is gone. Sat down to eat it when a server sat down with me and chewed her food like a cow on cud. I really don't want to see what's in your mouth but even more, I don't wanna hear it! That shit is gross. So irritating. So I boxed up my food and left.

- My keys got bent and I can't in boyfriend's house without him now. Can they make copies of bent keys??

- It's cold! My hands have been freezing all day. ALL DAY.

- Boyfriend is currently crinkling his chip bag like a child plays with a rattle. Ugh I hate noises.

- The fucking internet is being super slow. I load a page about every 10 minutes.

Alright, I guess I'm done whining and being a negative nancy but damn it felt good.

Oh yeah, I finally got my phone! Life is good. Here's a picture of my old one.

Pretty nifty huh! 

Alright, I'm done now. See you tomorrow cupcakes. It's my one day off, let's make it good!


Kendra Pahukoa said...

uh, you definitely needed a new phone! lol!

Jordan said...

Instead of trying to make copies of the bent keys, make copies of your boyfriend's! I can't stand the crinkling sound of a bag of chips and then on top of that the crunching when the person eats them. It bothers the shit out of me. Congrats on the new phone!